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  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: There's unused animation for Umbra peeing and a dog camera mod that wasn't implemented, even more there's is a cat camera mod and animation for cats climbing around pipes in a train station in Niflheim whose a map wasn't implemented either, also there's the twitter picture of Gladio playing basketball when will I get shirtless Gladio basket minigame? One of the buildings in Insomnia has a football/soccer field inside. Why would they put that and leave it unused if it wasn't to make it useful later? When will we know why Cid and Regis fought? We never see past entries on the lovers notebook. Ignis mentions that Pryna is always with Luna while Umbra does deliveries. When will we interact with her? does she have the same powers as Umbra or can she do different things? when will we see how Luna awakened Ramuh or Titan, Shiva telling her about the covenants at age 13, her struggle and suffering because of said covenants, she traveling to Lestallum, the full extension of her powers like the barrier she raises in the omen trailer? We never saw Galahd nor Libertus again even though there's a lot of unexplained lore around the place like their music, tattoos, hairstyles, patterns, dishes and there's even concept art of the place they have a river where Noctis could go fishing. What parts of Ardyn's past was erased from history? How did Ifrits betrayal play? When and how did he make a pact with Ardyn? Tabata said the team was working on a massive unannounced update and there's so many things to expand on the game what in the heavens are they working on also what could Ignis DLC be about that is so closely related to the history of the game, the concept art screams heartbreak and I'm not ready there's so many unexplained things I-

23.07.17: Stationary Shopping

I went out to get my new stationary over the last couple of weeks and I’ve finally collected (nearly) everything I’ll need for the fall term. I’ll still have to buy some squared notebooks, but the ones use are boring, plain old squared notebooks and they’re also not particularly pretty, so I’ll probably just buy them a few days into the semester..

The first thing I got were the Stabil Boss Pastel highlighters and they’re gorgeous. I had the Pilot Frixion ones last semester, but I don’t use them anymore since they dried out extremely fast and got lighter and lighter, until they were really hard to see on paper. 

I also got some gel ball point pens in various colors which I’ve grown very fond of. They’re not from any particular brand, I just got them in a french supermarket called Super U since they were really affordable. They write really smoothly and without ever drying or leaving drops of paint at the beginning of a letter, which is something really important for me in ballpoint pens.
I also got two 0.7mm Gel Point pens in black (only one’s in the pictures). They’re a little thick, as I should have anticipated, but they write really smooth and I like my handwriting with them, so I’m probably going to use them at some point.

The pink and grey notebook is also from Super U. It’s squared inside and otherwise some generic little notebook I’m gonna use to write myself a study guide for developmental psychology next semester. 

Lastly, I got a pink folder with a floral design and a big blue envelope with feathers on it to hold my notes before I put them into my big binder. Since I don’t use separate binders for every subject anymore that I carry around, I only take the notes I really need that day and keep them all in a folder. Keeps my bag lighter. :) 
The envelope will also hold printed journal articles, scripts or other stuff I’ll need. And it has a REALLY CUTE BUTTON to hold it closed! I LOVE IT!!! 

10.13.2017|| Sorry I been absent, there’s a lot going on in my life and mental health, I’m not been feeling ok, depression and anxiety hit bad again, so I decided to get away from here, and more stuff, that I don’t want to talk about it, but I’m back I hope I can be here more ofte.


Tiny notebooks for handbags. Pens for scale. All notebooks are fountain pen friendly and are less than A5 size.

Clockwise from top left:

  • Paperblanks Morris Windrush in Micro format
  • Rhodia No. 12 lined
  • Apica note book
  • Field Notes kraft
  • Paperblanks Darwin, Tree of Life in Mini format
  • Kokuyo Campus B size