—18/100 days of productivity, 23/07/16
!! d-10 to prelims, d-89 to Os !! (crap)

funny story: i accidentally stepped on my folder this morning(idk how either) & IT BROKE LIKE LEGIT look at the picture ;-; & worse thing i bought the folder only like 2 days ago ૮(꒦ྃ⌑꒦ྃ)ა

anyways,, this morning with coffee & biology heh. finished up biology repro in man notes (1 last CHAP LEFT YAS) !!! & currently doing chemistry in prep for prelims!! 👼🏼


Let me just make a note of that..

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Spending the first half of my day at work 😁 How’s Your weekend going? ☺️ I can’t believe I managed to complete 80 days of this challenge already! 😃 Day 82/100 days of productivity! 📚 // #study #studying #studyblr #studygram #studyblog #studyhard #instastudy #studyspo #studyinspo #studyinspiration #notes #productivity #motivation #student #collegelife #college #university #stationery #vscostudy #juniorincollege #personal #psychology #100daysofproductivity //

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Day 7/100 days of productivity. Of the 90 pages reading I was assigned this week, I have only 10 left to read and it’s only Sunday ☺️ Hopefully this will give me the rest of the week to work on next week’s readings. I’m going to finish, then do some house chores, then relax until tomorrow 💪
Also, here is my favourite part so far out of all of these readings. It’s a song from Tsurumi’s ‘Factory Girls: Women in the Thread Mills of Meiji Japan.’