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As promised, I made a sketchdump for Joseb Doggos!
I’ve got some haunted jojo, supportive bfs, and seb beating the crap outta sentinel for you ;v;

I hope you enjoy <3 Feel free to send requests for these woofers! (also commissions are open! :3c )

frozen-like-ice  asked:

Hi! Just wanted to ask your thoughts on L and his behavior towards money. I kinda think that he only spends when necessary specially if it is connected with cases but your post on L's pen made me think otherwise (I mean he could have used an erasable pen and save the furniture). Thanks! Have a great day!

Oh, first off I need to correct something about the table: you can apparently clean permanent marker off with alcohol, so Watari could feasibly have cleaned the table later instead of it being destroyed or something. 
This is still completely useless antics that could be solved with using pieces of paper like a normal person, but hey? Maybe he only paid unnecessary cleaning.

But yeah, I don’t think L is a money-saving kind of person. Like, at all.

The reason I believe this is the headquarters he built which are, by all accounts, a completely unreasonable expense.

L buys property in the middle of the metropolis Tokyo (SUPER expensive area), then has construction workers pull up a 23-floor building. In the building there are 60 apartments. If we’re generous and assume that all the people who ever were at the HQ used one at a point (plus Misa who canonically has 4), then that’s… only ca. 12 out of 60 apartments ever being used. Some, just briefly.
So out of the 15 living room floors,  that still leaves 12 floors totally unused.
All of these are huge luxurious apartment floors. Not cheap at all.

And then for the 8 floors that aren’t apartments… we only see a single one of those being used in canon, though Watari may have used a second- that’s unspecified. Leaving 6 further floors with dubious use here.

L built a 23 story building, only to use merely 5 stories of it.

He built this 23 story building by buying space in central Tokyo, probably one of the most expensive places to buy premises in all Japan.

And keep in mind, L commissioned this building after he met the task force for the first time. He knew they were only 5 people then. He knew.

There’s being prepared for the unforeseen and there’s being too rich to give a fuck. This seems a pretty evident case of the latter.

Judging by how he lets himself be picked up from campus, he really does not mind flaunting his riches either. L doesn’t have to worry about money for a single moment and that’s how he acts - when he spends, he spends excessively.

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I usually reblog my own things a 2-3 times, and I have not accounted for that here. I have also included every single scrap of tumblr writing, but excluded AO3 only things (well, there are two). I don’t think kudos and notes are comparable. 

Top five:

1) Dirt (romance) - 82 

2) Touch (smut / romance)  - 70

3) Lifeline (romance) - 63

4) Kiss (romance) - 62

5) Unsaid (angst) - 56

5) Love (romance) - 56

Bottom 5

1) Sera & Lavellan (gen) - 3

2) Hiding (Dorian/Trev, romance) - 6

3) Little Joys (angst) - 6

4) Cake or Death (Dorian/Trev, romance) - 7

5) Vallaslin (gen, non-inq) - 8

5) Snow (gen, non-inq) - 8

Are you surprised? Why?

I am mostly not surprised. Dirt is a marriage proposal, so fluffy, and it is clear from the prompt box that this is what it is. Furthermore, I had art commissioned for this, and linked the fic in the art post. It is a bit like cheating, and thank you @hansaera for beautiful art. I am not surprised about Touch either, it  is pertty explicit, and well… I AM surprised about Lifeline, I wasn’t sure this worked at all, but I guess it did. Kiss and Love are fluff and sweet, and I knew they would be up there. Unsaid is a little experimental, but I reblogged it recently and it got a lot of traction, and I think I managed to hit the feels. 

I am not surprised about the bottom ones. Sera & Lavellan is a OC answer I turned to a small drabble, Hiding and Cake or Death is Dorian/Trevelyan. I don’t interact with blogs for that pairing in general, and even so it seems Dorian/Lavellan is a much more popular ship. Vallaslin and Snow is about Branwen, my inquisitors little brother, so I didn’t expect that many people to read them (and the former also is in a joint sort of AU with @galadrieljones). I really lilked Snow, though. Little Joys is a Solavellan drabble, and I am not sure why it didn’t get more notes. It is a bit odd, I guess what I tried to do didn’t work.

I am surprised that my Figure Skating AU smut, The Dress (30), is not in top 5, in a way, I think it is pretty good. I guess the AU has less appeal, especially since it is just small pieces and not a full story. The biggest surprise was probably than Branwen (20) is not among the bottom 5, it is pre-Inquisition and feature kids and babies?


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I am surprised my words do so well, and very thankful. I do tend to reblog them a lot, and reblog my masterposts, which I encourage everyone to do. I am also deeply grateful to some good friends and cheerleaders, you should know who you are <3. 

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I ended up putting everything in a spreadsheet, with lots of things. I had some theories I wanted to test, and did some graphs and pivot tables. Under a cut, because… this is already a long post. 

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i know i always talk about myself but i get really concerned about you my little flowers :( i know some of you are struggling right now and i just wanted to let you know that i’m always here for you, this is not just only a wonho centric blog, this blog is a shelter for you all and id like to help anyone who feels like they have no one to talk to

some fukin 40 yr old trying to write a relatable dialogue between teenagers:
boy: idk man it’s just that….when i see her my heart does the nae nae you kno…. *looks at floor embarrassed while running fingers through hair*
boy # 2: haha Josh wow are you saying that you’re in LOVE haha like you have FEELINGS
boy # 1: haha ofc not man i’ll see you at the party tonight
*they dab in unision before parting ways, the first boy’s dab somewhat doubtful and solemn*