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@kristenswig i know what you mean, and I sort of felt the same way after the first watch but I think for what’s essentially a performance comprised of one stunned close-up reaction shot after the other, she manages to imbue so much nuance/detail/humour into them as the film progresses (MUCH more so than Portman who I think tries harder but achieves less), and even though the film is so strenuously trying to do all her work for her it as a performance is much more active (and playful) in its distillation->putrefaction->destruction of “The Muse”/her own star persona than I noticed at first glance. I keep thinking about it as a Tom Cruisey star turn where, especially because she’s having to wrestle with such a non-character/vessel for Themes, she’s finally got a handle on modulating her Jennifer Lawrence™ charisma in surprising ways (which is made all the richer by how that feeds into what Daronofsky is already saying about fame etc). 

Ok, now the other worst thing about this show is they dropped the greatest storyline in this whole show, which was my theory about the NAT Club vs A. Back in the good ole days of seasons 1 and 2, when the main point of the show was to figure out who killed Alison, I had this huge theory that these 2 groups were completely against each other. As Mona would later call it, almost like a game. And there were 2 different teams. NAT and A (who was Mona at the time).

I always noticed how the NAT Club was trying to hide the videos from “that night” (which doesn’t even matter now after all the reveals, and doesn’t make sense now that we know Mona pushed Ali to leave town. I really don’t think they planned that, even at the end of season 3 with the lodge fire, I don’t think that was planned).

Anyways, so Melissa, Ian, Garrett, Jenna. They were all trying to keep the videos from that night a secret. But A would send clips of those videos to the girls and the cops. And unless they did plan this as Mona trying to frame the NAT Club (doubtful) there was a serious war going on.

One other thing I always thought was noteworthy was how Mona was dating Noel while she was A. Did he know? Because he was with her in the lake the night she flipped Lucas’ boat. And then episodes later, they’re broken up and who is he dating? Jenna. Noel was never any good and I’m sure if he knew anything about Mona, he told Jenna.

I know this is long, and I love Ali’s character and while I’m glad she’s alive, I think they had a much better show going when she was dead. The mystery was alive as was the race for the videos to either be saved by the NAT Club or exposed by A.

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Hi Lizard Queen, does a Saturn square Mercury make someone less "heard" ? Lately I've been feeling like nobody hears me when I talk, but I never speak super quietly or anything. It's really weird

Hey, I have this aspect too, so I can speak from experience here. :-) Mercury square Saturn is such a tough aspect to have and I definitely think people with this placement could feel overheard, they might not feel like they are contributing any noteworthy thoughts or their words aren’t being considered - there really is an element of being overlooked or ignored. There could be an inferiority thing regarding intelligence, meaning that natives with this placement believe that they are less smarter than other people and this is because they may process certain concepts a little slower, or they experience “mental cramps” (as Cherry puts it). The thought process is somewhat blocked, and areas of the mind could be difficult to reach. But overall I would say Mercury-Saturn square natives are more prone to feeling less significant when it comes to discussions, definitely.


Heres something ive been procrastinating on posting (mainly because of resizing and stuff) I mainly put characters i thought were noteworthy when i first watched a playthrough of Undertale. Also the last two are my own Undertale characters c:

see the problem with me is that i crave attention and compliments but whenever someone shows the least bit of appreciation for me and what i do i get all flustered and go “me?? mE??? oh no i don’t deserve such kindness please…….please i am just a bean i have done nothing of value thru out my life”

Best highlights from the Doctor Who panel at MegaCon 2015.

Featuring Tony Curran (Vincent van Gogh), Karen Gillan (Amy Pond), and Alex Kingston (River Song). (I’ll use T, K, and A to designate who’s talking). 

I basically wrote down everything I thought was noteworthy, including stuff I found to be really hilarious, interesting, or important. I didn’t write down the questions in exact quotes or necessarily in order because I didn’t want to miss the answers, but these are the basics of what happened. Exact quotes will be in quotations, my narrations/summaries are in italics. (I’ll probably end up putting some of the really hilarious quotes and other things into their own posts as well). 

At the beginning of the panel, they introduced themselves and got off on a little tangent about Vincent and Doctor. 

A: “That episode makes me cry every time.” She said she didn’t really know why, but she watches it with her daughter and she’s cried every time at the end when the Doctor takes Vincent to the museum. 

Q: Off screen did you ever act like each other’s characters, and can you do it now?

K: Laughed and said she would do it. She imitated River by saying “Hello, Sweetie” in a really deep voice. 

A: Didn’t want to do it at first, but Karen convinced her. She imitated Amy by yelling “Doctor!!!!” (Also imitated Vincent by saying a line that was in the original script about being a painter and being chased by a giant chicken, and she did it with a Scottish accent). 

T: Had Karen say “Your hair is orange” and responded with, “So is yours” in a pretty good Amy impression. 

Q: If you were the Doctor, who would you choose as your companion (in all of time and space)?

K: “All of time and space? I’m thinking…Jesus.” 

Moderator: I think Jesus would be the Doctor…

K: “No, he’d be my companion!”

A: “I wanted Jesus!”

K: Well you can have Buddha.

A: Yes, that’s true, I could have Buddha. But I think I’d really choose Bob Marley. 

Me to my friend: “Imagine all the hair!!” 

T: So do I take Mohammed now or something? 

Q: (To Karen and Alex) Did either of you know that River was Amy and Rory’s daughter before it happened? 

A: Said she knew way ahead of time, an entire season before the rest of the cast knew. She teased the rest of the cast with knowing something they didn’t, but she never told them. 

K: Arthur (Darvill) figured it out though, didn’t he?

A: Shook her head and said no. Apparently he pretended like he had figured it out but he really hadn’t. Also Matt pretended like he knew something Alex didn’t know to try and get her to tell him what it was. She also said that they kept the revealing scene really, really secret and there was something about the crew even using a fake piece of paper or something in relation to filming the scene and keeping it so secret.

Q: If you weren’t famous, would you go to conventions and cosplay?

K: “I love Star Trek.” I would definitely go and dress up as a Klingon. 

A: “I would go as an anime.” (The crowd asked her which one, exactly). I don’t know, I haven’t really seen any animes but I just love the wigs. I have five!

K: Laughed and asked, “When do you wear them?” 

A: I wore one for Halloween one time, I’ll show you a picture after this. (The moderator asked her if she could show us now, but she didn’t have the picture with her on stage). 

Q: If you could star on Star Wars, Star Trek, or Red Dwarf, which one would you choose to be on and who would you want to play? 

K: Star Trek, specifically Voyager. 

T: Star Wars. I’d want to play the Emperor. Then he said, in a really good Emperor impression, “Jedi…” Then he added that he would also like to play Boba Fett.

A: Star Wars. I think I’d like to play Chewbacca! At which point everyone Chewbacca roared. 

Q: What was your most memorable moment from Doctor Who?

A: Talked about when they were filming The Time of the Angels when River flies into the TARDIS and lands on top of the Doctor. In one of the first takes, she landed on him and “kneed him in the nuts.” (If you haven’t seen the video where Alex talks about this, you need to so here it is. Go watch it).

Q: (I actually don’t know the question for this one, I think it might have come from a tangent they got off on from the “most memorable moment” question. Alex was talking about working on Silence in the Library with David Tennant and said one of her favorite moments was whispering the Doctor’s name in his ear). 

K: “What did you say? Did you actually say his name?” 

A: Smiled that “spoilers” River smile we all love and said, “Yes.” 

K: You actually know his name?!?! “What is it?” 

A: Didn’t say what we all thought was the inevitable response but continued on talking about how they had actually told her the Doctor’s name. 

Q: (To Alex) Are you coming back for series 9?

A: Now time for the inevitable response, and we all knew it was coming. “Spoilers.”

Q: If you could travel with a different Doctor other than the one you’ve experienced, which one would it be. 

A: Immediate response. “Well I’m the only one who actually experienced the Doctor.” (Yep, that just happened). 

K: Said David Tennant at first, then debated between Tennant and Capaldi because they’re both Scottish, but finally stuck with her original choice because “I think he’d be funny.” 

T: Said he’d like to go back to Tom Baker. 

A: Said she would like to go back to when Doctor Who first began and be in the black and white episodes. 

Q: If you could choose another profession besides acting, which one would you choose?

K: I’d want to be a therapist. 

A: “I wouldn’t go to you.” 

T: “It’s sort of like Jesus,” but I think I’d want to be a carpenter. 

A: I think I’d like to do claymation. She talked about how she had to do a short claymation film for a project and said she really enjoyed it. 

Moderator: So you know about Gumby, right? 

A: “I have no idea what Gumby is!”

Q: What was the most challenging moment you had on Doctor Who?

K: Talked about how she had to do a lot of stunts on Doctor Who and specifically recalled, in Angels Take Manhattan, when she had to be suspended upside down for 1 minute with Arthur Darvill and kiss him. She said blood vessels were popping in her face and her face was all red after they shot the scene. 

A: Talked about a scene on a beach but didn’t mention a specific episode (I’m thinking maybe The Time of the Angels but I’m not sure). She said it was pouring rain and they only had one large umbrella for the whole cast and crew and they were all huddling underneath it. Then she said to Karen, “I remember you were sitting on that rock just freezing!” 


As an overall summary, all three cast members were really funny and very kind to the people asking questions. They were all very inspirational when it came to talking about tips for people who wanted to be actors. I hope you enjoyed these little snippets! The panel itself was absolutely awesome, and I hope I at least did it a little justice. I wish I could have recorded the whole thing, but we weren’t allowed, unfortunately. 

A few people have asked about how @dust2dust34 and I envision Ellie in FiCoN and - thanks to a lot of searching by @academyofshipping and some by myself - we have models we use as a reference point or inspiration for Ellie as well as the other future Queen kids and a few other noteworthy characters. I thought I’d share beneath the cut… 

(Minor character spoilers)

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Imagine Daryl going out on a run and he ends up finding a junior crossbow for baby Judith, and brings it back with the intention to teach her how to use it.

Carol is like “pookie no”

Daryl is like “pookie yes”


Okay so this might be my favorite one. I uploaded the flipped version as well so we can see clearly the bottom half of the poster. This analysis is just the tip of the iceberg for my thoughts about Ward and the show - the rest of my metas can be found here

The larger image is of Ward by himself, looking downcast and contemplative. We know he’s struggling with his loyalties, so it’s to see that confirmation in this poster that he really is at war with himself over which side he should be on. 

At the top, we have his childhood and the Hydra logo. This is his dark and tortured past. The tree branches are especially creepy and remind me of that scene in Snow White where she’s in the forest and the trees are terrifying as fuck. The image of him is his teenage self that we saw in the new promo - this is him when he’s still struggling to find out who he is, when he’s still letting himself feel. The fact that he’s holding a gun and petting a dog, when we see in the promo that he pulls the trigger, MAKES ME SUPER NERVOUS FOR THE DOG, YOU GUYS. I hope his brother didn’t make him kill the dog. 

It’s really significant that he’s in the wilderness, in the woods, because that’s where you have to fend for yourself and that’s what Ward had to learn how to do from his abusive background. He had to learn how to rely on only himself and isolate himself in order to survive, and he’s now become very accustomed to that singular, solitary mindset. 

On the flip side, he’s not alone, he’s with FitzSimmons, which is so very interesting to me. It’s FitzSimmons that he’s interacting with in this image instead of Skye or Coulson and I appreciate that because I think his relationships with the two of them are just as important to who he is and who he wants to be. We have the scene where they’re talking about the extra ounce which is when he first starts to really, truly bond with them. They make fun of him, which shows how comfortable they are around him, and later, he makes his own joke, which shows how comfortable he also is with them. In the top right, we see a scene from the new episode, I believe - Simmons in tears and Fitz in a cast?? In the promo, we did see Fitz trying very hard to reach Ward, so perhaps he gets injured along the way, which would be an important callback to Ward’s desire and failure to protect his younger brother. 

That woman in the top left - apparently that is supposed to be Skye, but my first thought was that it was Natasha, mainly because of the red hair. And it would make a lot of sense because he’s often been associated with a lot of references to the Black Widow - his espionage scores are as good as hers, he wanted to know if she beat the lie detector, etc. etc. And she eventually is able to redeem herself, so taking her as an example, Ward will be able to as well. But since it is Skye, that’s just further proof of how important she has become in his life and how much she is affecting him and how he sees the world. Half her face is obscured by the SHIELD logo, which is important to note because she chooses SHIELD as her family, just as she chooses her name to be Skye. She chooses to be good, and seeing that will make Ward realize that he too has a choice as well. 

The SHIELD logo on full display, of course, shows his inner conflict. On the one hand, he has his past, which is rooted in darkness, which is how Hydra got its grip on him. On the other, we have his potential future with SHIELD, which is colored much lighter. His ultimate choice comes down to his past or future - whether he continues to let himself be haunted by his past or whether he will be willing to move on towards the future. In his past, he is alone, he had to be alone in order to survive. In his future, he has people he cares for and who care for him, who teach him how to live.

Another thing that’s interesting to me is that both smaller images of him (with the dog and with FitzSimmons) do not show his face. Neither of those two of him are his true self - his true self is the Ward on the left, looking conflicted and concerned. His inner turmoil is a very big part of who he is, and it’s important that we acknowledge that he does have that turmoil. He’s doing bad things and that’s not okay, but the fact that he is questioning things now, the fact that he is having second thoughts is noteworthy because it means there is still something within him that wants to be good. Wanting to change is the first step towards actually changing, and he’s getting there, slowly but surely. 

Can this poster finally close the door on the Ward hate? Because if there’s one thing it tells us, it’s this: 

We should all still believe in Grant Ward.

My gift to yousavedus​ for SteveTonyFest is this fic, which I am calling “Across the Bridge”. I decided to go for the “fake relationship” part of the prompt. I had originally written another fic, but then Marriage Equality happened and I couldn’t wait to post that, so I wrote another one! Let’s call it a twofer gift ;-)

Tony Stark is many things - brilliant, outspoken, charming, occasionally overly hasty, good with machines, incredibly good-looking - but stealthy is not really one of them. He can, on occasion, manage to sneak up on people, as he proved when he was going after the Mandarin and that one time he caught Barton off-guard, but it doesn’t really come naturally to him.

Steve Rogers, who can take down entire armies using only his left hand, is about as inconspicuous as a fox in a henhouse.

And they’re both such public figures that it’s almost impossible for them to leave the house to get a pretzel without getting recognized these days.

So it’s a little weird, Tony thinks as he jogs up the steps of the bridge, that they are here, in Venice, trying to stop AIM’s plan without getting spotted by any of the agents (and tourists) the city is crawling with.

But Super-Spy Numero Uno, Natasha, is still sidelined from that gunshot to the thigh she caught during their last mission, and Tony had been in Rome for a tech conference that Steve had tagged along on to do some art touristing when the call came in, so they’re the closest to the action.

They’re doing alright, though. Steve’s idea of going incognito seems to be to go full-on American Tourist with his outfit: cargo shorts, an FC Milan shirt, a backwards baseball cap, aviator-style sunglasses and - he’s actually done it - blindingly white sneakers. Tony opted for the more traditional route: black pants, black shirt, black shoes, dark sunglasses. “You’re gonna get recognized as soon as we step outside” Steve had objected, so now Tony’s got a black fedora perched on his head. After Steve’s persistent insistence that it wasn’t enough to hide his identity, Tony had very reluctantly shaved his facial hair.

“Do you have any idea of the effort it takes to create a signature style?”

“Do you have any idea how much I will personally kill you when your signature style gets us killed?”

“That doesn’t even make sense, Capsicle.”

Steve just held the razor out at him with that look on his face that said he wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

Tony barely even recognized himself with a clean-shaven face.

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My part of the art trade with ask-guyra. He wanted Guyra, and loved the ship with Noteworthy so i thought that they would make a cute gay couple. Noteworthy would write the melody, and Guyra would play it and get really touched.