college study tips that actually help
  • put your phone on silent and put it across the room
  • listen to classical/soundtrack music without lyrics
  • make index cards for important vocab
  • wear pajamas
  • make diagrams and pictures. they don’t have to look pretty, as long as you understand it
  • make timelines for historical events
  • have a light snack
  • drink coffee or tea to keep you going
  • take a break every hour or so
  • have one pencil/black pen and one colored pen or highlighter. anything more will just distract you. the aesthetics aren’t important, your knowledge is
  • don’t be afraid to email/message your teacher or a classmate if you don’t understand something. the last thing you want to do is learn the incorrect information
  • know that sleep and health is more important than your grade. you cannot perform as well on a test if you are tired or sick. take care of yourself
  • it’s not a race. it’s not about who can learn something in the quickest time, it’s about learning
  • take a deep breath 
  • prioritize your homework by how long it will take you and when it’s due
  • plan some you time in between studying and school
  • if you’re mentally exhausted, set a timer for 30 minutes and take a nap. any longer and you’ll wake up even more tired
  • don’t understand something? that’s perfectly fine, don’t stress over it. ask for help rather than complaining
  • have a goal in mind and write them down. say things like “i am getting an education so i can get the job of my dreams. the life that i want. the happiness that i deserve”
  • be thankful. it is a privilege that you get to go to school and get an education. 
  • you got this.
E3 2017

Sony: My dick is BIG!

Microsoft: NO! MY DICK IS BIG!


Nintendo: *whips out a dick so big it breaks the table in half*

Bethesda: *unzips pants* *a tiny Todd Howard pops out*

Old先 is more than 19 Days and 19 Days is more than He Tian and Mo Guan Shan. I get that a lot of people love the tianshan ship, myself included, but there is so much more going on in the story than their relationship. I can’t even begin to explain how frustrating it is to go to the tag every few days and see people getting upset at her for not updating, for updating with a chapter of only Jian Yi and Zheng Xi, or updating Mosspaca instead. Her portfolio is so much more vast than people are giving her credit for. Read “Mosspaca Advertising Department.” Buy her art book. Follow her weibo. Buy “Joker Danny” and try to find a translation. “The Specific Heat Capacity of Love” is available to read online, translated and everything.

Be grateful that she even continues to work on 19 Days when she could have stopped after she lost her inspiration. Send her positive messages on her twitter or weibo with thanks for working so hard. I get the frustration of your ship not being included in an update, no matter how canon it is or isn’t. But Old Xian is more than 19 Days and 19 Days is more than He Tian and Mo Guan Shan.