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okay fellow b99 nerds - since i think we’ve had just enough time to ever so slightly start to recover from The Proposal™ now, i’d like to spark a little healthy debate with quite possibly one of the hardest “this or that” posts in the history of this hell website:

‘johnny and dora’ or ‘halloVeen’?

Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer Shot by Shot Rundown Pt 2

  A week late but here you go (the first run down can be found here)

disclaimer: i own nothing, all shots and scenes depicted belong to Netflix

it should also be noted that these are just MY theories and opinions. I am by no means an expert, and you are absolutely entitled to your own thoughts and theories.

without further adieu here we go-


as long as she has her eggos and is safe that’s all that matters :’)

i hope shes warm enough

that person is me running away from all the shit that’s about to hit the fan

so i’m assuming this season is really going to focus on the lines between dimensions blurring around Halloween thus why Will is struggling so hard rn yada yada yada nothing new

i want to know why this monster is just now on the radar you know? like while Will was in the Upside Down did he know about THIS thing or just the demagorgan

dang i guess trick or treat is ruined then?


??? where are they? and who is that random man with them? it kind of looks like a lab or some place underground. also i’m screaming bc 

NOTE: their outfits here are different from the ones they’re wearing in the shot of them staring at the wall i love detective legends WHO GO OFF AND RESEARCH THE SUPERNATURAL by themselves how interesting 

no really who is this guy and who is he keeping tabs on (see: the white note cards to the left)

WHO YOU GONNA CALL (i made this joke in my last rundown i’m sorry i’m so lame)

i think i mentioned this in the last run down, but even though i’m not a huge fan of Steve atm, i’m intrigued by this dynamic of him and the kids they’re going to be doing

does every small town in tv shows have a lookout point where the core group congregates to see shit go down?

this is such cool cinematography if they did, in fact, make one side of the road green and the other dying on purpose

i’m ALSO SO EXCITED TO SEE THIS FRIENDSHIP DYNAMIC THIS SEASON (just bc Will was MIA last season, we didn’t really get to see much about his relationship with the other three aside from how much they wanted him back, and towards the very end of the final episode)

ok even though this new monster is creepy as hell and i’m so upset will has to suffer again this season……….this kid is a hella talented artist way to go Will you’re doing great

omg please stop hurting mah boy…but also wtf why do I have to deal with another slow burn ship this season screw this

…….you……’re to blame

who are you and what are those glowing light cylinders doing in front of you

NOTE: i actually think this is Hop in the same scene as a clip you will see later in the trailer…you can look there to see my theory on why he is doing this stay tuned

pictures???? of what I can’t tell. why are they showing these to him while hes in the hospital? (peep the gown)

someone help this kid pls

are they at an ER or a police station?

big mood Joyce (ugh I hate how she has to suffer through this again just let the Byers live please)

can’t even tell whats going on here other then the fact that it looks like the upside down next slide

what are all these wires yikes

this doctor seems like (based on what I saw this trailer especially) he’s going to become a new reoccurring character…interesting…he better not back stab any of my children or i will stab him in his back


oh my god a conversation between Will and Mike where Mike fills him in and tries to explain his feelings for Eleven HERE FOR IT PLEASE LORD




ummm…??????? first of all whose house is this, I dont reconize it and second of all…

why does she look so angry now i’m kind fo concerned WHOSE HOUSE IS THIS?

halloween dance maybe? i’m just confused as to why people are at the school in the middle of the night, i think this is mainly wishful reaching on my part

what’s interesting to me about this shot is not even so much the drawing (which i discussed in my last rundown), but the fact that Joyce has the phone next to her again? last season she had it in hopes of communicating with Will, which causes me to question who she is waiting for this time?

a portal i’m guessing?

NOTE: I think that Steve and Dustin are going to be the main friendship focus out of the kids and Steve. i think it’s going to be Will off having problems of his own, Mike with Eleven when she comes back sorting things out, and Max and Lucas…which i’m guessing is going to be the love interest for max they’ve been hinting at and if any of the crazies out there start trying to SHIP Dustin and Steve I will come for your throats

jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus please mAKE THIS STOP


nope ignore, next


how many dang trips is Hop taking to the Upside down this season?

edit: see further down for the theory

see: my last statement 

who are you odd doctor man?

well he kind of looks as out of the loop as the rest of us so i think we can trust him…for now…

*heavy labored breathing*

oh boy…

excuse me while i scream until my lungs concave (OK BUT THE BED ROOM SHARING TROUPE PARALLEL??? CANT I JUST CATCH MY BREATH FOR FIVE SECONDS BEFORE BEING ATTACKED AGAIN?? okay but it kind of looks like theyre in a hotel???? why????????????)

Holes (2003) that should be Hopper behind her

this scene was in the Comicon trailer and it doesn’t concern me any less now 

me too steve…me too…

…will the real Karate Kid please stand up

actually, the more i think about it, the more i’m thinking Hop making all these weird trips to the Upside Down has to do with that deal he made with the scientists last season…like his end of the bargain was basically doing all the dangerous dirty work everyone else is too afraid to do 

that or he’s being sent to locate Eleven but I’m choosing to ignore this theory

YIKES (Part 18937487002)

lowkey think this is going to be that weird pet thing Dustin eventually gets but watch me be wrong

classic Samwise Gamgee

nothing but respect for my sons (if their love triangle causes any sort of animosity between these two this season I’m burning something)

i reeeeeeeeeeaaaaallllllyyyyyyyyy want to like Max this season and I hope shes more like cool and reserved and not annoyingly angsty and rude like so many tv franchises like to paint preteen girls. but Stranger Things has not failed me yet so I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt

interesting that Will and Mike aren’t there doing whatever the heck they’re doing, but Steve and Max are? idk if it means anything, it’s just interesting. makes me wonder if Will and Mike are going to be off figuring out whats happening to Will, while these four focus on something else? but what?

Dustin is ready to throw down (I think that this has to do with his “pet” they’ve been teasing this season. like idk maybe he’s trying to tame it or something)

everyone in this show is about to be in the best damn shape of their lives with all the running they seem to be doing my god

oh my god??? so it looks like they’re sterilizing him for something, but Hop looks like he’s in pain so I’m completely against whatever the hell is going on in this scene

NOTE: this is probably in reference to him paying off his end of the bargain with the lab

can this monster just calm tf down and give these mf kids a chance to take a BREAT?????????????? LEAVE

this whole trailer consisted of horrified looks, people in pain, and running

so maybe Hop is being used to test weapons for the labroatory on the monsters in the Upside Down? and that was the deal he made?

the amount of panic and seeming lack of experience these people working at the lab have expressed on multiple occasions makes me doubt their credibility as scientists to begin with

she looks terrified and sweaty this is not a good combination (also did you know that Nancy Wheeler could run me over with an 18 wheeler and I would say “thank you”?)

that looks like Nancy’s gun so looks like the core group is getting ready to rumble 

can’t tell if he looks suspicious, seductive, confused, or constipated in this shot so MOVING ON

??????????????? who tf are you? (based on the pictures on the walls, he’s in the Byers house?)


I don’t think I’ve ever hated an idea more than the idea of my bois going into the upside down themselves no thanks

does anyone know this guys name? i can’t keep calling him Samwise


a raid of sorts? but on what because this doesn’t look like the upside down so…the real world?

again with these inexperienced scientists working on what is apparently a very important government project. this staff need to be reevaluated

*Teenager by My Chemical Romance plays in the distance*

(the relevance behind this shot makes me curious, because from what i can tell which obviously isn’t a lot with the mask and such, its not anyone we know yet…and it’s just a bunch of teenagers sooooo)

i think it should be noted that Dustin is wearing the same outfit and headset from that scene from the previous trailer where he’s screaming “ABORT ABORT” so my guess is we are just going to have one episode where the kids venture into the Upside Down for a mission of their own (in which they ALL better return safely or I will be making some calls)

i’m confused now, because previous to this, it looked like Dustin was outside with the headset kind of running point, but here it looks like he’s in there with them??? idek anymore

i’m so sosososoososososososo really for this show down scene


this pretty much confirms for me my theory on how the love triangle pans out (Lucas and Max end up together) 

*sigh* at this point, i’m officially worried for every single one of the main characters 

LOOKS LIKE JOHNNYBOY HIT BACK(look at that bloody nose) OOooOOooOOOOOoO (also i can’t wait to hate you whoever you are we’re just going to call you Crusty for now)

hmmm….this is the same van that those teenagers in masks were getting out of a few scenes back…interesting


she literally looks so angry this trailer oh man…though this one she also looks more…upset maybe?

correct me if i’m wrong but is that not the woman who we’re pretty sure is Eleven’s mom? the distortion around the camera also kind of makes it look like a vision/ flashback, so this could possibly be something Eleven is seeing and explain why she’s so upset?

this looks like the same scene where she’s yelling and looking pretty mad. also noted: this is the same outfit she’s wearing when she appears in that unknown door way looking so angry 

NOTE: i’m also confused about her hair? like yes, i know they let Millie grow her hair out this season, but in a recently released short clip where Eleven busts out of the wall into the middle school, her hair is still buzzed. so does this suggest a time jump? if so, how much time has passed? does this also suggest that she came through the upside down a while back and has been living on her own long enough for her hair to get THAT long? which would mean she didn’t go to Mike or the others for help, she just has been roaming around doing whatever it is they’ll have her doing…

solidifies my belief that Dustin and Steve will be the main friendship they will be pushing this season 

NOTE: ….??? why does Dustin have flowers? i lowkey think Dustin is going to awkwardly go to Steve as like a big brother figure to give him advice on his crush on Max

eternal mood

oh okay wow…so this is actually right before all the shit with the kids going into the upside down all happens (Dustin’s shirt and headset)

all of these scenes with the same outfits makes me wonder how long of a time period this season spans over…honestly my guess would be like three days

lol why does Steve seem so confused by the contents of his own trunk

NOTE: whoa whoa whoa this just went from day to night…so the whole “do you still have the bat” scene is different from Steve actually removing the bat from his car

why does Steve have the bat to begin with? I thought it was Jonathan’s?

i’m betting said shit just officially went down


QUESTION: is there anything you guys want me to do when the episodes are released? maybe like an episode rundown w/ my thoughts and opinions? idek leave a comment if you reblog and have an idea


Iwaoi; Food for thoughts

Since my earlier posts were all on the serious side of things, have some of my personal thoughts on my favourite pairing. Just note that these are all purely my personal opinion on things, it’s not meant to call people out in anyway. Let’s begin shall we?

I can just imagine Iwa getting a little clingy sometimes and nuzzling into Oikawa’s chest for attention; there are days where he yearns Oikawa’s warmth and wants to be doted on once in awhile. I want him casually sitting on Tooru’s lap, resting his head on his boyfriend’s shoulder for support, being really gentle when he is tired; not grumpy like how must people think he’ll be. He isn’t that guy who only threatens to hit Oikawa all the time, he has a soft side, I’m sure of it. Also, I imagine him to be very good with pets and children? Cats love him. Dogs lick him too much. Children fawn over him. And Oikawa thinks it’s really cute? 

I know we have a lot of Iwa being an actual sweetheart and taking care of Oikawa when he’s sick, but why not reverse it? Tooru trying his very best to take care of his small boyfriend, and though he occasionally screws up with the soup or something, Iwa is still grateful and very happy? He worries that Tooru might catch what he has and thus very firm on the idea of no kisses - though he really wants them too. Like come on, why is Tooru always the clingy one? Have some clingy Iwa who gets jealous about Oikawa’s fangirls; Iwa who wants as much attention as he can probably get from his boyfriend. Have Iwa be the one who initiates for kisses, holding of hands, cuddles, flustered sometimes when Tooru gives him surprise kisses and hugs.

Make Iwa the clumsy one; bumping into doors, tripping on his shoelaces, scalding himself with hot water. Swap all these around a little, give stuff you would give to Oikawa to Iwa instead. Make Oikawa the one getting a tattoo, Iwa always tracing it when he feels down or nervous. If not, better, give them matching tattoos. Give Iwa small freckles and moles, being a little insecure about them at times, but Oikawa right there with a weird obsession with kissing them, telling him he’s perfect the way he is. 

Give him days where he can’t keep it in, and he resorts to letting it out through crying - make Oikawa the person who tells him it’s okay, that it’s okay to cry, it’s okay to let it all out. Make Iwa be the one who pushes himself too hard sometimes, Oikawa having to tell him to take care of himself, don’t do things that could hurt himself or try and prove something he did long ago. Just give Iwa some softer headcanons, and Oikawa more badass ones, give them variety and explore. Don’t forget that Iwa isn’t just a gruff character, Oikawa isn’t just a soft, whiny one too. For fuck’s sake, have Iwa be the one upset with Oikawa being late for his date, going back on his promise. Have Oikawa protecting Iwa, hugging him and telling him he’s enough. 

Have Tooru be the one chiding him for questioning his role as ace. Have more Tooru assuring Iwaizumi everything is going to be alright. Have Tooru standing up for Iwa, comforting him with more canoodling in bed. 

Have these two idiots go on dates at the waterpark; compete on who could race down the slide the quickest. The aquarium; seeing a fish and telling the other, “Look, that’s you.”, before proceeding to laugh about it. Have them go to the beach, secretly taking photos of the other, genuinely enjoying themselves. Make them go stargazing, Oikawa telling Iwaizumi he’s prettier than the whole galaxy; even prettier than the aliens. Or even the zoo; their first time feeding a giraffe together.

Give them days where they fight, don’t talk to each other for awhile. Make them make up, having some make-up snuggles. Portray them as an actual couple who have their ups and down, learning how to overcome their problems together.

I don’t know man, but I’ve seen a lot of fanfiction and fanart with Iwa always being the stronger guy, just make him the soft guy for once. Make Oikawa the strong dependable guy he truly is.

After everything that has happened in the PJO fandom today, I want to end this day on a good note by wishing my favorite couple of all time, Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase, a happy anniversary. I really do believe that their love gave me hope for finding something like their relationship; the love, care, and respect they have for one another is beautiful. I know I have many ships, but these two will always be my favorite.

Action, drama, description!

The faster paced the scene, the more important it is to properly developed your setting ahead of time. 

The most common mistake I’ve noticed in the action scenes of not-yet-publish manuscripts isn’t overly long, bogged down scenes or badly written individual actions, but poorly developed settings. 

Where the hell are your characters?! If your reader is forced to re-visualize the surroundings at any point throughout the scene, then your suspense has been dropped a notch, and your reader de-immersed from the story.*

Every piece of the setting which will be used at some point within the action scene should be documented up front, with very clear respect to each other. That second part is the most crucial component.

Your reader doesn’t simply need to know that every part of your setting exists, but where each part exists in relation to all other parts. 

They need to know this clearly, definitively, instinctively. They need to have no question as to where all necessary objects are within space. Because when the subject creating the suspense bursts in through the left hallway, the reader must know how close Suspense Dude is to the main character – how immediate of a threat Suspense Dude poses. And when the main character throws a vase at Suspense Dude’s head, the reader must be more shocked by Suspense Dude’s reaction then they are about the fact that a random vase was floating on a random table they never realized were there.

The more complicated the setting, the more time you need to spend up front describing things. This will slow the story down. Sometimes, the best way to avoid confusion or stalled suspense, is to simplify your setting as thoroughly as you can.

The super cool setting you had in your head might look great in a movie, but unless the reader can picture all the necessary parts of it without being distracted by the unnecessary aspects, the super coolness of will melt into a chaotic mess of confusion.

Tldr: By simplifying your setting and using your powers of description, you can save your reader from confusion and boost your scene’s suspense level. 

Disclaimer below the cut:

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anonymous asked:

About Keith and Lance, am I the only one with that huge feeling that S3 was just a big slow burn fanfic and now S4 is just... back to the (heterosexual) normality ? I mean... S4 seem SO ooc if you take s3 for example! I'm... Disappointed. Where is the development... Why ruin everything in less than an episode?

What you have to consider is that Keith wasn’t IN season 4. Everyone reacted to him leaving the same way. It’s not that other people reacted and Lance didn’t, it’s that…they all felt the same. While it would have been nice for some Klance interaction, this isn’t negating their relationship from season 3, it’s just…putting it on hold.

I do understand how you feel, though. But what we should keep in mind (in terms of relationship development; plot-wise, I don’t see how this could have worked) is that season 4 was originally part of season 3. We would have seen, in September, both seasons 3 and 4 in one go, and we’d all be having our minds blown at the Klance interaction in the first 7 episodes, and it would be great. By splitting up the season, it feels extremely jarring and like all the development is gone, when in actuality, it’s just focusing on other, plot-related things. (Now, I think those plot-related things are poorly written, but that’s a whole different story.)

The core relationships that developed in seasons 3 and 4, or the original season 3, were Lance and Keith, and Lance and Allura. We also got two scenes of one-on-one interaction between Keith and Allura (one in the alternate reality episode, and one in ‘Code of Honor’). I’m obviously not including sibling dynamics in this, as I’m just focusing on the romantic aspect, and I’m going to talk about the eps as if it was one long season, because that was the original intention. Also, please note that this is all my personal opinion, and could totally be interpreted differently – I don’t include character interaction in why I think ships will be canon, and none of this is part of that. These are just my own thoughts on the different possible romantic dynamics.

So, the one that lasted all thirteen episodes was Lance and Allura. He’s completely stopped flirting with her, and only shows her kindness and support. However, we see that he’s still projecting this idea of having a crush on her, what with his interaction with Matt. But…he’s not putting this into practice. He’s going through the motions of ‘I want Allura’ while not actually doing all the things he associates with wanting somebody. Food for thought. All this could definitely be interpreted as him maturing and actually developing genuine feelings for her (which I, personally, am super open to), but I must stress, yet again, the quote about his potential romantic interest being not what he’s looking for, but what he needs. Even if he’s developed feelings for her, she’s exactly what he’s looking for, which automatically means she’s not his true love. I really don’t think he’ll end up with her, much as I’d be perfectly happy with it.

The dynamic that lasted almost the whole season was Lance and Keith – for the most part, the animosity between the two has vanished, and they have become much closer. You all know how their exchanges went in the first seven episodes, so I won’t talk about that. In Keith’s one episode of interaction with the rest of the team during “season 4″, they stood extremely close to each other, and Lance expressed frustration at Keith not wanting to come do the show with them. This was a different argument than the kind they got into in seasons 1 and 2; Lance is completely in the right. So, this is just like their other season 3 arguments. In addition to this interaction, Lance complained to Allura about Keith not being there, Allura tried to calm him, and Lance replied with, “I don’t know why I bother.” (paraphrased - it might have been “I don’t know why I try.”) This was interesting phrasing, in my opinion, and he reminded me of one person in a relationship angry at their significant other for flaking on an event that was important to them. I don’t know, that’s just what it made ME think of.

There wasn’t any other Klance interaction, but there also wasn’t any other Keith interaction. The only other people he talked to of note were Shiro – who he thinks of as a brother – and Allura, in a scene where he told her not to lecture him. But Keith’s feelings have never been what I focus on in relation to potential Klance canonization, because I don’t really know how he feels. For me, Lance is the one that we can really draw a lot of stuff from, so even if Keith gets with Allura (which, in my opinion, is a ship that hasn’t been NEARLY as developed as Klance or All/urance), that doesn’t mean Lance still can’t fall in love with him. In fact, if Ka/llura happens, it might be what prompts Lance into realizing that he likes Keith, and would be a nice plot twist from the expected love triangle (the two of them fighting over Allura). I know that dreaded love triangle has been weighing on people’s minds, but I truly think that if it happens, they’re going to subvert it and make Keith the center of it, rather than Allura. In fact, when they all jumped in for the group hug, Allura, Keith, and Lance’s heads made a LITERAL triangle, with Keith in the center and Allura and Lance on either side. Not that that means anything, I just thought it was interesting.

Anyway, totally going off on a tangent here. In essence, when you think of the relationship progression between all of the characters, consider this as one big season, which was the original intention. The only reason we didn’t get more interaction was because a), the season was split, and b), because Keith was written out of the show.

Raven, Wick, Intimacy, & Communication in The 100

@chatnoirslady​ has been asking me to talk about Raven/Wick in The 100 for a while now, but I put it off because I hadn’t seen 2x14 since it aired. I rewatched it last night, so here we are. I apologize for it being so long–I have a LOT of feelings about sex education, relationship communication, consent, and safe sexual practices. It comes from a political science background and three years working in a women’s clinic.  If you don’t read this, because it is long, I totally get it. I’m mostly posting this for a few particular people anyway.

For the last six months or so, there’s been a growing and persistent fanon concept circling in The 100 fandom that Wick’s portrayal after his love scene with Raven constitutes him ‘pressuring’ her.  While a few anti-Wick shippers were angry about the love scene from the moment it aired (hey, totally, it’s their notp) it seemed to take a couple months after the season ended for this distorted reading of the 2x14 scene to become ultimately popular within the fandom. Now it’s accepted by many people as a given–despite it having, IMO, no basis in the show canon itself.

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I’ve been thinking a lot about online fan discourse and how instant validation of negative opinions by fellow anonymous fans really encourage this kind of ‘if you’re not with us, you’re against us’ mentality and general pervasive bitterness when trying to have open discussions about your favourite thing. It’s a trap I’ve fallen into myself… it has a negative effect on my enjoyment of fandom, it’s way too draining to keep up with, and basically I want to do better… and be better. I have not come to this site to spread negativity, damn it.  

When you post something, it is logical to assume that many fans are reading your discourse, not only the people that agree with you. So when you’re framing your opinions needlessly harsh it is only reasonable that those that do not agree with you might feel attacked by your opinion; 

“Why did thing A happen? :( Thing B won’t happen anymore and that’s fucking stupid!” 

…can easily be misconstrued to:

 “I think everyone who is happy about thing A happening is fucking stupid!” 

It’s human nature to entangle a bit of your sense of self with the things you love, and I also often get this spontaneous indignant reaction when I read something that is mercilessly dissing something I might actually have really liked.

This base instinct is so counterproductive though, I’ve seen myself get pushed into corners I don’t even want to be in? I mean, 99% of the time I don’t even dislike thing A, I just really like B. But in subsequent debate, I’m often not even really defending thing B anymore, I’m just defending myself and my right to my opinions and in the process perhaps being negative about thing A while getting cheered on from the side-lines by fans validating my negativity, and it’s such a stupid thing to do. Yes, let’s trample on the opinions of others so I can feel good about mine. Damn, I don’t want to be that way. I’ll try harder to be better.

Reaction: You Wanting to Cuddle on a Hot Night

Request: BTS Reacts to you wanting to cuddle on a hot night.


Seokjin: Jin would turn up the AC, cuddle you until you fell asleep, and then get up to turn it off. As much as a hassle it was, he was happy to cuddle you at any time.

Namjoon: Namjoon would complain a ton, but he’d still hold you like every other night. He hated that it was so hot that he could feel the sweat dripping down his back, but Namjoon would suffer for your own comfort- at least, until you fell asleep.

Yoongi: “Stop,” he’d mumble, pushing you away from him after you attempted to pull him closer to you. He would blatantly refuse you- not because he didn’t want to, but becauss 1. he was sweating already and he doesn’t want you to be weirded out by his damp clothing and 2. it’s already too hot for blankets so no thank you.

Hoseok: He’d be so conflicted- he wanted to cuddle with you and make you happy but it was already scorching. He didn’t even think of the obvious solution (turn on the AC) becuase he was too busy debating between the pro’s and con’s of each. Eventually he’d let you and tough it out until you fell asleep, where he’d then slip away and stick his head in the freezer for about five minutes.

Taehyung: Taehyung would suffer the price of an extremely high electricity bill and a possible scratchy throat if that meant more cuddling from you, so expect every night to be a chilly 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Jimin: Jimin would only get so close to you that you couldn’t smell him. That means no head-on-chest, no spooning, nothing that involves you being anywhere close to his under arms. He woulld, however, hold your hand and lay face-to-face with you. He could handle the heat, he just didn’t want you smelling his BO.

Jungkook: “Y/N, not tonight,” He’d mumble. He’d already thrown the sheets off of himself, and he didn’t want blanket 2.0(you) cuddling him to death. Jungkook loved you very much, but not enough to suffer through a heat stroke just so you could get a good nights sleep.


Author’s Note: This is all my personal opinion. Please do not take this as fact.

Sweetheart - Part 2 // Archie Andrews

“Please do a part two of Sweetheart!!”

“Part 2 of "sweetheart” please😭😭😭"

“wth is part 2???…”

This has been so highly requested it’s unbelievable, but here’s what you’ve all been waiting for. I quickly want to note something in my opinion with relationships; please be ever so careful if your significant other has cheated once before, some don’t, but some do cheat again. You’re a human with feelings, please never get caught in a cycle of an on again/off again relationship, you’re more important and loved to be put through that pain. Do what’s right for you. Love you all 🌸💕


It had been almost three days since I broke up with Archie. Since my parents were away on a business trip, I managed to get out of going to school. I couldn’t face my friends, I couldn’t face him. I didn’t know how much the break up would affect me and my whole physical being, but it took a toll, more then I imagined.

I laid in my bed, curtains half closed, raindrops falling against my window, matching my mood. Usually, the rain makes me happier and content, instead, it made every emotion I was feeling worse.

Heartbreak was a painful thing, especially when you’ve been cheated on. I never thought someone who I deeply cared about could hurt me in a way that destroyed whatever happiness I had left. It was almost a never ending nightmare.

I heard my bedroom door open, seeing Ronnie, Betty and Kevin marching in. Betty pushed open my curtains whilst I groaned, throwing a pillow over my head, attempt in hiding from them.

‘Y/N, this is ridiculous! You need to get up!’ Ronnie ordered. I groaned in response, feeling the pillow taken away from me.

I stared at my friends, throwing my covers over my head instead. 'Y/N, you gotta get up. You’ve missed too much of school, Cheryl has been demanding that you show up to practise or you’re off the squad, you’re better than this.’ I heard Betty say, peeling off my covers. She caught sight of my broken features, giving me a comforting smile.

'I can’t face him.’ I expressed with no emotion in my voice.

'Yes you can. You won’t be alone either, you have us.’ Ronnie sat on the other side of me, sitting a box with a cupcake inside on my lap. I sat up, looking at my friends.

'People are going to ask questions. I can’t answer with the truth because I’m an idiot and-’

'You still care about him.’ Kevin finished, sitting next to Ronnie. I sighed, nodding my head.

'Y/N, we’ve let you deal with it your way for as long as possible, but, sitting here in darkness waiting for change and happiness to happen isn’t the way to do it.’ Ronnie soothed. I stared at her, my eyes beginning to water. 'I know it’s hard, hun, but I promise you’ll get through it.’

'I can’t see him, I can’t do it. It hurts too much.’ I felt tears trickle down my cheeks as my three best friends moved closer to me, pulling me in for a group hug.

'We know, but we believe in you. Now, get up, have a shower. We’re going to Pop’s.’ Betty encouraged. I gave a look to my friends, rolling my eyes as I got up, walking to my bathroom.


Walking into Pop’s, I was on high alert for my ex-boyfriend, knowing his more than likely to be here at some point. I hugged my cardigan around me tighter, sitting next to Kevin in our booth. I looked around, not catching sight of any auburn hair.

'I’ll go get us some milkshakes.’ Ronnie announced, walking over to the counter.

I sighed, looking out for the door. Kevin placed a reassuring hand over mine on the table, giving me a proud smile. I gave a weak one in return, hearing the door bell echo. I looked over to see Chuck and a few of his football buddies walking in, their obnoxiously loud voices giving me a sight headache.

'They’re the most annoying humans on the planet I swear.’ Betty mumbled, anger evident in her tone.

'I can argue with that.’ I chuckled, for the first time in three days.

Soon enough, Chuck made his way over to our booth, resting his hands on our table, staring down at me.

'Y/N L/N, rumour has it you and Andrews are over?’ He smirked, licking his lips.

I sighed, crossing my arms over my chest. 'Go away, Chuck. Your presence is unwanted.’ I spat, glaring up at him.

'Oh, don’t be so glum, baby. I bet I could give it to you better than what he use to do.’

I scoffed at him in disgust. The thought of that made me want to throw up.

'Leave her alone, Chuck.’ Betty interrupted, glaring at him.

'This doesn’t concern you, Cooper.’ Chuck bit back.

'Don’t talk to her like that.’ I stood up from my seat, standing up to him.

He chuckled sarcastically, throwing his head back. 'You’re cute, Y/N. Really, god damn adorable.’ He smirked, grabbing my wrist with a surprising amount of force.

'Let go of me.’ I snapped, trying to pull away from him. I saw Betty and Kevin stand up from their seats.

'Don’t deny you want me, Y/N.’

'Back off, Chuck. Now.’ I turned my head to see Archie standing there, Ronnie and Jughead behind him. My breath got caught in my throat, seeing my raging ex-boyfriend death glaring Chuck, his fist clenched at his side.

'What are you going to do about it, Andrews? She’s up for the taking.’

Archie growled, pushing Chuck away from me with a great deal of force. I felt Ronnie pull me away from a fight that could possibly break out.

'Don’t you dare talk about her that way.’ Archie gripped him by the collar, causing a hand to fly to my mouth.

'Wow, tough guy, huh?’ Chuck taunted, chuckling.

'Get the hell out of here, or I’ll do something that I’ll regret.’ Archie spat. Chuck licked his lips once more whilst Archie was watching Chuck’s every step with his friends, watching him leave Pop’s.

I panted a little, feeling sick staring at Archie. I quickly pushed myself away from Ronnie, turning around and running out of Pop’s.

'Y/N! Wait!’ I heard Archie exclaim, following me outside.

I sprinted through the parked cars, trying to dodge him at all costs.

'Y/N, stop!’

'I can’t even look at you!’ I shouted, walking over to my car.

'Then don’t, just listen!’ He exclaimed, making my movements stop. I didn’t dare turn around to face him, I couldn’t bare to look at him.

'How can I even hear what you have to say?’ I snapped.

'I know I don’t deserve it but, I love you, Y/N, from the bottom of my heart I do. I messed up. I cheated and ruined everything, this is all my fault, I know that. But, I want you to know this; I promise you I was manipulated by her and what she wanted from me. Should I have seen it sooner? Yes, but I didn’t and I’m an idiot. Please - look at me, Y/N,’

I sniffled, slowly turning around to face him, his face dropping seeing my own. 'I’m sorry, Y/N. I can’t say it anymore then I am sorry, from the bottom of my heart. Sweetheart, I still love you. I haven’t stopped and never stopped.’

I shook my head, looking down at the ground before my gaze found his again.

'Archie, you think an apology is going to make this all okay? That I’ll forget about it and give you a second chance to redeem yourself? This isn’t some fairytale crap, Archie, this is real life.’ I cried, wiping my eyes quickly. 'I don’t know if I can’t trust you again…’

'So, what are we doing then? What are we?’ Archie asked, stepping closer to me.

I sighed, biting my bottom lip. 'We’ll be amicable for now. These things will take time. It’ll take you a lot to be close friends with me again.’ I wiped my eyes, sniffling again.

'What about our relationship?’ He asked in a mere whisper, looking down at the ground. I sighed again, clasping my hands together.

'I’ll forgive Archie, but I’ll never forget.’ I concluded. 'The future is undecided, but for now, we’ll remain just as friends.’

'Alright, I can respect that. Again, I’m so sorry, Y/N.’

'I know.’ I nodded.

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Hi Neni. It may be a weird question but do you think, in Ryuji and Morgana's fight after Futaba's join, was Morgana's reaction exaggerated? I really want to like him but almost everyone seems to agree on it's unfair of him to take offense from Ryuji when he constantly treats Ryuji much worse.

Actually, I thought BOTH, Ryuji and Morgana were being absolute morons in that arc, except I found Ryuji even worse, because what he said about Morgana hit all of Morgana’s insecurities (which Ryuji already KNEW about), and not just in a nonchalant way (like Morgana’s teasing), but in a very blunt, striking, harsh way, that must have been like driving a wooden stake into the kitty’s heart.

I couldn’t help but keep comparing the whole thing to the interactions between Yosuke, Kanji and Teddie during P4, but even those never escalated as badly as this, and let me explain why: 

(What follows is a long rant about why Ryuji’s and Morgana’s relationship in that arc is beyond messed up, especially when compared to buddy-relationships in previous Persona games. Note that all of this is my opinion and if you disagree with me, okay. I don’t have a problem with people disagreeing with me. Nice? Nice.)

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Author’s note: So before I start, this is all my opinion. So if you disagree with whatever I write remember, this is based on my opinion , boys personalities and also what they look for a future partner.

What will GOT7 members will think and what they will love about you?

Mark: He’ll love your calm and reserved nature. I think you guys will be know as the ‘Quiet couple’ . He will like that you’re a very reliable person, meaning that he will value your loyalty towards him.

Jackson: Even though he is looking for someone who is extroverted, like himself, I think that he will like someone like the INFP personality. Due that the INFP’s are great communicators and are very reliable, I think that he will love your encouragements towards him and wise words given in every conversation.

JB: I think you and him would be perfect together, he looks for someone who is calm and reserve and INFP’s have those qualities. I think that he will like that you listen to him, always and wait for him to finish, so you could tell him your advice or your thought.

Jinyoung: Like Mark, he will love your calm and reserved nature. Also he will love to have intellectual conversations with you. He will like that you have a deep craving for knowledge. He will completely understand you, and treat you like a princess.  

Youngjae: He will love your passionate side, when your doing something you love to do. He will love you, as who you are. He will love your kindness towards people and he will like and love your insecurities that you may posses. 

Bambam: He will love that your easy to approach, he will also value your loyalty and like your calm and reserve nature. He will love to have conversations with you about the things that you’re both passionate about. 

Yugyeom: He will love your sweet personality. Also your kindness, due to that you never expect people to return you the same kindness. He will love your nerdy and passionate side. He will always protect you, no matter what!. 

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What do you think of BoruSara moments? tbh the novel was a bit more explicit with their supposed feelings for each other (such as Sarada hugging Boruto after the 2nd part of Chuunin Exams and crying tears of relief when Boruto woke up and that he is fine) than in the movie.


they’re so cute 

mhm, the novel was more explicit with borusara i mean 

  • “It wasn’t that he hated Sarada. That wasn’t it at all. It wasn’t that, but, to put it simply, Sarada’s eyes were always watching him, so he wanted to look good in front of her. ‘Rivalry’ is what it was. Probably.” (ch 1)
  • “Boruto’s entire face lit up with a grin. Sarada who had been next to him was caught off-guard, and felt her chest unintentionally throb at the sight of such unrestrained affection.” (ch 1)
  • “She looked like she was very concerned about Boruto. She was talking non-stop in his defence.” (ch 2)
  • “Sarada really looked delighted but the way she was staring at his eyes made Boruto feel perplexed. It was possibly that he couldn’t look her straight in the eye.” (ch 3)
  • “You know, your eyes are even bluer than the Seventh’s…” Boruto turned red. It was because he’d realised his childhood friend had been looking at him even more than he had.” (ch 3)
  • “Boruto had to protect Sarada. That was what he was thinking. Not whether he could show her his face or not. Not the level of the opponents. He just thought that he had to protect her no matter what.” (ch 4)
  • “Sarada thought that the sight of him was dazzling. Sarada thought that she would believe in him one more time. Because Boruto’s eyes still held the bright look that had always been watching her until now.” (ch 4)
  • “I’ll just…” Boruto said to Sarada. “When you become Hokage, I’ll be a support-role for you… I’ll protect you well!” Sarada turned bright red.“E- e- eh?” (epilogue)
  • “Boruto’s eyes were blue and shining. They were the same colour as the morning sky. Sarada had always been looking at those eyes.” (epilogue)

it’s quite clear that the moments in the novel that are also in the movie have the same implications, even without an explanation…if you get what i mean.

the fact that they had the both of them blush because of each other (lol the audience was snickering at this) was very cute. i also find their bickering cute, especially in the last scene where their argument literally went down like: “it’s a panda!” “no it’s a bear!” “no it’s a panda!” and so on, then mitsuki said sarcastically “you two are getting along well” ahah. precious babies <3 

what i like most about them is that they’re caring and protective over each other and they support each others’ dreams.

honestly i’m not too invested with shipping the next gen kids (i also like borumitsu and chousara sooo), but i just love their dynamic and friendship. they have plenty of potential so i’m excited for it to be explored further in the inevitable spin off/sequel! 

Why isn't Vietnam talked about???

So much is taught about World War I and II, and all the other wars (the Korean War is kind of skipped over too), but in History class my teachers are like: “Yeah, Vietnam happened. That is all.” I get that we ‘lost’ but that doesn’t mean we can ignore it like it never happened. The Vietnam War shouldn’t be shoved to the corner, like a skeleton in the closet, because of pride. Vietnam was a war that the U.S. shouldn’t have gotten involved In *side note: This is all my opinion feel free to add on.* but that doesn’t take away from the fact that so many young men lost their lives and their sanity. Yet, Vietnam has been taken out of the picture entirely. The Vietnam War greatly influenced American culture in the 60s’ (to early 70s’), another reason why it’s so important. I know tons of kids who didn’t even know the Vietnam War happened. What does that mean to you? Meanwhile, History Teachers are teaching pointless things— I don’t care the President Jimmy Carter was a peenut farmer. Him being a peenut farmer didn’t change history. What I need to know are questions like this: why is freedom of speech important? What did President Reagan do to help end the Cold War with Russia? The different forms of government and their origin. Ancient Histories. Philosophy. Revolution. Culture. Heroes. And. War. How is society supposed to function when they don’t even know where it all comes from?


Author’s note: So before I start, this is all my opinion. So if you disagree with whatever I write remember, this is based on my opinion , boys personalities and also what they look for a future partner. Also because I am an INFJ….so yeah…

What will BTS members will think and what they will love about you?

Jin: I believe that Jin will love your affirming and warm nature. Also that you hear him out because you’re a good listener, and he can completely trust you. Your dedicated nature to your relationship with him will make him fall more in love with you because that’s what he is looking for, someone who listens, cares and loves him endlessly because he will do the same or even more for you. 

Suga: I think he will like your affirming nature, he has stated that he wanted someone more on the positive side than negative. Also that you have great communications skills and a good listener meaning that you won’t sugar coat things, and I think he will dig it. Overall he wants someone who is independent and who works hard for things and I think the INFJ’s are like that. 

J-Hope: He wants someone who is as optimistic as he is and I think we possess that due to our affirming nature. Also our warm nature because he has stated that he wants a kind girl. He will absolutely love that you are a good listener  and also communicator because he wants a girl who understands him and who is there for him when he most needs it. 

Rap Monster: Since we are (Yeah like I said I am an INFJ) part of the knowledge and intelligence family, I believe that Namjoon will love this due that you can both have very interesting conversations.. Also our great communication and listening skills because we communicate what we feel and listen very well to others people’s emotions and/or ideas/perspectives.

 Jimin: He has stated that he wants a warm S/O that is shy at first but they open up once they had found the trust and I believe that the INFJ’s possess these qualities. He will also love that you’re very dedicated on the relationship and you’re sensitive and concerned about other’s people’s feelings, especially people who is very close to you. 

Taehyung (V): He has stated that he wants someone to take care of him so I believe that he will really dig both the warm and affirming nature. Also that you take commitment very seriously. Meaning that this will bring his mature side but on the other hand he also wants someone with a dorky/awkward charm just so can he can smile all day long. 

Jungkook: Due to our introverted nature we tend to be more shy than usual and I think he will like this because we seem quiet at first but then we are warm, affirming, and tend to have high expectations on us and others and I believe this will help him motivate more and strive for the better. But I think this also will get you into trouble, just sometimes we need to let it slide. But either way he just wants someone who is there for him, takes care of him and loves him for who he is. 

Guess who just watched episode 8 of Stranger Things 2 and collapsed on the floor in tears…

This girl

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Author’s note: So before I start, this is all my opinion. So if you disagree with whatever I write remember, this is based on my opinion , boys personalities and also what they look for a future partner.

What will BTS members will think and what they will love about you?

Jin: He would like that you are calm and nice. He also love that you will hear him out and sometimes give him some advice over the situation. He also like that you are very nice and reserved. Sometimes he’ll love that your guided by your principles rather than by logic and/or by your feelings. 

Suga: He’ll understand your point of views and your shyness. He will like your inner spark of creativity and passion that you sometimes give him, and eventually write a song because of your ideas and inspiration that you had brought him. He’ll love your calm and reserved nature. 

J-Hope: At first J-Hope will bring you out of your comfort zone, making you a bit uncomfortable, but he eventually understand your way of thinking and acting around people. He loves to have deep conversations with you because you always tell him the right answers and so he will always come to you for advice.

Rap Monster: He will love your sense of knowledge, also your thirst of it. You learn languages easily ,and he’ll love that because finally, he is not alone on this and both of you can help each other learn and practice the new languages.  He will also like your calm nature. He will also love to have deep conversations with you but the difference from J-Hope’s is that both of you will find the answer. 

Jimin: He will like your cute and shy personality so much, that he will fall deeper in love with you. He also love that you’re personality ins’t the greedy type. He will love your calm and reserved nature. He will also like your ability to hear him out through the whole conversation and not cutting him off or anything but letting him express his real feeling about things that he disagrees and bad things that had happened throughout the day  .  He will love that everything you do is for pure kindness  instead of expecting something. 

Taehyung (V): He will love your reserved nature, but sometimes he will love for you to come out from your comfort zone. He will also like your kindness and your shy personality. Even though, you do things because of your pure pleasure and don’t expect anything, he will always treat you something (even when you tell him not too.) He will also love the way that you express yourself.

Jung Kook: He will love the way that you project your ideas and thoughts through a creative way. He will like your sense of knowledge and your easy understanding and learning new languages (he might tell you to teach him a new language) He will love your caring, shy and Kind nature. He will surely understand your point of view on how you behave around people (because he is also shy) He will also love that he has someone to talk too, if he needed to.

Again this is my opinion combined with other things. If you liked this type of thing, let me know if you want me to make more (What will they think). Thank you, and have a good day or night. 

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Which members would be dominant and which members would be submissive during sex?

Note: This is entirely my opinion, as with all of my reactions. This may differ from other people’s opinions and this is a purely fictional interpretation.



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Mostly dominant, sometimes submissive:

{ ROSÉ }

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Mostly submissive, sometimes dominant:


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{ LISA }

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list of awful things in smut

-pebbled peaks 

-fuckin. BUNDLE OF NERVES FULL STOP the prostate is a GLAND people a GLAND 

-mounds, mountains, fun/fat bags, milk jugs… how tf do yall make breasts so sound fucking nasty please stop 

-any sort of sentence abt balls slapping ass or?? honestly it just makes me laugh 

-legit pointing out how many inches someone’s dick is. seriously did their partner just whip out a ruler in the middle of sex like what 

-same thing as above, but when about the size of breasts. seriously

-any sort of sentence about a dick being inserted into the clitoris. like… pls…. just… look up some stuff on biology and human bodies, okay? the clit isnt a hole holy shit its basically the vagina’s version of a dick 

-someone who has a vagina cumming from dick alone.

-NOT!! LUBING!! THE ASS!! ASSES DON’T SELF LUBE MY DUDES MY GUYS unless you’re into… no wait im not typing that never mIND 


-Stating how many minutes a couple has fucked for like… what… 

-spelling out literally every single moan 

-kissing only on the mouth come on my dudes


-valley between the breasts. its not terrible completely just r overused 


-”expert fingers” 

-okay ik i’m guilty of this but don’t point out that the characters are blushing every few paragraphs, ‘k? 

-people w dicks need some recharge time before the next fuckening mkay 

-”pink nub” in reference to nipples. just say fucking nipple my dude my guys its not a bad word you’re writing a SEX SCENE a nipple shouldn’t be your biggest worry 

-”meat stick” “rod “shaft” “length” “member” pls… stick to dick or, imo, even better, cock. pls just. stop. 

-the only exception to the above imo is that if you’re specifically talking about the shaft of the dick and ONLY that part of the dick 

-vaginas are only so deep and so are asses. unless someone wants a dick in their large intestine, that is. basically, 10 inches wont fit in a vagina you fucks 

-showers are slippery and oftentimes, small 

-as it turns out, walls and hard floors can also hurt 

-as it turns out, its hard to actually lift someone up

-not everyone screams like they’re being murdered when they orgasm, karen 

-ppl dont always cum during the actual fuckening 

-your partners prob wont share all your kinks either most likely 

-seriously tho when you write kinky bullshit make sure it actually has emotion ya know?? its v v easily to loose the emotion when writing some kinky bullshit so watch yourselves out there 

i wanna note this is all my opinion. well. most of it. the prostate is a gland thats a fact and a couple of other points but everything else is opinion