notgive up

Okay since this whole episode was big fat foreshadowing over skyeward in upcoming episodes; NEW PREDICTION

- The team and trying to track down Ward
- Skye locates him (probably bec he wants her to find him)
- They have another confrontation scene just between them two
- She decides to not contact the team
- He gives her new information about her past
- She decides to go with him
- cue the whole run away thing
- angry frick frack in a dingy motel
- more shit happens

huong1952: Calling the Ghost of Love

Oh do not leave us do not

leave the world in darkness

Do not walk us by do not

leave us in despair

Look at our eyes do not

turn away do not

give us up do not

make us into enemies of

each other

Oh gather us

bring us together

give us life once again

Keep us in your hands

Make us understand…