notes for guys about girls

immuneexperiment  asked:

"Well, you look like you've had a hell of a night." Mismatched hues stared down at the younger who was laid on the concrete ground, head tilting just slightly. He was lucky to still be alive, especially after such a bad scuffle. He shook his head, offering his hand to the other. "You need some more time friend?"

They groaned, rolling from on their stomach to their back. The fucking john–
Bastard jumped them when it was time to pay up; had a couple of his buddies waiting for him to finish. Had it all planned out. They sighed, bringing their arm up to check their timer and swore under their breath; they were missing a couple hours. Great. So not only did they get the shit kicked out of them, and not paid, but they also made off with some of their time. What a bunch of douchebags.

They made a mental note to let the full time working girls and guys know about them.

“It’s always a Hell of a night around here.” The slums might not have been a small place, not by a long shot, but people knew each other. The ones that rolled them, if Riley had to take a guess, were from one of the center districts.

This guy on the other hand… probably the center, if the smell of him was anything to go off of. Riley raised their brows at the offered hand, brows raising even further at the offer of time.

“You serious?” They asked. They were not desperate for time right now; they had thankfully been paid by both jobs today… but their kids were getting low. Splitting it with them… they would be knocked down to an hour or so once again; that was kind of the point of blowing a dude at this point. Hell, they did not remember the last time they even tried being with someone because they wanted to and were not strapped for time… Berwyn was turning forty this year, so that had to be the last time. Huh. “Y-yes, if you’re sure about sharing.” They hesitated, before taking the stranger’s hand, using it to shakily getting to their feet.