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A Galaxy Far, Far Away[24/∞] Mon Cala (Dac)

It’s not a trap, it’s an aquatic planet in the binary Mon Cala System! The planet is ringed by transportation infrastructure and features warm waters that flow over coral reefs and hot spring vents. Two major sentient species, the Mon Calamari and the Quarren, populate the planet together under one monarch. The urban center of Mon Cala City includes watertight buildings that allow for oxygen-breathers to commune in the below-sea levels of the city as well as in the floating palaces above.

There was a mirror behind the crowd on the wall, and I watched myself like a painting, frozen. The gash in my side bled and bled. It was so beautiful I cried right there in front of five thousand people. I was letting out the boy who had died on his plastic cross in elementary school. He escaped through the hole in my ribs.

Favorite lines from The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell

thoughts during all 3

lead, right foot: yeah look at that BIG OL LEAP that’s right judges I got this look at me GO

lead, left foot: look here judges I STILL LOOK GOOD i THINK

2nd step, right foot: yeah okay, dancing takes effort, but see I’m hitting these rhythms, kind of

2nd step, left foot: i imagine death so much it feels more like a memory, is this where it gets me? on my feet, several feet ahead of me? … there is no beat, no melody