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Being Dungeon Master can be tough. Players coming unprepared and filling in their character sheets before the session setting it back for an hour or two. Constantly having to remind that ONE PERSON that cantrips don’t take up spell slots. Out of character banter getting way out of hand. Players asking if they can roll for perception when there is clearly nothing to perceive…

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10 High School/General Self Care Tips

1.      Plan time to do things that refresh you and give you joy.

2.      Drink water!!!!!!!!!!

3.      Pack a lunch and snacks that will help you focus.

4.      Taking care of your body=taking care of your mind.

5.      Establish coping strategies and find helpful people who care.

6.      Clean and organize your stuff as often as possible. (Better yet, make it part of your routine! Cleaning your binder and backpack after finishing homework on Sunday makes the start of the week easier!)

7.      Learn to put down your phone.

8.      Don’t wait for college to learn responsible things.

9.      Find a group of people that applies PRODUCTIVE peer pressure. :)

10.  Do something energetic to wake you up in the morning. I do like a two minute exercise routine, but jumping up and down to your favorite jam does the trick!

Let me know if I should make these self-care tips into a series of posts or if you want more detail on any of these things. I know a lot of self-care posts say the same thing over and over again (like drink water), but repetition helps it stick in your brain. Also, different perspectives are great!

:) , Notebook Nerd

okay so who remembers this dumb post I made

I actually made a bunch of doodles a while back in relevance to the idea and never posted them.

For those of you who did not see the post, welcome to Nopes and Jokes: A Recipe for Catastrophe with Sonic the Hedgehog and Bill Cipher HD for Xbox One.

Or just Nopes and Jokes.

It’s a parody of Nerd and Jock. Or rather, it’s Nerd and Jock, except everyone is in character (and Cross is still in his canon state for some reason and significantly more insane). So I guess it’s not really a parody. But since it’s organized by me, that kind of makes it a parody by default, so maybe it is.

Small Steps

           Some days it’s really hard for me just to get going in the morning. It can feel like the weight of the world is sitting on my chest or like it will take hours and hours of torturous work to get anything accomplished at all. Learning to work in small steps has helped me through a lot of those days, and, I personally believe, has helped minimize them a little. Your own mind can be one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to overcome in life, so let’s have a discussion about productivity.

           Productivity is relative. It depends on how much you’ve been doing lately, what activities you count as being productive, and just on your perspective of it in general. Sometimes we think we’re breaking productivity into smaller, more realistic chunks when we aren’t. My twin sister and I try to use the following method on these hard days:

Think about the smallest next step possible and handle it. Then move on to the next one.

This does not mean having a lot to do and crossing each large task off the list as you go. This does not mean breaking a huge project down into four chunks and getting one done at a time. Small steps = the smallest step possible.


Small step- Sit down

Small step- Open your backpack

Small step- Take out your planner

Small step- Open your planner

Small step- Look at your to-do list

Small step- pick one to-do item

Small step- Take out materials for that activity

You see what I mean? Each of those small steps is incredibly easy, but momentum is the concept we’re looking for. On hard days, easy things can feel difficult. Breaking it down into a thousand little pieces makes it easier to digest. One small piece at a time. Nothing more.

:), Notebook Nerd