NoteTakers Araceli & Eric gathered with the Los Angeles Liberation School. Here we learned to broaden our horizons on radical feminism, vehicles of femininity, abortion as a medical option, and the patriarchal influences on masculine/feminine identities within the lesbian/gay & trans communities. It was a heavy cup of tea and we totally dig it!

-ae (photo cred: eric)


i feel so blessed to have spoken to this girl via emails. the brave story she just shared with me has humbled my presence on earth. i’m even more flabbergasted that she feels NOTES Magazine is the place to share her story publicly!! This project is opening people’s eyes, it is giving them courage to share their stories. Personal stories are reflections of how our society forms the minds of those around us. I hope she empowers more wome!!


we all know times are hard, and it’s even harder when you’re trying to build a non-profit magazine that is not about your daily celebrity but rather “things you should know & why they matter.” I know you all have been watching me post about @notesmag on fb or twitter I ask that you pledge $1 or $5 to our cause! your pledge will not be charged until we meet our goal on our deadline date & your donation is tax deductible!! go on kickstarter now to help this much needed effort!! #pledge #donate #notes #notesmagazine #notesmag #kickstarter #nonprofit (at NOTES Magazine SF)

Zaneta speaking about “Food for Thought” an open space to share their food for thought. Look at Eric listening to intently. Breakfast full of mental & physical nourishment #foodforthought #notesmagazine #notesmag #notes #notetakers #breakfast #goodmorning #arcatacounty #arcata #humboldt #renatascreperie (at Renata’s Creperie)