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Fuckboy! Lee Daehwi

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Fuckboy x Wanna One:
Yoon Jisung II Ha Sungwoon II Hwang Minhyun II Ong Seongwoo II Kim Jaehwan II Kang Daniel II Park Jihoon II Park Woojin II Bae Jinyoung II Lee Daehwi II Lai Guanlin 

“And out all these things I’ve done, I think I love you better now.”

  • The intellectual & conceited kind of fuckboy 
  • The type to attract you with how smart he is when he talks about the philosophy of life with a cup of coffee in his hand 
  • It’s a myth in your school that if you want to pass your exams, just get a smile from Daehwi because that megawatt smile of his can even revive dead plants
  • Girls find him extremely attractive whenever he talks about poetry whilst wearing his oversized sweater and cute tortoise shell glasses 
  • He even has a fan club dedicated to him who will be cheering for him whenever he has a poetry slam 
  • Also, he uses that charm of his to flirt with literally every senior he knows of to the point that 10+ girls will try to get him to be their prom date
  • Meanwhile, you and Daehwi had been going head to head with each other since you guys were 12
  • While it might seem like you two would’ve been great friends, you two absolutely hated each other with a passion
  • It’s the fact that you both disagreed with each other on everything: you loved Dante’s Divine Comedy, but he thought it was an absolute killjoy; you found Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice boring, but he could go on speaking about Shylock’s speech for ages 
  • it was also how you hated how arrogant he behaved and him hating how you never seemed to fall for his charming ways plus you were the only person who went against him for the way he interpreted his prose during literature class
  • The rivalry between you two started when you had joined a lego building competition and you two were tied for best creativity
  • The next thing you knew, you both were also tied for first place in the public speaking competition and were both 1st place in grades for scoring an average score of 100 for your final exams since the start of middle school to now
  • But this year, you two were going up against each other for the upcoming student council’s election to be the next elected President and you weren’t intimidated by Daehwi and his hoard of fangirls cause you fight me
  • You two were already members of the student council, you the secretary and him the treasurer hence you two were automatically placed in the election
  • However, the elections’ outcome for the president was chosen by the student body which meant that you and Daehwi had to compete in terms of who could get the most votes and it didn’t matter what your current position was
  • Naturally, you two were getting increasingly competitive as it was finally the chance to finally beat the other and the current president was just happy to give up his past because having two around meant non-stop bickering
  • Campaigning season had never been this intense before
  • There were posters of you and Daehwi EVERYWHERE
  • If you gave out cookies, he will give out coffee
  • Every single day, you had to put on a picture perfect smile and acted energetic and friendly as you interacted with your other classmates
  • It was honestly getting the better of you as you were always super tired 
  • As you walked out of the school two days before the election, you heard Daehwi making a snide comment as he walked past you 
  • “Why else would people vote for you besides that fact that you are y/b/n’s younger sister? You are nothing compared to him.”
  • You took a deep breath and went to the female bathroom only to break down, crying away all the stress you had the past month
  • It was tiring enough to campaign but now you had to deal with him making personal rude comments on you?
  • Your brother had been someone you looked up to a lot as a child, but as you grew older, you could only hide in the shadow of his achievements 
  • People knew how much you loathed being mentioned in the same sentence as your brother and how you were always trying to prove yourself hence everyone avoided his name in front of you 
  • You hated how Daehwi made it seem like that all you had was your brother’s name and all your hard work so far meant nothing
  • You decided there wasn’t a point in this goddamn competition if you had such an unworthy opponent like him who gave you such a nasty and low blow
  • The next day, the news that you forfeited the election spread across the entire school and because of that, Daehwi became the President by default
  • Daehwi was extremely happy with this because hey there wasn’t any competition until he regretted his word when he met his Vice President 
  • His Vice President was a junior who literally won cause he was some popular jock and not because he was capable of it 
  • When Daehwi assigned him any work, he would give the excuse of having track & field training and left
  • he was also never seen during any student council meeting
  • This was when Daehwi realized everything was wrong 
  • He missed the bickerings your two used to have and your presence in general
  • He realized without you, nothing was functioning right, he needed you
  • He should have made you stay and that’s when he decided he had to apologize and get you back 
  • You weren’t moved by a single bit when he came to look you, you just coldly rejected him
  • That was until he did it every day for one month in a row and you accepted his apology and request half because you were super embarrassed at his very lame puns on the pastries he gave you like and another because it was pretty cute seeing him try so hard because he knew that you had the power to just turn around
  • Also because you found out that Daehwi had visited your parents and literally recited all your achievements and your parents were shocked because you never mentioned it 
  • That acknowledgment from your parents was all you need as you became his new Vice President and everything became so much smoother considering you knew what your job required you to do 
  • Your relationship with each other will just keep growing as there so much less fights with each other as you two would just back off 
  • You both began to notice each other’s good points like how Daehwi was a much better speaker while you were better in collecting ideas which became a win-win situation as you guys managed to solve many problems amongst the student body
  • It wasn’t long before Daehwi realized his true feelings for you
  • You just wouldn’t leave his mind
  • When he saw you, he felt like his heart was going to explode 
  • He basically knew he was screwed 
  • Well, something similar was also happening to you like you found it hard to maintain eye contact with Daehwi before your face started burning up
  • You two were so obvious that even the other student council member were placing bets on when you guys will end up together
  • He decided to confess to you on Valentine Day and spent the longest time on deciding what to give you
  • He was planning to write a poem at first but somehow Woojin managed to convince him to change his technique
  • On Valentine Day, you will receive a bouquet of flowers which each of their meaning written on the card and a card which had a simple lego drawing on it
  • ‘I like legos. You like legos. Why don’t we build a relationship?’ 
  • While no one had signed the card, you immediately knew who it was caused that had been the start of everything despite the fact that both of you had grown out of playing legos
  • Daehwi appeared moments later, doing an acoustic cover of your favourite song
  • That’s when you said yes to the confession cause how could you not? 
  • While he has dated around with other people, he has never been in an official relationship so you were the more dominant one 
  • You did become the first one to initiate the first kiss and start holding his hand
  • It was also because he was very careful with everything he did that he was scared that something he did might make you leave him again
  • But one day, you would just kiss the heck out of him and told him to stop feeling that feeling cause you weren’t planning on leaving him anytime soon
  • That’s when he would try to drop hints for you to wear his sweaters when he somehow forgot his entire bag pack of sweaters in your house
  • But you did appear wearing it for a student council meeting when you were rushing to school one day
  • he will blush and stutter through the entire meeting because he finds you so cute in sweater paws that he finds it even hard to breath lmao
  • without a doubt, the school’s cutest couple 
  • you guys are honestly so busy but he still finds time to get you coffee every single morning with a bright orange post it notes that says ‘good morning & i love you’ and you never fail to bring him breakfast
  • you two will still end up staying up all night face timing each other to argue on which poet was better but it ends up with both of you just agreeing with each other
  • Lastly, movie dates watching old classics and bookstore dates where you guys don’t even realize how fast time has gone
Why I don’t like the new Death Note movie.

To preface this rant, let me just say that I love the original story and I was very excited to see this movie, though I kept an open mind because adaptations are never as good as the original. However, this movie fails as an adaptation and as a general movie. 

To start with I’ll explain why it’s just not a good movie, ignoring the material it’s based off of entirely. This version of Death Note doesn’t understand character. The main character, Light, is a dime-a-dozen angsty geek character who is grieving over the loss of his mother. His father doesn’t seem to care about him and he doesn’t have other friends. Do you, reader, see the problem with him being like this? He’s boring. How many high school stories have you heard of where the main character doesn’t  have any friends and is on the bottom of the social food chain? Almost every single one. His girlfriend Mia is also a boring character. This new story revolves around the love between her and Light. But all I could thin throughout the entire story is “Why are they even together?” Prior to Light showing her the Death Note, Mia showed no interest in him whatsoever. He saved her once from a strawman asshole character. So basically, the movie is telling me that she either fell for him because he helped her tear down a stereotypical bully or because he is a mass murderer. We don’t even know her motive for helping him in the fist place. Honestly, she just seems like a basic high schooler with unaddressed sociopathic tendencies. We have no reason to like these characters. I would also like to mention that L is said to be a genius detective, but he believes that Light is Kira for no reason (even though he is).
Now is the time to address the elephant in the room. For some reason, this story is set in America instead of Japan. This changes so much of this story for literally no reason.The reason Light calls himself Kira is because it sounds like the English word “Killer”. Sure, it explains that in the movie, but you wouldn’t have to explain it if you just left the setting in Japan. Also, Light Turner is the most stilted name I could ever think of giving a character. If putting the story in America is so important, then why not at least make Light Japanese-American so you can keep his actual name? It’s not like you had to make the character white. The actor who played him isn’t even that popular, so you could have chosen a different one with essentially no repercussions. Now, I’m not saying this is racist or anything,but it just doesn’t make sense to change him to Light Turner.
The original story is just about the most intelligent anime I’ve watched. Now, it has its flaws (personally, I think the story is a bit hard to watch at times with so much happening), but it’s an overall damn good story that’s extremely well written. Light in this version is charismatic and liked by a lot of people he knows, but he’s bored and doesn’t care about anything. It was a very good choice to make him like that, because it reflects how many murderers act in real life (Jeffery Dahmer for example). Light is much more intelligent in the original, which makes him more interesting to watch Changing Light to an angsty geek character makes him less calculated killer like and more deranged school shooter type. L is also a much better character in the original. He’s the smartest character in the show, and the only reason he didn’t prove Light was Kira is because he died. In the new version, L loses his cool halfway through and is the most out of character adaptation I’ve seen for the rest of the movie.

Like this movie if you want, I don’t particularly care if you do or don’t. But please, watch the original if you haven’t. It’s a much better story, in my opinion.


Full Disclosure: ImpracticalOni’s Hakuouki Plushies

Note:  There are captions.

Note:  ONLY because quite a few people have asked.  
Please skip this post if you are sick of Hakuouki plushies.

Seriously, I know it’s a little over the top, but I love them all.

Cream Soda Nights Part 4 (Reggie Mantle x Reader )

Okay so here is the ending for Cream Soda Nights! Hopefully you like it and it’s not written badly.

Cream Soda Nights Part 4

The morning sun shone brightly through your bedroom window, lazily you brought a hand up, covering your eyes from the blinding rays. Your head pounding from the night before.

Jolting upwards you remember the chaotic events of last night. Realization of what your drunken self had done and that Reggie was the witness to your stupidity hit you like a bag of bricks. Groaning you looked around your room, Reggie was gone, all that was left was water and advil on the bedside table that hadn’t been there last night.

Smiling you moved out of bed taking the pills and gulping down the water, your heart beated wildly at the thought of Reggie being your bedroom and bed with you.

Looking at your phone you noticed it was almost noon, it was blown up with notifications from Cheryl. You giggled as her picture popped up on your screen again.

“ Y/N! Finally you answered! What happened with Reggie? I swear if he took advantage of you, I am going to take h-” Cheryl started ranting, you giggled before you interrupted her.

“Cheryl, sweets I’m okay. Reggie didn’t do anything…he was actually very kind and took care of me. ” You said while smiling slightly.

“He better have if he knows whats good for our y/n.” Cheryl huffed out.

The two of you ended up talking for hours about Cheryls cheer choreography, school and gossip. Eventually the two of you said your goodbyes and hung up.
Afterwards you decidwd it would be best to just laze about for the rest of the day. Soon enough it was dark outside and you were continuously yawning while watching a movie on Netflix.

Getting up you walked back to your room and crawled into bed. Soon enough you slipped into a deep sleep, having pleasant dreams of a blushing Reggie and the whispered words of “I love you.”


On monday morning you were surprised to find a single rose taped to your locker at school. It was obviously from Riverdale Flowers but there was no note attached. You found one every morning on your locker everyday that week. Your curiousity got the best of you on thursday and you asked your parents who had been buying a single rose everyday. You were shocked to hear that it was Reggie that was buying them.

You decided to confront him on friday about it.

That friday morning you were excited, happy to have such a amazing week. You told Cheryl who had been leaving the roses for you and she squealed with delight and made you promise to tell her everything afterwards.

Walking into school you searched the halls for Reggie, your nerves were shot and you couldn’t help the grin spreading across your face when you saw him standing by his locker with his friends. You caught his eyes and gave a small wave, eventually working up enough courage to walk over to him.

“Uh, Reggie could I talk to you?” You asked hesitantly. The other jocks snickered and pushed Reggie towards you.

“Yeah, sure.” Reggie said while smirking,  the two of you walked away from his friends and to the courtyard.

There was long silence between the two of as you walked side by side. Reggie kept glancing at you the whole time, his hand brushed yours and sent a shock up your arm.

Coming to a stop you turned towards him and suddenly felt a pair of lips push against yours.

Your heart leapt into your throat and you squeezed your eyes shut, kissing him back. The kiss lasted for mere seconds before Reggie pulled away, breaking the silence.

“I’m sorry y/n, I couldn’t help myself. ” Reggie said feeling ashamed for forcing himself on you like that. With that he turned to walk away. But he didn’t get very far.

“I like you.” You shouted towards him, his shocked facing turning to look at you.

“I like you Reggie.” You said quieter this time. You watched as he turned around, surprised eyes stared into yours before he was in front of you, holding your face and kissing you again.

“I like you too y/n.” Reggie whispered pulling away.



Thor Ragnarok Review

There’s no doubt about it, Thor: Ragnarok is the best Thor movie to date. No contest. There was just always something lacking about the previous two films, as much as I enjoyed them, but this is not the case for the third instalment. 

Moreover, Ragnarok is comedic genius, but that is no surprise, given the direction of Taika Waititi, who directed and also wrote Hunt for the Wilderpeople and What We Do in the Shadows, both well received comedies. 

On top of that, the script and plot is simply miles ahead of its predecessors, and I enjoyed the film from start to finish. The energy of the cinema was vibrant, full of fans desperate to see the first screening available, and we laughed almost the whole way through. The score was also very fitting and simply lifted every scene to greater heights. 

Furthermore, not only was Ragnarok the best Thor film, I also believe it is one of the best Marvel movies so far. If the Thor films can dramatically increase for the better in such a short amount of time, I can’t wait to see what happens next. 

Without further ado, I’m going to linger on some of my favourite aspects of the film, wherein spoilers abound.



There is so much to love about Thor: Ragnarok. To be honest, I don’t even know where to start, because I just want to rave about practically all of it. I must admit, although I had seen some great reviews from the critics, I was a little hesitant in my expectations simply because the previous films weren’t particularly impressive, although I did enjoy them. 

At the same time, I had high hopes because of director Taika Waititi, who is a comedic genius, and I was looking forward to his take on Thor. All I can say is, I was incredibly impressed and my expectations were vastly exceeded. If I were to speak on behalf of the entire cinema I was in, I’d say that they all enjoyed it just as much. We all laughed together at some great lines and scenes, and this occurred throughout the entire film, without the awkwardness of trying too hard. If you thought that Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was pretty funny, Ragnarok was even better. Much better. 

There are so many great, funny scenes, that I couldn’t possibly mention them all. Of course, one of the most obvious ones is the fight scene between Thor and Hulk, with Thor excited that he’s fighting his friend, but also Loki’s horrified reaction. In fact, Thor and the Hulk together have a multitude of hilarious scenes. I absolutely loved their little fights in the room together, even as it became a much more serious note with Thor attempting to console Hulk. I loved the parallel between this scene and the one when he is Banner again, Thor trying to make them happy by stating his preference for one over the other. Another well used joke is Thor’s attempts to get Hulk to become Banner again by using Nat’s method. This is used many times throughout the movie, and never failed to make the audience laugh every single time. The whole lot of scenes between Doctor Strange and Thor towards the beginning with the jokes at Thor’s expense, were also extremely amusing. As much as I care little for Dr Strange personally, I loved that absolute shock on Thor’s face every time that Dr Strange used his magic. 

Another scene that jumps out is Loki’s attempt to distance himself from Thor once on Sakaar, reminding us of Thor’s distancing himself from Loki in the Avengers by saying that he was adopted. Another Avengers reference-in which Loki jumps up excitedly as Hulk ‘smashes’ Thor in the gladiatorial fight, treating him like a rag doll, just as Loki was fought towards the end of Avengers. The audience could not get over the running gag of Thor assuming that Loki wasn’t really there, and throwing something at him to prove it. However, perhaps the best joke was towards the beginning of the movie, when Thor first returns to Asgard, only to see a play re-enacting Loki’s ‘death’ from the previous movie. Loki of course has been using his time pretending to be Odin to glorify his own memory. If that wasn’t funny enough, Matt Damon plays Loki, whilst Chris Hemsworth’s own brother, Luke, plays Thor, and Sam Neill is Odin! Not only is this a spectacular piece of comedy and parody, it enables Thor to fully realise the identity of ‘Odin’. 

But Thor: Ragnarok is not just a funny film. It has so much emotional depth as well. Even more significantly, this depth is not simply explored through Thor, but many of the other main characters as well. Whilst I did not immediately come to like Valkyrie (after all, she was essentially providing slaves for the Grandmaster on Sakaar), I came to really love her and understand how she got to this point. The last time that she faced Hela, all of the other valkyries were destroyed, and she must relive this when Loki gets inside her head. It’s no surprise that she ends up spending her time on Sakaar, getting drunk and trying to forget. But even though she refuses to help Thor at first, and then reluctantly leaves for Asgard with Thor and Banner, she pushes through all of her pain to do the right thing. To be a hero again. Even when it seems impossible, she takes everything in her stride and is invaluable as a member of the team. Valkyrie was a great addition to the Thor films, and I’m really looking forward to seeing her again and getting to know more of her backstory. 

It’s also made clear that Hulk/Banner has spent the 2 years since Ultron on Sakaar, and when he finally becomes Banner again, it’s obvious that he has spent this whole time as Hulk. No wonder Thor was unable to get him to snap out of it during the fight, or even afterwards. Being stuck as Hulk for so long made it extremely difficult for him to transition back, even though he had a handle on it for so long. Banner spends much of the rest of the movie convinced that anything could trigger a transition back to Hulk, and that the likelihood is he would be Hulk forever. After 2 years as Hulk, it’s easy to see why all of his senses are overloaded on Sakaar when he changes back to Banner, and it’s almost heartbreaking to see his struggle. However, when all hope seems lost at the appearance of the Fenris wolf, Banner barely hesitates to become the Hulk once more, even though he may never be able to change back. It truly demonstrates how much of a hero he is, that he would sacrifice his real self for the Asgardian people, people he doesn’t even know. This is Banner’s most heroic moment to date. 

The first Thor film spent much of its time on constructing and deconstructing Thor’s identity of himself. In his struggles, he learns to become the man that Odin had always hoped he would be, someone worthy of ruling. It is a worthy character study, although lacking in some other areas. Thor: Ragnarok devotes several scenes to Thor’s identity crisis, particularly his faith in himself and his powers. Whilst he must learn to become a good leader and a compassionate man in the first film, in the third he struggles a little to believe in himself and his abilities. When Hela utterly destroys Mjolnir towards the beginning of the film, Thor cannot help but feel overwhelmed and out of his depth. Even as he fights the Hulk he struggles with his powers, until the end, wherein he finds the strength inside himself to fight with everything he has. This is a Thor we have not seen before, absolutely radiating with power, a true god of thunder. When he later fights Hela one on one, it is not until he is reminded of his true power that he is truly able to match her. Mjolnir, Odin states, was only meant to help him control his powers, and now we are starting to see just how powerful Thor really is, just as he is realising it himself. 

Perhaps my favourite character development is Loki’s. We spend much of the film unsure as to his real alliance. He has exiled Odin in order to be on the throne, he refuses to help Thor escape from the Grandmaster on Sakaar at first and instead watches as Thor is forced to fight. Given his history, it is difficult to determine to which side Loki will swing, and for a moment it appears that he is truly on Thor’s side during their escape, only to attempt to betray Thor at the last moment for money. Whilst this may initially be surprising, the surprise only lasts a few brief seconds. After all, this is Loki’s modus operandi. Luckily, Thor has spent enough time being duped and betrayed by Loki that he has come prepared. I was worried that this would be our last glimpse of Loki (as he is a favourite of mine), but what follows is hopefully finally the beginnings of some great character development for Loki. He in fact frees the slaves and returns to Asgard with them, to help the resistance against Hela. Thor is understandably surprised by his appearance, and they fight side by side against Hela and her army of undead Asgardian warriors. Thor even entrusts Loki with the most crucial part of his plan. It’s clear in this movie that Thor has come to accept the trickster side of Loki, for all of his faults, though he cannot completely trust him. The elevator scene is particularly beautiful, as the brothers reminisce about their past, and yet it is also a little tragic to witness how far apart they now are, their paths diverging. My favourite scene between them would have to be the first post credits scene, which truly appears to emphasise Loki’s desire to change. Of course, he’s not going to give up his trickster nature, but I truly believe we are seeing the beginnings of Loki choosing to be on the good side, on Thor’s side, for the first time. I’m sad that we didn’t get to witness a hug, but so happy to see that Loki chooses to remain with Thor, to found a new Asgard with him on Earth. 

One aspect of a majority of Marvel movies that I’ve always complained about is the lack of good, interesting, three dimensional villains. There are exceptions of course, I think Iron Man works well with the combination of terrorists and Tony’s mentor, the appearance of Hydra in CATWS definitely made the movie, the Vulture in the recent Spiderman, and of course Loki in both Thor and the Avengers. Unfortunately, good villains are hard to find, provided with very little motivation and emotional resonance, simply acting as something for our heroes to fight. Whilst I would have liked to see a little more development of Hela, I loved that she had such a personal connection to our protagonists and that we were provided insight into her backstory and motivations. Not only is Hela connected to Thor as his older sister, she is also the very being that Valkyrie fought against, resulting in the deaths of all of her sister warriors. And Hela is not just motivated by the throne, believing herself the rightful heir as the eldest child, she is also motivated by her own father’s actions long ago. For Hela not only surprises Thor and Loki with her connection to them, but also the fact that she essentially fought as their father’s second when he destroyed other kingdoms and realms to be dominant. Asgard was built on so much bloodshed that Odin initiated, with Hela as his prize weapon, it’s no wonder she was upset when he eliminated all trace of her because her ambitions went even further than his. At this point, I think it’s important we acknowledge Odin’s terrible parenting skills. The fact that Hela is connected to the other characters makes this fight much more personal, and much more interesting because of it. 

One of my favourite aspects of this movie is that it is not a cop out. It is titled Ragnarok, and Ragnarok does happen, they do not stop it as I believed they would, and I’m actually glad for it. Even though this film was called Ragnarok, it felt like a plot twist of sorts, as I hadn’t expected this to happen (though I’m not a comic books fan, so I suppose this storyline is probably from the comics and didn’t come as a surprise to others). It’s also oddly beautiful, as Thor realises that Asgard is a people, not a place. In sacrificing the place, the Asgardian people are saved, and Hela is defeated. The prophecy is fulfilled, but ultimately, as the people are safe, Asgard is not truly destroyed. The ship in the post credits scene is likely Thanos’, so I assume that they never make it to Earth to found a new Asgard. I loved that Heimdell was leading the resistance whilst Thor was on Sakaar, and I must admit that I felt sorry for Hela’s minion, played by Karl Urban, who simply wanted to survive. He did redeem himself at the end though when he sacrificed himself for the Asgardian people. I’m glad this happened, because the movie spent a lot of time demonstrating his distaste for Hela’s actions and ambitions. 

There was a lot to love about this movie, although I will mention that it’s unfortunate that Natalie Portman will not reprise her role as Jane, whether that was her decision or the studio’s. Regardless, I wasn’t pleased that in a great cast of many characters with significant scenes, only two of these are female characters. Furthermore, one is the villain and the other is an eventual love interest. I think we can all agree that it would be great if Marvel diversifies in a number of areas. 

I highly recommend Thor: Ragnarok. It’s brilliantly directed, written and acted on every level, so make sure you see it as soon as it comes out in your country! Australians and New Zealanders will appreciate the Aussie/Kiwi actors and references throughout the movie, so make sure you watch/listen out for them!

I honestly can’t wait for the Marvel films leading up to Infinity War, and I hope that the next instalment of Thor is just as epic as this one!

Fluffy Eruri Headcanons

a balm for the chapter 72 
enclosed below are (10) of them. Use them wisely, reblog with your own, what have you. Kisses to you all~


(1) Erwin babbles in his sleep. Levi wakes up one morning, pre-dawn, grey light filtering in through the windows, and this is how he finds out that Erwin’s planning to propose to him. 

(2) Erwin leaves Sticky Notes all over the house that Levi finds when he’s cleaning. They say things like “I love you!,” “Have a good day!,” “Missing you already.” They never talk about it, but one day when Erwin opens the drawer to the nightstand on Levi’s side of the bed, he finds the notes smoothed out in a neat stack. Every single one. 

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Tall, Dark and Handsome: Chapter 2
TITLE: Tall, Dark and Handsome


AUTHOR tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: romance / erotica

FIC SUMMARY: Twenty four year old Amelia Hart has never had a boyfriend before. Not wanting to step outside of her comfort zone, she rarely starts conversations with the opposite sex and makes little to no effort in correcting her single status. However, what she did not plan was meeting a man who manages to steal her breath away at every look. A man who does not stop until he gets what he wants. And the one thing he only wants right now just so happens to be her.


Author’s notes: comments would be lovely. I have no idea what I’m doing.

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Things I liked about MJ2...

I watched MJ2 three times now and I must admit that every time I see it, it keeps getting better and better!

The movie is beautiful, it has everything and more. Sure it lacks some things but all in all it is nothing but satisfying.

Rather than reviewing it (other people already wrote awesome reviews and I wouldn’t  be able to make anything as good anyway…) I want to make a list of all the things I loved most about it.

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I’ll make this as short as possible, but just thank you so much for getting to this point with me! I love every single one of you, whether I follow you back or not. I made this blog after seeing Jurassic World because I loved the movie so much and wanted another blog that I could really enjoy writing for. I truly got just that. Now, this post is to honor everyone that I follow because a selective follow forever just doesn’t feel right and really isn’t enough. Here’s a huge promotion post for everyone that I follow. Just a note: if I put you in the wrong section, I apologize, but there’s so many people! I recommend you check out all of these blogs – they’re worth it!! (also, this won’t be under a read more because YOU NEED TO SEE ALL OF THESE… even if it’s long)


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