note: this is not meant to be serious haha


Fandom: Fear the walking dead
Prompt: Hi love!! Could you please write one with Troy (ftwd) where the reader arrives at the compound with Alicia and she has been shot but it’s not too serious? Troy freaks and makes sure she’s okay which confuses everyone because he never usually cares if someone’s hurt? If that makes sense haha, i suck 😂 thank you! ❤
Word Count: 809
Character: Troy Otto
Reader Gender: Female
Warnings: Suggestions of Rape (no actual rape though)
Author note: I’m an idiot and I wrote them arriving at the army base, not at the ranch. But i’m going to post this anyway and if the requester wants me to write the request that I was meant to write, just message me and i’ll happily do it. I do feel silly, but at the same time i don’t see the point in wasting a good one shot.

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