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Yep I took these pictures with the same cup of tea!
Also I keep cutting the cameras from old National Geographic magazines but not really doing anything with them and it’s mildly concerning.


I have constantly million old pics on my phone… often I’m afraid of publishing them, or I’m just “too buzy” (this mean that I find something completely unnecessary that I absolutely “MUST” do) to do it… and the final result is a little me covered in photos that I don’t know what to do with.
So… I’m gonna stop this! It’s the moment to get courage and “jump” with decision in a new direcion!

Say “hello” to my little parrot friend!!! ♡

IG: hristinasview


“you’re so weird. you’re doing homework for your homework.”

here’s a view of my excel spreadsheet for all my old testament readings this semester ft. boba coffee, gertrude, and muji things. i’m a happy bab.


24.02.2018 [20/100 days of productivity]
Mm.. finally today I’m proud of my job. I set down and I was productive.

And what would you say me?
Do you live near the sea?
When was the last time you saw it?


i’ve been studying since 4pm and it’s 9pm now, i’ve only had one large break and you know what? it’s not even boring. i’m getting to study the word for my old testament final tomorrow, and i️ keep getting little nuggets of wisdom and cool things™ as i️ study. it’s so neat!!!!