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10 High School/General Self Care Tips

1.      Plan time to do things that refresh you and give you joy.

2.      Drink water!!!!!!!!!!

3.      Pack a lunch and snacks that will help you focus.

4.      Taking care of your body=taking care of your mind.

5.      Establish coping strategies and find helpful people who care.

6.      Clean and organize your stuff as often as possible. (Better yet, make it part of your routine! Cleaning your binder and backpack after finishing homework on Sunday makes the start of the week easier!)

7.      Learn to put down your phone.

8.      Don’t wait for college to learn responsible things.

9.      Find a group of people that applies PRODUCTIVE peer pressure. :)

10.  Do something energetic to wake you up in the morning. I do like a two minute exercise routine, but jumping up and down to your favorite jam does the trick!

Let me know if I should make these self-care tips into a series of posts or if you want more detail on any of these things. I know a lot of self-care posts say the same thing over and over again (like drink water), but repetition helps it stick in your brain. Also, different perspectives are great!

:) , Notebook Nerd

“Wonderful how completely everything in wild nature fits into us, as if truly part and parent of us.  The sun shines not on us, but in us.”  
- John Muir

Friends to lovers!au: Taeyong


• taeyong is my last first love in nct don’t let that Johnny fic tell you differently

• i just…had a lot of feelings at that moment okay sorry TY

• let’s go before reality hits me and this sugar rush wears off

• you two met at an out of the way 24 hour cafe

• the owner knows him from way back when so he lets taeyong just chill and also lets him add 5 sugars to his coffee without judging so he really appreciates this place

• and recently he likes sitting at one of the tables after practise and writing lyrics at a godawful time of night while staring out the window

• and you like this cafe because you can come whenever you need a caffeine fix and its a change of scene from the wall in front of your desk

• on one night you come in, with 2 bags stuffed with books and a laptop and a glazed over look in your eyes because you procrastinated for three weeks and now it’s coming to bite you in the ass because you have 3473728 things due

• so you legit order 3 espressos and add in as much sugar as humanly possible

• meanwhile taeyong is just sat there surprised and a little concerned because a) it’s 1am so he didn’t expect there to be anyone else other than night workers dropping in for a takeaway cup and b) he’s wondering if you’re planning on not sleeping for the rest of the week

• two hours later you slam your laptop shut since the caffeine backfired and the words were blurring on the screen because your heart rate was going at the speed of light

• you hear a little “oof” and look over to see you’d startled taeyong awake (because he’d fallen asleep on his notebook the nerd)

• and you’re like “ahhh I’m so sorry I didnt -” but you have to stop to compose yourself because this boy has the most intense eyes you’ve ever seen and you’re like…“m-mean…to…what?”

• but of course taeyong is a sweetheart and reassures you it’s okay so you smile in relief and wave bye at him when you leave

• 2 weeks later you’re still neck deep in deadlines and still making midnight trips to the cafe but somehow you and taeyong are now sharing tables

• neither of you know how but you’re not complaining lol he has an oddly reassuring presence for someone you’ve only recently met

• you guys like to share earphones and listen to what you call the “go hard or go home” playlist

• both of you encourage each other, like when he can’t figure out a rhyme or when you can’t get an argument right

• and at times you just like to take a break and sit and talk about anything and everything

• or even just sit in silence, enjoying each others company

• and one night you slam your books down and you’re cheering because you’ve FINALLY finished

• and taeyong’s cheering you on too 

• you stop and give him a massive hug out of the blue and if your face wasn’t in his shoulder you would’ve seen him go tomato red

• anyway he says…“now that you’re done, does this mean you’re not coming back anymore?” and he gives you his trademark puppy dog eyes

• you’re like “ofc I am!!! Well maybe not at 12am but we’re definitely gonna meet up, we’ve been through some things man”

• and taeyongs laughing because you look so serious like you’re giving a victory speech in a movie but your hair is all frazzled and you’re in an old hoodie and before you know it you’re both laughing again and wiping away tears

• “okay, okay” and you swap numbers for the first time (because previously it was an unwritten agreement that both of you would be at the same place at the same time every night)

• taeyong leaves first, but not before he makes you promise to lay off caffeine for a while because you must have drank enough to keep you going for a lifetime

• you’re looking at him go and it hits you that the eyes you found so intense that first night also had the softest look in them

• is your heart beating faster? you tell yourself it’s that 4th espresso and mentally make a note to take taeyong’s advice

• flash forward to a few months later

• and you and taeyong have kept that promise to still be friends

• you guys like to go explore the side streets in Seoul, and you have an album full of ridiculous pictures you’ve taken of each other - you’re constantly buying new film for his Polaroid because of both of you keep doing dorky “modeling” poses (taeyong voice: everything I touch is a pose)

• he still hasn’t forgiven you for the time you snapped a pic of him practising winking, because somehow yuta got his hands on it and now it’s in the dorm, framed and everything

• street food!!

• “can I have a bite?” turns into “oops sorry, I’ll buy you another one” (shout out to my boys Johnjae for exposing taeyong’s snack stealing habits)

• sometimes you go back to that cafe and those are the nights you see the vulnerable sides of each other, and it’s just so comfortable

• it’s a beautiful friendship except for one small detail

• because now you know it definitely wasn’t the caffeine that night, and you’re mortified but you don’t want to stop being friends with him over a crush

• BUT little do you know that taeyong is starting to imagine your face when he’s writing songs in that cafe and he’s like…what is this

• the rest of NCT is kind of suspicious because “um hyung your songs are getting kinda sappy” - doyoung

• by the third song he’s fully accepted his fate, but something inside holds him back because he’s still a tiny bit insecure - for all his cold looks he’s still someone who wants to be loved and who treasures the people he loves, and he doesn’t think he could take it if you rejected him and he’d ruined your relationship

• on the other angsty side you still can’t admit to yourself you like him because he’s an idol? With so many fans and the responsibility that comes with it? There’s no way he’d like you and you don’t want to seem delusional

• but your friends like to tease you about it because they’re like sureee you’re just friends 👀 make sure to invite me to the wedding…and you don’t know if you’re being paranoid but you swear sometimes even the owner of the cafe gives you this Look whenever you’re sat together

• it would’ve continued being this flat out denial but by some sort of miracle you’d decided to come in to the cafe at midnight alone “just to get a pick me up”

• definitely not because you were kinda missing taeyong since you hadn’t seen him in a week or so because idol life

• anyway he’s nowhere to be seen and your heart sinks but then you see his notebooks out on the table and you find yourself smiling like crazy

• you assume he’s at the bathroom or something so you order coffees for both of you and settle in to wait

• normally you wouldn’t read his stuff unless he’d specifically show it to you but…you see your name and curiousity gets the better of you

• taeyong comes out and sees you at the table and at first his night gets a lot better because honestly, he’d been missing you too

• he’s about to get your attention but then…oh no…oh no he realises you’re reading his lyrics

• he’s kinda frozen in place because he thinks he’s ruined things and you’re frozen in place because you’re not sure if you’re having one of those wistful dreams that you’ve told no one about

• it seems like an age until you look up, kind of in a daze, and the only thing that snaps you out of it is when you meet taeyong’s gaze

• and for a second it’s like that first night again, because his eyes have that intensity that you can’t seem to get a read on

• in the end he’s the first one to speak, and your heart shatters when an apology comes out of his mouth because you don’t know how to let him know you’ve felt the same way for a long time

• but the words do come out and you can see him visibly light up like the sun

• and before you know it you’re in his arms and you’re both laughing and he’s peppering your cheeks and nose with kisses

• he only hesitates for a moment before placing a gentle kiss on your lips

• you guys were in your own little world for the rest of the night, and you left that cafe at 5am, tired but so so happy

• “finally” - the cafe owner, probably, definitely

• taeyong’s not even annoyed when he finds out Johnny has been collecting bets on when he’d ask you out

• jaehyun: “did you see the other songs he-”

• taeyong: “hey look at that, it’s time tO GO”

• you: “no babe, let’s see what jaehyun has to say”


I’m settling into this adorable medium kikki.K planner after having finished my Moleskine. Unlike the large and small sizes, the rings feel like they have a much higher capacity. It’s enough to be noticeable although I am using only five sections. The planner as a whole is the perfect size to be useful but not bulky, and I did purchase the matching steel ballpoint pen which so far writes beautifully. I’ll be using this and my unlined Paperblanks art journal for now–we’ll see how this system works. 

Small Steps

           Some days it’s really hard for me just to get going in the morning. It can feel like the weight of the world is sitting on my chest or like it will take hours and hours of torturous work to get anything accomplished at all. Learning to work in small steps has helped me through a lot of those days, and, I personally believe, has helped minimize them a little. Your own mind can be one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to overcome in life, so let’s have a discussion about productivity.

           Productivity is relative. It depends on how much you’ve been doing lately, what activities you count as being productive, and just on your perspective of it in general. Sometimes we think we’re breaking productivity into smaller, more realistic chunks when we aren’t. My twin sister and I try to use the following method on these hard days:

Think about the smallest next step possible and handle it. Then move on to the next one.

This does not mean having a lot to do and crossing each large task off the list as you go. This does not mean breaking a huge project down into four chunks and getting one done at a time. Small steps = the smallest step possible.


Small step- Sit down

Small step- Open your backpack

Small step- Take out your planner

Small step- Open your planner

Small step- Look at your to-do list

Small step- pick one to-do item

Small step- Take out materials for that activity

You see what I mean? Each of those small steps is incredibly easy, but momentum is the concept we’re looking for. On hard days, easy things can feel difficult. Breaking it down into a thousand little pieces makes it easier to digest. One small piece at a time. Nothing more.

:), Notebook Nerd

The Mind Cage, Ch. 13

Title: The Mind Cage
Summary: In another world, Stanford Pines places a metal plate in his skull far too soon. In another world, Bill Cipher is in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Characters: Bill Cipher, Ford Pines, Stan Pines, Fiddleford McGucket
Rating: T
Click here for the first chapter, warnings and links to all chapters up so far

A/N: welp, this is almost over. There is another chapter left - and epilogue of sorts - and I’ll do my best to finish it soon, so that I can update next Friday and wrap this up. 


Bill’s mind burned, and so did Stanford.

He was aware, dimly, of what was happening around him. Of the boat sailing through the air, flames at their heels, hot wind filling its sails and blowing through his hair. He was aware of arms around him, a shoulder against his cheek, Stanley’s voice, telling him to hold on, we’re almost out, stay with me, don’t you dare, stay with me.

I’ll be the one to take you down with me!

“Stanford, please…!”

He tried to reply - tried to speak to Stanley, tried to scream against Bill, but could do neither. His jaw wouldn’t move, his eyes wouldn’t open. He could only tremble in the grasp of that unnatural fever, the heat unbearable, eating at him from the inside out. It burned. He burned.

And, beneath his closed eyelids, he saw things he was not supposed to see - disjointed images there one moment and gone the next, like a tape on fast-forward.

Things belonging to other dimensions. Other timelines. Other realities. Bill’s memories, and his own - flashing before his eyes and then gone, photographs thrown in the fire and forgotten, burned away from his memory.

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My new set of campaign notebooks has come!!! House Baratheon, Stark, Lannister, and Targaryen are now pleasingly displayed on the “new things” shelf. Much satisfaction, such anticipation. May a nib hopefully now traverse paper in patterns of fantastical adventure! 😍😍😍