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01/100 days of productivity, 09.05.17.

Been meaning to do this for so long and now I finally am! Planned out all the important events of my week on notecards. I also took notes over my philosophy assignment as I have a meeting with my philosophy professor tomorrow. I got an extension from my writing theory professor on a writing project, which has taken a massive weight off my chest. Remember, if you ask early and respectfully, professors will usually give you at least a short extension on your work if that’s what’s required for your assignment to be your best! In general, communicate with your resource centers, teachers, tutors, TA’s, professors, and whoever else can help you when you struggle with your work. They are there to help!

“Help will always be given…to those who ask for it.” - Albus Dumbledore

personal achievement: getting my phone’s camera to recognize this lazy drawing as a person

anyways i dunno why but i can’t stop doodling welcome to hell’s sock and it’s becoming a problem

My Psychology Study Routine

This is just what I did for all of my undergraduate psychology courses, and I found that this worked the best for me!

1. Read the textbook before class & make notecards!
Psychology has a lot of vocabulary words and concepts, so I found it the most helpful to make notecards as I was reading the course material to help reinforce this information early on.

2. Take thorough class notes!
Most of my professors posted their notes online prior to class, so I would print them out and bring them with me to class. I would try and read over them while I was waiting for class to start. This way, I could take notes on what the professor was saying (often times supplemental material) instead of just following along with the powerpoint.

3. Reread notes and revise notecards!
A few days after class (I tried to do this every weekend), I would reread my notes and add any additional information to the notecards I had made from the textbook.

4. Study from the notecards!
Instead of just rereading my notes over and over again before the exam, I would go through my notecards once or twice a day starting a week before the exam. This is much more active learning than just passively reading your notes!

5. Study guide!
Most of my professors provided a study guide for the exam. Mainly for this, I would make sure I had all of the necessary information from the study guide in my notecards. If the exam was an essay exam, I would bullet point all of the information for each question one day, and each day after use the study guide like a practice exam and try and answer all of the questions from memory. I found that my answers got better and better each day, and were nearly perfect by the day of the exam!

Let me know what you do/did for your psychology courses! I’ll be following and reblogging people who do!


07/100 days of productivity. 09.13.17.

Well, I missed two days of productivity guys. I’m counting this as my seventh day instead of my ninth because I did the bare minimum the last couple days as far as my schoolwork. However, the reason for my break was because two friends unexpectedly requested writing help from me that took away from my usual study time. I’m currently training to work as a writing consultant, and I was flattered they came to me for help. Don’t forget the importance of friendships when you focus on school and the value of teaching something to someone else. 

Today, I’m back on track to study for my first philosophy exam and complete my essay on ethics as well as a number of smaller tasks. As you can see from my first photo, I’m also jumping into the October spirit a little early. Stranger Things and Stephen King work together so well. Today I also discovered that the quiet reading room on my campus has awesome lighting. I’m thinking of doing a series of posts just about the beautiful places to study near where I live. 

“Inform without confusing, educate without condescending, promise without bluffing, assert without offending, and offer help without promising servility.” -  Peter Carino (This was from an essay reading I did this week, and may become my motto for teaching.)

🍥[1/100 Days of Productivity]🍥

Chemistry is one of my least favorite AND my worst subject. I’m not doing very well in any of my classes this year- which is why I started a studyspo blog!!! This will be mostly for myself, but if others benefit from it then it’s a win-win!

🐝Have a BEEutiful day🐝

My English professor had us write whatever we were thinking about on a notecard every day we came to class this semester. On the last day of class she told us to write them all out in order without editing what we’d written at all, so that the result was something like a very raw poetry/prose about how we had changed and experienced life over the semester. 


14. I am endlessly curious yet always slightly bored

21. I am trying to forget the 


26. Need. Coffee. 

28. I want to write something profound but the only thing I can think of at this time of day is coffee


2. Extreme enthusiasm over ordinary events annoys me and I wish it didn’t

4. Next time,

Try eating a waffle for breakfast instead of my boyfriend’s face

8. I want to read Cummings and sleep but it seems that when I need that the most someone else needs me

9. What is important? 11. Good memories

Are like a hot shower or mail

18. I have cramps gosh I want to go home

25. I wish the most complicated relationship in my life was my love-hate relationship with Charles Bukowski


2. Ethan painted my nails last night and wow

They look awful

4. Why are words powerful until they’re mine? 9. Crap I forgot deodorant

This morning

16. I’m sorry my smile is uncalled for

23. I am trying to feel nostalgic about the future

25. Paper dolls are why you shouldn’t share your feelings


6. A little wordless today

13. Please



15. I just know I’m going to have to pee after this coffee

22. I want to be up to my elbows in dirt

I want a garden

27. I’m sorry my handwriting is bad and that my best thoughts are recycled from indie rock bands and I’m sorry I cannot write anymore


4. I hate peer review - stop glaring at me just because I confronted your run-on sentences

11. I ran a red light to get here and I still feel guilty. 13. I want tacos

[55/100] days of productivity - 03.12.2016:

I’ve spent most of today studying for calculus and chemistry. Thankfully this way of studying chemistry is actually for fun me, and makes me super motivated! Love bright colors. ♥