Okay, so I actually cared what you said, I just wanted to assure you that everything's going to be okay because I was worried for your brother and so I so try to give you advice and you take it as an offence?


I actually cared.

I took the time to comfort you.

Assure you that everything’s going to be okay.

I tried to be serious yet nice with my advice.


Who gets mad?


And you get mad.



I’m not even gonna try anymore, if you’re sad, I’m not gonna care.
If you you’re happy, I’m not gonna care.
If you have something to tell me, I’m not gonna care.

Just eff you from now on.

Some people are going to hate you just like some hate me

So I’m talking to my best friend about the new zelda video game for the wii and a YouTube channel that was doing play through. These 2 girls that walk by that have always caused drama in my life walked by and teased me. I called the bitches but after that I realized I had given them exactly what they wanted… Drama and a more interesting life. All they wanted was to create interest in their boring life. I dont have much drama in my life but when I do it’s usually like this. But why should I care??? Why should I go to that level?? My life is great right now so why should a open a dark hole of hate and sadness like the last few years of my life. The reason girls like them hate other girls is for a few reasons …..They’re jealous and they’re bored with their life’s. So next time they do this ill think of all the good things in my life. Leda monster bunny, link from Zelda, my bestest friends, my YouTube life, my boyfriend, ghost town, mattg, Kingsley, adventure time, miles jai, teenage mutant ninja turtles, jennamarbles, Pokemon, my subscribers, my wonderful band family, dancing, drawing a wonderful picture, playing my flute, piccolo, and Bari sax, and most importantly everything else that makes me who I am.. I will do what Master Splinter told Raphael, ” let their insults roll over u like a river over stones.” Or like dr. Seuss said ” Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” They’re going to hate me so why should I care?