note: these will all be like quick things haha;;

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helloooo, world! it is i, bianca, and i will be your muyeol muse!! she, by the way, hates the name and goes by mooy! i’m a big mess and didn’t get to set up any pages so haha wow well planned! i’ll try doing those tomorrow so plotting can be easier! on that note - i can be found on twitter @/mxmoring or on discord under ilovecheese #0028 because i do, indeed, love cheese. some quick things about my baby are that she is a technician and will fix your ship, or watch, or your washing machine, or whatever other tech things you have around! she also lost her right leg so it’s all metal now! if you’d like to plot with me and mooy please like this post and i’ll come around to chat!

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Sorry just a quick note that literally no one in Ireland actually does Irish dance. Maybe when your like six but that's it Really, it's not a big thing and we all hate it because we were forced to do it at school haha

OMG this is so funny😂😂😂