Just in case you night owls missed it, the first episode of “Notes by Christine” went on the air at 9am today! 

And for all of you who are new, NBC is a modern retelling of “The Phantom of the Opera” by Gaston Leroux inspired by The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Marble Hornets.


I know where she is, but I can’t tell them. I can’t betray E like that. But would it hurt if perhaps I just told them she was okay and not to worry? Because that is the truth… for now. What do I do?

I don’t think E knows what’s he’s gotten into this time. The police have been contacted and an effort has been on Twitter to spread the word that C is missing. They deserve to know they don’t need to worry or bother looking for her, But E certainly isn’t going to tell them. I want to help them without jeopardizing, HOW? Well, maybe if… Wait.

I think I have an idea.


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Episode 12: Introducing Ralph deChagny! At least for a few seconds… And someone else?

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Episode 1: Welcome to Notes by Christine is finally up!!!

How's Life?

Hi phans! How are things going with you? We know it’s been a while, but it’s been crazy for the NBC team. We aren’t working on any projects as a team currently, but we are dabbling in things with theadventuresofjamiewatson and filmclubatfsu ! And by dabbling, we mean devoting all of our time to.

Is there something you guys would be interested in seeing? We’re looking for a new challenge to tackle!

An apology and clarification:

We’ve been reading through the YouTube comments as they come up, but we don’t reply to them on the channel to remain “in character.” But we’d like to address a few here!

First off, we really appreciate your comments and criticisms. A lot of the time we miss details in an effort to get the big picture. WHICH IS NOT AN EXCUSE, but it’s just what happens sometimes abd we’re sorry!

Our Christine would like to apologize for pronouncing “Faust” wrong. She addressed it on her Twitter and is very very sorry she made such a stupid mistake. Her words!

As for the Faust run time, the first tweet meant to go out didn’t send at 7pm as planned and instead an intermission tweet was the first one that appeared arounnnnd 8:30ish? However, we did intend for it to look like the run time was actually close to 4 hours because the after show tweets came out at 11pm. Sorry for any confusion that caused!

But thank ALL of you for your comments (positive and critiquing) because we do read all of them and keep them in mind for how to improve and to keep up morale. We know we say it a lot, but we couldn’t do this without you. So thanks a million :)




Episode 7 is up! Who is Christine singing for? Just us Youtubers… right? Or is there someone else?