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i always try to go to bed early but here i am at 2am and i havent started my nightly fic reading… i should just accept my fate as a night goblin

*BTS at AMAs*

*DNA starts playing*



I’m always gonna have a soft spot for you… no matter how “moved on” I may be.

-There are just some people you can never get over.


ProJared and SpaceHamster are really good examples of how Internet personalities can have wildly different boundaries and comfort zones with fans and how both are equally deserving of respect. Jared actively courts flirtation from adult fans while Jeff dislikes even discussing what he finds attractive in another person, and both approaches are valid!

As fans, it’s important to keep in mind that celebrities have just as much a right to give and deny consent as anyone else, and what one person might be okay with won’t necessarily fly by another person, even when the people in question are friends with similar content and audiences. Just like with people you meet IRL, one person saying yes doesn’t necessarily mean the next person will have the same reaction.

Something along the lines of a concert romance

It’s tragic, yet beautiful

It’s painful, yet addicting

It’s lonely, yet enough

To only know how to love but not be loved.

-I don’t think you will ever understand the ocean of emotions that comes with loving you in the dark.


Things I want

• clear skin

• healthy hair

• endless supply of food

• money

• confidence

• cute dogs/cats

• world peace

• all my favorite books

• happiness

• a successful job

• friends who won’t leave me

• my own apartment

• a love that lasts forever

• my own cute little family

I don’t think that you’re difficult to love. I don’t even think that you’re hard to love. It’s pretty simple, actually. Once I fell, loving you became easy. Sure, you have your flaws. Sure, you can be annoying at times. But those are all of the things that I love about you. You’re unapologetically yourself, and that’s what’s so captivating to me. I love everything about that, and I love everything about you.

-Reminding you that you are loved.