Follower Gift!

Thanks to everyone who interacts with me, ya’ll have been great and I really appreciate it! So here are some Mean Girls shirts for your, well, mean girls. Includes both formats and six sweaters (mesh by Sentate).

  1. Boo You Whore
  2. Hey I just Met You and This is Loco but Here’s Four Candies You Go Glen Coco
  3. That is SO Fetch
  4. Is Your Muffin Buttered? Would You Like Us to Assign Someone to Butter Your Muffin?
  5. On Wednesdays We Wear PINK
  6. Get In Loser We’re Going Shopping

Standard T.O.U.’s apply; Do not reupload, add/remove watermarks, claim as your own, or modify. The “Fetch” sweater is a separate file because T$RW was being a bitch.



Momma’s Place by TrstMeImALiar

This is Momma’s house from my story “The Little Things.” I haven’t uploaded anything new in awhile, so… Yay!


(.package & .sims3pack included)