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How I Make Notecards! :)

After my post about notecards and midterms, a lot of you guys sent me messages about how I make them, what kind of cards or rings I use, etc. Soooo, without further ado…

I’ll be using my Chemistry notecards as an example since they’re probably the most well done AND they’re even color coded!

STEP 1: Gather materials (that sounds really science-class-procedure-y) 

I personally use unruled index cards from Target (they’re like $0.49 per pack and really good quality) and two different writing utensils…usually some sort of marker and then my trusty Pilot G2. I like for my notecards to be on a ring (good for storage but I take them off when I’m quizzing myself), so I’ll need one of those and a hole punch (mine’s Swingline and I LOVE it).

STEP 2: I make a list of what I need on my notecards and then start labeling the front side of the index cards. My Chemistry notecards are just material from my 1st semester, so I make them as I go along, but you can make them all at once too! (wouldn’t really recommend it, it ends up being really time consuming)

STEP 3: Once I’m done labeling the front side with concepts such as Molarity, questions like “What is an aqueous solution?,” diagrams like Solids VS Liquids VS Gases on a molecular basis, etc., I go back to actually write out the content on the back of the cards. I define words, copy practice problems, draw diagrams, and the like. 

STEP 4: When all the notecards are done, I break out a pack of colored notecards to act as divider pages. I have a color-coding guide:

STEP 5: Since my notecards are for the entire 1st semester, I take some plain white notecards to use as dividers for different chapters. For this, I cut up a small sheet of paper or an index card, fold it in half, and tape it to the right edge of the card, so that it acts as a tab. 

STEP 6: After all that is done, I punch holes in the upper left corner and put them on the ring so that the order isn’t messed up (my Chem notecards are actually numbered though, so it’s not an issue)

STEP 7: Then I make my cover! I like this part the most. I cut out a piece of scrapbook paper so it’s 3in X 5in, and I punch a hole in the upper left corner. I tape a sticky note that’s been folded in half on the center (if the paper has a subtler pattern you can just write directly on it) and I use a marker/pen to write the class and/or subject. 

STEP 8: Finally, put that on the ring and then you’re done! I flip through my notecards before major tests to get a brief overview of the content before going to my notes/the textbook, or I take them off the ring to quiz myself. Study them however you’d like :)

This was my first tutorial-y post…I hope I helped and answered your questions! 

anonymous asked:

I'm happy about your decision to characterize Rose and Kanaya separately from one-another, contrary to many fanworks that treat them like accessories to each other. Still, I can't help but feel the amount of time they've spent not talking to or about one another is starting to seem kind of bizarre, and when they do talk it's all business besides that one "lost my nerve" moment. Last time those two had a real conversation on screen was the "are you going to break up with me" page.

I wish I could give you a better answer than “the will of the notecards”, but honestly that’s what this one boils down to. When we were shuffling all the planned scenes around trying to figure out how they’d fit, for some reason a bunch of Kanaya’s stuff landed way near the end. There’s a 3000 word log a ways on that’s mostly those two talking to each other about, among other things, their relationship, and before then both Rose and Kanaya talk about their relationship while in conversations with other people. (And then obviously they have their walkaround log, but every time I mention the walkaround I feel the crushing vice of panic grip my soul so). Now, due to the increasing proximity of CBC and endgame battle flashes, progress may slow, but in terms of actual *update count*, they’re not that far off. Kanaya sharing some thoughts on her relationship is part of the second update in the next subact.

Basically sometimes it’s just kinda random *when* certain people get to talk to each other, based on our attempts to best make sure everyone was in the right place at the right time to pay their dues to the plot as well, but we will do our very best to make sure they all do get to do so by the end. There’s certainly no ill intent involved. (There are *some* interactions that we have been deliberately holding out on for various reasons, but this isn’t one of them.)