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so I guess I'm just a bit confused but can you just help clarify some stuff for me: the LGBT+ community is for everyone that's not 'straight,' or rather for everyone that doesn't identify as both heterosexual and heteromantic, for example, heteromantic but bisexual, and these people are welcome in the LGBT+ community. These people are heteromantic but not heterosexual. Asexuality can work the same way; heteromantic, not heterosexual. What exactly makes them not part of the LGBT+ community, then?

im not sure if the overall tone of this ask is mocking or serious but im going to answer it as politely as i can bc i actually have the patience this morning

the lgbt community isnt for “everyone that’s not ‘straight’“. the lgbt community is for those who are either same gender attracted (sga), trans, or both. sga ppl who are cisgender are lgbt, and straight ppl who are trans are also lgbt. so yes, some straight ppl are still lgbt, because they’re trans.

being asexual doesnt inherently make you lgbt; it just means you lack sexual attraction. being aromantic doesnt inherently make you lgbt; it just means you lack romantic attraction. a lack of attraction does not make you lgbt. like i said before, being sga and/or trans makes you lgbt.

there are ace ppl who are romantically sga, and aro ppl who are sexually sga, but ace/aro ppl who are neither are not lgbt unless theyre also trans.

i hope this cleared things up a bit

stars shine bright above me - ch. 10

Note: N/A

+2K+ Words
+Ch. 10/14

Isak lies awake in Even’s bed, running his fingers through his hair as he continues on sleeping, and early morning light streams through the curtains, lighting up the room a bit. Isak loves how the light catches so perfectly on Even’s hair, causing it to shine and how his eyelashes flutter against his cheeks while he dreams. Isak’s heart flutters as Even’s eyes openly slowly and he can feel the grin appear on his face as Even catches his stare, his own smile making an appearance.

“Good morning,” Isak whispers quietly, his voice a bit raspy from not using it as much this morning since he woke.

“Good morning, sunshine,” Even replies, his voice deep and husky and it causes Isak’s skin to become riddled with goosebumps.

“Sleep well?”

“Hm, I did. You?”

Isak shrugs, tracing his finger tips against Even’s jawline, “Yeah, been up for a while.”

Even smiles and Isak feels him tighten his arms around his waist, causing his breath to hitch but in a good way but Even stops, his eyes filled with concern, “Is this okay?”

“Yeah, it’s just… I haven’t ever been held like this before. By anyone,” Isak admits, biting his bottom lip harshly and he feels a blush return to his cheeks.

“Ever?” Even asks quietly, his eyes softening.

“Not since you had left.”

Even laughs softly, continuing on with wrapping his arms around Isak and drawing him in close, “I’ll hold you whenever you need me.”

Isak shivers at his touch, his forehead against Even’s chest, “Okay.”

They lay like that all morning, legs entangled underneath the sheets, their warm breath on one anothers skin and Isak feels so content in the moment, not wanting Even to let go of him again and neither of them mind the silence. Isak’s shoulders feel relaxed, his skin seeming to vibrate at every touch Even gives him and he doesn’t think he could ever get used to this because this feeling so exhilarating.

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Three | Dark Paradise-By Lana Del Rey  *** // Masterlist //

Summary: Stuck on the planet of Takodana alongside smuggler Nadaline Rose, Lyra Khaar believes that her chances of leaving have passed. Across the stars, however, Ben Solo struggles with his own demons as he is set to the task of training under the mentorship of Luke Skywalker, among a new generation of Jedi. Through a force bond, the two find each other, and as celestial beings, the Galaxy flings their paths together in the most unpredictable of ways.

Note: I hope that you guys like this chapter, feedback and thoughts are encouraged xoxo. I may double post next week, and I apologize if this update isn’t the best, I’ve spent the day taking naps due to getting sick and throwing up. Ah, I tried. Today wasn’t the best, to say the least.

Tags: @kyloholic

Words: 4.3 K +

Warning: angsttttangst

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Baby? Is That Your Name? - Evak Dirty Dancing AU - Ch. 2

note: N/A

+2K+ Words
+Ch. 2/10

“Do I seriously have to sit with you through this?” Baby whines as he and Lea head towards the makeover tent, Lea dragging him by the hand.

“Do you want to sit in the cabin with dad all day?” Lea counters, and Baby rolls his eyes.

“I guess not, but why wigs?”

“It’s a relaxation thing, trust me. You’ll enjoy it!”

“I am not putting on a damn wig, Lea,” Baby bites, his voice bitter.

Despite his whining, Lea drags Baby down in a chair next to her under the tent, the mirrors in front of them and Baby just leans back in his chair, rolling his eyes off and on when Lea asks him ‘do I look good?’ or 'what do you think?’ because this is not how Baby wanted to spend this trip. An hour at most goes by, but Baby can’t be bothered to keep track. Somehow, Lea gets a wig on Baby’s head and he doesn’t bother with it, he just makes it cover his eyes so he can at least try and zone out.

“You look very nice, ladies,” Baby almost jumps out of his skin at the familiar voice, instantly ripping the wig off his head as he catches his eyes looking at Even. “And gents.”

Baby’s cheeks turn beet red as Even gives him a wink, the wig crumpled up in Baby’s fist as he quickly looks away as Even places a kiss on Sonja’s cheek, walking off.

“Baby will you cover for me tonight? Tell dad I went to lie down?” Lea asks, brushing out her wig.

“Well, where are you going?”

“A date with William, by the golf course.”

Isak rolls his eyes, “Seriously?” Lea shrugs, not giving an answer.

He hears a distant chime go off, which must signal something, as everyone begins to file out of the tent, leaving their wigs thrown across the tables. Baby clears his throat, trying his best to fix the wig as he gets up from the chair, walking over to Sonja and handing it out to her.

“So, you were really a Rockette? I think you’re a wonderful dancer.” Baby asks, biting back a small smile. Sonja nods. “That’s really amazing.”

“Yeah, well, my mom kicked me out at 16 and wanted nothing to do with me being a dancer, so you keep telling yourself it’s amazing,” Sonja replies, her voice quiet but laced with annoyance. She quickly closes up her makeup case, walking off and leaving Isak behind without another word, leaving him stunned and confused.

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sometimes i think about jjongie’s lopsided smile and sometimes i think about how one of his eyes is single lidded and the other is double and sometimes i think about the fact that he’s a little bow legged and sometimes i think about how his nostrils are different sizes but mostly i think of how all of these little perceived imperfections make up the perfectly imperfect boy that is kim jonghyun..i hope he loves all of those imperfections the way we do…i hope he loves each little thing…..

A Valiant Steed Named Baby

Author: Scottmccallmeishmael

Original Imagine LinkImagine Dean telling your daughter a story as he tucks her in at night.

Warnings: (If your fic contains self-harm, abuse, anything that would be triggering, please note it here) N/A

Word Count: 448

Fic/Link to Fic:

She was so fussy, grumbling and fidgeting even after you had wrestled her into her pajama top, but it was getting late. It was well beyond her bed time, after all.

“Kara! Please, stop fighting me. It’s time for bed, honey.”

“No!” she squealed, voice pitched as high as possible. Her fist flung out to push her bottoms away, smacking into her chin as you struggled to get her into her pants.

     You stopped, dropping the bottoms, and looked at her, wide-eyed. She stopped, too, frozen on the spot as your chin blossomed a red mark from where she’d hit you.

“Fine,” you breathed, standing upright. “Fine.” Without another word, you turn, and walked out of the room, not saying a word as you storm passed Dean. His fingers brushed your arm, but you didn’t stop, didn’t say a word, as you moved towards the bathroom, and locked the door behind you.

You weren’t…mad at her, really. You loved Kara; after all, she was your daughter, and she got her feistiness from both you and Dean. But god, some nights, it was almost too much. You leaned into the sink, frowning at the mark on your chin, before pressing a cool cloth to it. It wasn’t going to make it go away, but it did help the sting of the impact.

After a few minutes, you sigh, and drop the rag back into the sink, shuffling back towards Kara’s bedroom. You were angry when you stormed out, but you had to make sure she knew why, and it wasn’t a permanent thing.

You weren’t prepared for the sight you saw, instead.

Kara was dressed, completely, and tucked in beneath her pink and black comforter, arms clutching to the stuffed bear you had bought her just before she was born. She was smiling up at Dean, who saw on the side of the bed, fingers tucking her hair behind her ear, and voice soft across the room.

“And then, the handsome prince and his valiant steed rescued the beautiful princess from the witch, whisking her away from the danger of the castle. And the beautiful princess immediately fell in love with the most handsome prince in the land, and they lived happily ever after.”

“With their val-ant steed?” Kara asked, stifling a yawn. Dean grinned, nodding.

“Yes, sweetheart. With their valiant steed.” The little girl blinked up at him, before tilting her head.

“What was the steeds name?”

Dean’s eye met yours as you stood silent in the doorframe, before he smiled a bit softer, and looked down at Kara.

“The steed’s name was Baby,” he replied, kissing her forehead. “TIme for bed, sweetheart.”

“Goodnight, Daddy.”

“Goodnight, sweetie.”

I had written this poem, reached a dead end with it, and put it on the shelf. Then Slash and Izzy got working together on songs, and I came in; Izzy hit a rhythm, and all of a sudden this poem popped into my head. It just all came together. A lot of rock bands are too fucking wimpy to have any sentiment or any emotion in any of their stuff unless they’re in pain. It’s the first positive love song I’ve ever written, but I never had anyone to write anything that positive about, I guess.
—  Axl Rose, on Sweet Child O’ Mine
Solar System

Okay, since astronomy is a hot topic this week, here are some words for you to describe the Solar System in Russian:

  • Солнечная система - the Solar System
  • Солнце (n) - Sun (note: the word is read as sontse, l is mute here)
  • звезда (f) - star
  • планета (f) - planet
  • Луна (f) - Moon
  • спутник (m) - satellite
  • комета (f) - comet


  • Меркурий (m) - Mercury
  • Венера (f) - Venus
  • Земля (f) - Earth
  • Марс (m) - Mars
  • Юпитер (m) - Jupiter
  • Сатурн (m) - Saturn
  • Уран (m) - Uranus
  • Нептун (m) - Neptune

And that poor guy that is no longer a planet -

  • Плутон - Pluto
01/01/2014 // 9:30pm //10:05pm

so it’s two-thousand-and-fourteen, who knew we would make it this far? i spent my early hours of the new year with my favourite people in the whole entire universe. we got drunk (as per usual), and we sung our hearts out, and we sat on the kitchen floor and ate ice cream from the tub, and we laid on the side of the street and looked at the stars and we talked about eye colours. it’s wonderful and odd how, even though we weren’t doing much, it was one of the greatest nights of my life just because i was around people who had beautiful laughs that i wouldn’t mind spending the rest of my life listening to, and just because those people love me. you get this funny feeling in your heart when you meet people who you can be your many selves around, and when they see all those sides to you, they don’t run. it’s 2014 and i am so incredibly grateful. i’m grateful for all of you because you have all inspired me to be more and write more and it makes my heart terribly sad that i will probably never get to meet all of you. i’m grateful because i get to live in this wonderful universe that has stars, and books, and people, most of all; people who are kind, and gentle, and who have hearts so big they could be mistaken for planets. it’s 2014 and those numbers don’t sound real. remember to be kind, be honest, be grateful. don’t forget to look around once in a while because you could see something you haven’t noticed before, like someone who is trying to love you. remember to take care of yourself, and let others take care of you. don’t panic and remember to breathe. i hope this year is kind to you, and that you will have many adventurous days and nights with brilliant people with brilliant minds. i hope you know that the universe was built for you, but i also hope you know that, that doesn’t mean you should be reckless with sacred things such as the human heart. i hope you are okay, and if you aren’t, i hope you know that one day, you will be. 

  • “I wish you could see it form this view, ‘cause everything around you is a little bit brighter from your love.”

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Final words of OOR discography.

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Notes N' Words.

I was bored this afternoon so I tried to sing Notes N’ Words and record it.
it sounds horrible hahaha! but I don’t consider it as a failure cause after hearing my own voice I laughed so hard and it killed my boredom!LOL

and it’s my first time doing that so I’m not going to delete this record .lololol