A lot of people are skeptical that the new G:K.N.D. is some sort of April Fools prank

But we have:

why would the creator of a show that hasn’t aired in 7 years go through so much work to make this as a prank?

anonymous asked:

I mean, kudos on that attempt, but Mexico's problem is not limited to Ayotzinapa. If anyone here on Tumblr actually paid attention, then they would realize that the event in Ayotzinapa was the breaking point that produced even more protests about government corruption (yes, they have also existed before Ayotzinapa even occurred) and they continue to occur.

And America’s problems aren’t limited to Ferguson. Nor is Pakistan’s to Peshawar, and so on and so forth… 

Thanks for the info, I guess. Maybe your “attempt” can be a little less shady next time.