notes on acting for animation

when animating make sure that each action reads clearly. so animate one action at a time.

ie girl routinely picks up her car keys from the table.

- walk
- sees keys
- reaches
- grabs keys
- walks away

many beginners try to do too many things at once. give characters time to think and move.

the timing can be changed based on her situation (is she in a hurry?) but thinking this way while animating helps keep a lot of things manageable. If you start questioning how and why the characters move this way, you can start animating these actions in a way that makes it look natural and full of personality, instead of a robotic ‘do this this and this’.

thinking about how to apply it in action animating. It is very easy to plan but harder to make it appealing because it is fast and easy to miss. Therefore it relies on good composition and camera movements and timing to put it to its full potential.

- kicks stomach
- opponents reaction

What I noticed w a lot of anime is that they draw out these actions to give clarity. so it’ll be more like.

- kick kick kick kick kick
(ok I think the audience get the point now)
- opponents reaction

there is variety of poses and timing in this action, but in general all these fast moves lead to the same idea: a person kicks, their opponent reacts.

so when planning out a fight scene, think about how each action follows the same purpose (whether to disable or evade or just brutallize)

it’s really hard to animate action filled w character bc for the most part, these movements are muscle memory/ instinctual. but I think it’s still important to ask yourself how and why these characters move the way they do. take note of their personality and their particular fighting style and blending those two together.

noise-sama  asked:

I cannot unseen what toei has done to sabo. Like omg I can't stop laughing from the nyoom of his head and the fire fart. This was too much chaos omg xD

Indeed my friend, indeed lol

I’m sorry but I found it really hard to take this episode seriously while looking at this

Like…okay, I wonder who in Toei thought this was a good idea? lol
I love Sabo but come on this is too lame xDU

But on a more serious note, the pacing and animation were terrible, the marines were acting like idiots by trying to take him down with normal bullets for far too long. The filler with Bastille was so terrible! I agree it was a good choice to actually let him show how destructive his shark blade was but

I don’t know if Toei ever pays attention to the original material but that fire is supposed to be Sabo’s body xD and you’re telling me that Bastille’s attack isn’t imbued with haki? he’s a vice admiral, he must be a haki user and he’s fighting agains a logia, HE SHOULD BE USING HAKI, the worst part of it is that he even said to his subordinates “PHYSICAL ATTACKS WON’T WORK ON HIM” then why would he make the same mistake? really Toei.

What I’m most disappointed about this is that Sabo himself said he isn’t used to his new powers yet, so when I read the manga chapter at least what I understood was that he mostly used fire with his pipe instead of his body while trying to dodge the attacks -the only scene where he actually turned his whole body into fire being the meteor clash- but Toei only made him a fire freak idiot who farted fire while jumping xDDD I love to make fun of Sabo but come on Toei, he has a unique fighting style, the flame fruit is just a plus for him, why not try to showcase more of the stuff he made in the colosseum? I’d have preffered a dragon claw or a dragon breath over the fire fist :I I’d really like Toei to pay more attention to details like those instead of trying to make Sabo Ace #2.

And speaking of details, why did they leave this panel out

That panel is so important .____. it shows us how seriously he’s taking this fight, it’s not only about anger or bloodlust or being badass, he’s there to protect his baby bro at all costs and is willing to kill for it!

I have to take my time to praise Toru’s voice acting job tho, my God it was sublime!!! his scream in the flashback was just perfect.

So yeah I was disappointed with this episode, Toei ruining one of my fave chapters yet again :I and I didn’t really like the opening either //sigh