Another stationery post ..but this time I managed to grab all of them for free at some career fair (?) where I was able to talk to a bunch of companies and inform myself about future job and internships!
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#100daysofproductivity and #100studytips STUDY TIP! HOW NOT TO FALL ASLEEP IN CLASS.

We have all been there. You’re sitting in class staring blankly at the teacher / lecturer trying really hard to keep those eyes open so as not to get busted for tuning out one hundred percent and zoning into lala land. And all you can think of is ‘open your eyes, open your eyes’… and you haven’t gotten a single bit of information absorbed into your void head. 

Right, so here are some simple tips to hopefully prevent that in-class sleep issue.

1. Take Notes Before Class. I wrote about this a couple tips back. But basically if you know something about what the boring teacher is droning on about, you hopefully will be able to tune in somewhat.

2. Ask Questions. If you’ve read the stuff and written notes, then hopefully you have some sort of a clue as to semi-intelligent questions to ask. So basically, be prepared and have questions ready to pretend you’re at least interested. If you are interested, well hey you’re a step ahead.

3. Take Notes During Class. What ever you do, be conscious so YOU CAN take notes. By being focused on the task of adding more valuable notes to your  notes, you will hopefully stay alert. 

4. Sit in the front. Yup nerdy nerdy. But if you’re in front you’re less likely to fall asleep, and you’ll probably hear better. Plus the pressure is on to be tuned it as you’re right under the lecturer’s nose. 

5. Draw Mindmaps. By trying to draw mind maps you are focused on that task and will most surely be tuned in. Plus, it’s helpful later when you refer back to the notes.

6. Love Your Pens. Develop a pen nerd OCD obsession, and love your pens. By being into your stationery and pens, you will most likely be on high alert to getting nice notes down on paper. Chicken scratch notes are not a joy to study from later either. 

7. Hunt for Exam Hints. If you’re tuned in 100% you will be able to catch exam hints. At least stay focused on when the teacher drops a giant exam question hint or starts repeating themselves. 

8. Sit Up. Not only will you look better, but you’ll also manage to get more oxygen into the brain which helps with focus.

There are so many more… like drink coffee, drink water etc etc. I just could’t fit it all into the graphic,

Hope the 8 were helpful though! And the study is going well. 

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#Inktober day 12. We were supposed to be having a meeting but my boss is running late so here I am, wasting time loI No inktober signature because this isn’t my usual inktober doodle notebook. And I happened to find a Sakura fineliner at home, might as we by Mari Degard