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All you have to do… is tremble with humiliation and be saved!!

Inktober 2017 20/31: The Case Study of Vanitas


˚✧₊⁎ Introducing Maristelle’s Studyblr ⁎⁺˳✧༚

Hello!! I’m Maristelle, but you can call me Mari. I’ve always loved pretty notes, so I thought that starting a studyblr would motivate me to make my own more often and study more effectively.

Facts about me:
• I live in Australia
• I am 17 years old and in year 11
• Human biology and English literature are my favourite subjects
• My aspirations are in surgery
• I want to be the top of my class across the board!!

My favourite studyblrs:
@stuhde @jessastudy @academiics @memoirs-of-a-future-lawyer @zeestudies @study-languages @athenus @studyblr @totes-my-notes @gradespiration @studyrelief @tbhstudying @academiix @eintsein @focusign @bookmrk @apricot-studies @milkystudies

I hope I can learn and grow in the studyblr community!! (please ignore the awkward first photos)

I was talking to my mom about having that dude ask me for my number for his friend and how I was never really expecting to end up reading as cis and conventionally attractive, but increasingly it seems like that’s how I’m read? and I was talking about how strange that feels, as someone whose vanity has been defiantly, impudently cultivated against hetero and cis imperatives. and a few minutes later Mom mentioned having been ignored by men (in good and bad ways) her whole life because she wasn’t conventionally attractive, and how it’s daunting (though also kind of a relief) to reach an age where she knows that she never will be.

so that’s a whole mother-daughter moment I would not have predicted we’d ever have lol

I’ve had a poem rolling around in my head for a while that starts ‘I always thought my mother was the most beautiful woman in the whole world’