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Just a couple days ago, I received my lovely order from one of my long-time favorite artists, @bitmapdreams! Everything arrived so nicely, packaging was spot on, and everything is made with excellent quality and attention to detail. (Thank you so much for putting the Aura Crystal items in this bundle as well, the lazy crystals and witchy items are my favorites. ;w ; I was so happy to see them in the pack description.)

If you are into pixel art, vibrant colors, nostalgia, cherished memories, or any sort of gentle enjoyment and soft happiness, please check out bitmapdreams and her excellent creations.

Also, a little feature of the first thing I did with my stickers: deck out my travel case for my cross stitch! (I would be the person to cut out all the little crystals by hand and oh they look so nice!!)

Thank you bitmap, for all your hard work, and congrats on 10k!! ♥

Title: Curiosity Killed the Cat; Satisfaction Brought Him Back
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Virgil had a notebook.  A kind of worn out, once black notebook with purple pen scratches all across the front.  The others rarely got to see this notebook, but they were well aware of its existence. For the most part, no one dared to ask what it was for or if they could see it.  No one, not even Patton, was curious enough to risk the little bit of trust and confidence building between them and the anxious side.  

That is…until Virgil got more confident and trusted them more.

The notebook made its way out of his room more and more, finding its way onto the coffee table, dining table, the counters, and the sofa much more often.  Every now and then one of them would catch Virgil with his knees to his chest scribbling away in the book, and just seeing it drove them crazy.

To say that Logan wasn’t dying to know what was in the book would have been the biggest lie ever told in the mind palace.  As the logical side, he was also the side that enjoyed learning the most.  Learning, observing…dying of curiosity.  Secrets were not his thing.  They were not his “jam.”  What was his “jam” was figuring out why Virgil hid the notebook when he was using it.

And now, he had an opportunity.

“Be right back,” Virgil mumbled.  The anxious side hopped up from his spot on the other end of the sofa and dragged his notebook into his spot.  Logan watched him leave and round the corner to his room, and it didn’t take long for all of that curiosity to come rushing to the forefront of his mind.

What could be in this mysterious notebook?  Drawings?  Logan thought of all the possibilities for Virgil Drawings.  From a Tim Burton-esque style all the way down to an Invader Zim style. Mainly monsters or gore…or possibly he’d be full of surprises and fill the notebook with drawings that calmed him? Kittens, puppies, maybe a few koalas or red pandas?  Or maybe he was a classic early 2000s emo child and filled his notebook with stitched-up, bandaged-up, and bleeding hearts?  

Perhaps the notebook contained his thoughts.  What a trip that would be.  Thoughts and analyses of ever scenario Thomas encountered.  It’d probably be a mish-mash and assorted lists of words indecipherable to anyone but Virgil.

But then…Virgil had said before that he wrote.  Sonnets, at least.  Could this notebook be his writings…?

Logan caught his hand gravitating toward the book, and he snatched the offending digits back against his chest.  No, he couldn’t.  He would not be the first to break.  Virgil would share the contents of the book when he felt he was ready, and Logan would just have to respect that.  

…But he wouldn’t even know if Logan took a quick peak just to see what Virgil used the notebook for…

…But that would still be abusing Virgil’s trust.  He left the book there out of trust.  


“I’m back,” Virgil announced, throwing himself down on top of the book.  He pulled it back out from underneath himself and opened it up to wherever he’d left off. “Needed a different blue.”

Ah.  Drawings. Had to be.


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5 Challenges To Do in Preparation for Back to School Season

After a wonderful summer of leisure, there’s so much to do before it’s time to go back to school! Try these five DIY challenges to take the pressure off this big transition.

1. Sew a Garmet or Accessory: You have to prepare the best first day of school outfit, and what’s more unique than sewing it yourself?

2. Stitch a Booklet: Make your own notebooks for school by stitching a booklet. By creating your own school supplies you can add your own personal style.

3. Write a Chemical Message: Up your note passing game by learning how to write secret chemical messages.

4. Join a Book Club: Get your summer reading done with a group of friends! Reading with others will help you get the job done faster, and talking about it with them prepare you for discussions in class.

5. Take a Summer Adventure: The summer’s not over yet! Take full advantage of the sun before it’s gone and relax before the stressful school year sets in.