An eviction notice has been given to the Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy for Monday the 23rd of Feb. That’s this Monday.

If you are able, please be here on that day from the earliest you possibly can to participate in non-violent direct action (protests).

If you don’t know what the embassy is really about, I can explain in another post or something. Briefly, it’s corruption on the board of the Aboriginal Housing Company, whose initial purpose was for ensuring affordable housing for aboriginal families and now have sold the local (national??) community’s most important block of land in Redfern to a company called Deicorp and will turn it into shops and high-rise student housing, according to the documented plans.

So yes, this is important. Monday the 23rd, near Redfern Station. As early as possible. There is always someone awake.


Noteworthy - Part 5

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(Continued from First Impressions)

(According to the AU canon backstory, Mike started “talking” to Doll by slipping notes to them in high school.  I wanted to elaborate on how that would come to light!  What if Doll got a hold of Mike’s notes and compared the handwriting? X3)