notepad holder


Broadway Flea Market 2017 Haul!

- Tshirt from Urban Cowboy’s Out of Town Tryout
- Tshirt from Urban Cowboy’s Broadway Production
- Long Sleeve thermal from Urban Cowboy’s Broadway Production
- Urban Cowboy notepad holder
- High Fidelity Demo
- High Fidelity Window Cars
- Urban Cowboy Playbill
- A Catered Affair Playbill
- Chaplin Playbill
- Full Monty Papermill Playhouse Playbill
- Grey Gardens Original Cast Playbill
- Closer Than Ever Off-Broadway Playbill
- Come From Away advertisement


My mom and I went to muji and we bought all the things that we need and 


  1. The most famous 0.38 pens in studyblr community, bought some highlighters and 0.5 pen.
  2. I bought a mechanical pencil and a B5 binder.
  3. Oh! I also bought the B5 squared loose leaf, to-do notepad, card holder, and sticky notes.

I actually wanted to buy the black 0.38 pen but they were out of stock :( 

There’s nothing more exciting than new studying supplies 🌹✨