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Thank you for not being afraid to tell the truth.👏. It is strange that some people can not accept that Maks has questionable character.

Well, thanks nony, I can’t help myself! When I get a bee in my bonnet, I have to speak my mind.

And well… I personally do question his character, but I get why some still like/love him though. It makes me think about this quote from High Fidelity:

“Is it in fact unfair to criticize a formerly great artist for his latter day sins?”

Now, that’s about Stevie Wonder making some crummy songs in the 80s, ha, and Maks isn’t on that level, but I know lots of people who still love his dancing, and mnm’s dancing, and that’s certainly worthwhile as an art form that was transfixing. So, I get why some people still like him. But, for me, fangirl admiration is in direct proportion to my respect for someone, so… I’m done with him, based on his own behavior, (which I won’t go into yet again, it’s too long). I support everyone’s right to fan for him still though, or even ship mnm if they want. It’s harmless.

He just bugs me because he seems so whiny & conditional in his loyalties, treatment of fans & people who’ve worked with him; needlessly self important; & oddly entitled. It’s boring & offensive to me since he’s done nothing of note to warrant that attitude. You know, I read once Mother Teresa was actually sort of an abrupt jerk to lots of people… but she was Mother Friggin Teresa and she had reason to be grouchy!

I get irritated because I can’t help but feel duped that I ever fanned for him at all. Man, I used to defend him to other dwts fans who hated him, and that’s so annoying to think about now. *flails*