Even Gallifrey came back before Sherlock
Even The Harry Potter fandom came back before Sherlock.
Even Dean and Cas come out before Sherlock.
Even Winds of winter will come out before Sherlock.
Even Arthur will return before Sherlock.
Even the Master return before Sherlock.
Even Tolkien will come to life before Sherlock.
Even Norman Bates return before Sherlock.
Even Nico DiAngelo come out before Sherlock.
Even another Apocalypse will happen before Sherlock.
Even Cumberbabys will exist before Sherlock.
Even the moon will be killed before Sherlock comes out.
Everything will happen before Sherlock.


I am 17, almost 18, and no i havnt had my first kiss yet, but only because I havnt had a boyfriend. To be honest im really embarrassed by this and I usually try to hide it, but the fact that I feel the need to hide this information is kind of sad. The only reason I do not currently have a boy friend is because I am old fashioned. I am going to try my best not to have sex before marriage and ya im a fucking horny piece of shit but i dont want to put a guys dick in my mouth and i dont want him to eat me out. everyone thinks this is wierd and no guy wants a girl who wont do sexual stuff with him. The farthest I want to go is making out, but no guy would go out with a girl with such low standards when there are a million other girls who would do anything. Like tumblr always says, why pick a daisy in a bush of roses? It is just sad because I want to be in a relationship to care for one another and to be there for each other, but that wont happen because guys care about their dicks more than their girls. not all guys are like this though, and hopefully one day i’ll find someone who would want to still be with me even if I dont do all that stuff with them… I JUST WANT A BF MAN.

anonymous asked:

Do you really believe that Tink and Hook are endgame ? and that all this slow build-up is for nothing ? Do you truly believe that Hook could just break her heart like that ? Do you believe that after everything he said to her in Neverland was a joke and all along he wanted Tink ? -Oncer

I suggest you read again what I said dear nonnie I’m saying exactly what you are saying O.O
Jeez I’m a Captain Swan shipper and all I did was saying that I DON’T think that he will throw away all this build up for nothing I never said Tinkerhook is endgame!!! Where are you getting this from?

Is this opposite day?

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At this point I think Hook has put too much of himself out there for Emma to contemplate the possibility of pissing her off and losing her by doing ANYTHING with Tink. Hook said that he never thought he’d be capable of loving again, I STRUGGLE TO THINK that after this buildup he’d be willing to ruin it all…

I just had an anonymous replaying to this post [x] saying that to her Tinkerhook could still happen and I replied in the most kind and considerate way I could both to her and while keeping in mind who  the characters are and explaining why I think that Tink and Hook MIGHT HAVE BEEN A THING (past tense) and we don’t know WHAT IT WAS but sure wasn’t love because Hook said he never loved anyone but Milah and Emma.
IF Emma wasn’t in the picture, IF nothing would have happened between her and Killian in Neverland at all, I still wouldn’t ship tinkerhook, BUT this doesn’t mean I’d not enjoy seeing them toghether bcs they’re both awesome and I like their sassy conversations.

Moreover even if we lived in an Alternate Universe where Tink and Hook would be “a thing” I’d STILL ship Emma/Killian ‘til the end of my days.

I don’t see your point nonnie, pay a visit on my blog to see if I’m being honest or not..
Hope this clears out everything


I think Tink ships CS too lol (*Photo credits to Teenwolfmixtapes*)