Hurricane Katrina: Bay St. Louis and Pass Christian, Mississippi

I took these pics 10 years ago; a couple months after Hurricane Katrina.

In March 2014, I revisited this area and quickly noticed that the rebuilding progress seems to be very slow compared to many parts in New Orleans. Pass Christian looks nothing like it did before Katrina. In the late 90s and early 00s, I spent many summers there as a kid and I remember how beautiful and alive the area was but now, it seems quite empty with a sparsity of houses, hotels, casinos, Waffle Houses, beach, real estate signs and Tim Burton-esque trees. Bay St. Louis, the area before the Pass Christian bridge(?), now looks almost the same as before Katrina and is very much alive. However, east of that bridge (in Pass Christian), there really is much of nothing on West & East Beach Blvd/Hwy 90 until you get near Biloxi. I mean I did see some restaurants and things in Gulfport on the way to Biloxi. But, I just remember how populated that whole area after the bridge (Pass Christian and Gulfport) was. And now, it’s just not the same, not even close. Does anyone know if the area by the beach will ever be rebuilt? I know there’s real estate signs all over Beach Blvd. I heard they were thinking of planting casinos all over that area. Is that true? I really hope not.

People act like Western fashion is the pinnacle of the fashion world and I’m just like???? Have you seen the luxury in South Asian fashion??? The elegance of a silk sari, the power of a big red bindi and a turban, the sleek, trim lines of a sherwani is unparalleled in the fashion world. The West knows nothing of the luxury that the people of South Asia have been creating for thousands of years


I thought I would round out mryddinwilt‘s set pictures since we were there together. These were taken yesterday 8/13. There was no filming going on, so I have NO IDEA what is going to happen. Please don’t ask me. I can’t answer because they weren’t doing anything other than building the set. I’m also not there anymore, and won’t be able to answer questions or have any new pictures tomorrow. I am clueless, which is the way I like it. 

It was cool to see the progress of the set, and all the neat things they can make with foam. Especially the tree. Movie magic is pretty magical.