Shame Shame Etsy!

Shame Shame Etsy!

This is a blog dedicated to reveal to everyone that not everything on Etsy is handmade. I will be linking to either search pages, or even items themselves with links to the sites you can buy them (about 90 percent of the sites are Chinese sites such as and Aliexpress) Customers have a right to know that the 40 necklace they bought only costs 1.00, and that the material is cheap and not what it seems.

Etsy doesn’t do a thing about it; reporting doesn’t work they only care about the percentage of money made on sales, and it’s not fair to the true handmade sellers out there!

So I am here to make a stand against this! This blog will also be open for user submits. Please do not bash anyone. I hope that this blog hits it hard where it counts and that people will see and make a stand.

So please join me, and follow my new blog: