anonymous asked:

Tips for people new to bullet journaling?

  • don’t stress about whether or not it’s “perfect” or “pretty”
  • they do not have to be an elaborate thing. it’s literally nothing more than a glorified to-do list in a notebook.
    • however, if you want to make it pretty, by all means, go ahead and do whatever you want
  • you do not have to make yours look like other people’s 
    • the only person you’re making this for is yourself
  • any old notebook will do. it doesn’t have to be a $$$ notebook ! i’ve seen ppl use a simple math notebook or even make digital versions
  • don’t make your key too complicated because it’ll feel bothersome
  • stickers are an easy way to make your spreads look pretty + take up empty space that you don’t want + cover up mistakes
    • same with post-it notes
  • magazines are good sources for inspiration since they balance both text and images
    • i get my own inspiration from quotes and colors
  • bullet journaling is not suited for everyone. if you find that you’re forcing yourself to do it, then move on to something else more worth your time