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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

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Imagine: After a night spent tangled within the sheets, Newt realises how smitten he is for the reader, trying to convince them to just stay for a while longer.

@rosyyyhearts: Hi! I love your imagines and I was wondering if you could do a Christmas one with Newt based off of Baby It’s Cold Outside. Thanks!

Word Count: 1255 (yikes)

Author’s Note: Hey fellas, so I just checked my follower count and WE ARE ON TWO MOTHERFUCKING THOUSAND, ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FOLLOWERS!! I’m beyond confused and flattered, Tumblr I fucking love you. Legends. Anyway, enjoy this, it doesn’t have an actual plot, it’s not really any good, but hopefully one of you’s will like it. Also, cheers for requesting. 


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This guy turns, puts a point out that would kill his student, sees that the young fella can’t recover his distance and will kill himself, turns the edge and slaps him in the chest with the flat, (note that if the young fella continued his strike through, Nidar had voided the line of the strike and would be safe), all in like… a 1/10th of a second. I see people shit on Nidar and the art he teaches sometimes (ignoring the disputes re: is this Sikhi etc and just concerning the skill he shows), and I do not understand it. A man that can do that with sharp weapons and leave his student uncut and himself safe is someone I want to learn from.

EDIT: didn’t link at the time, start watching at 5:03 or so.

Sing Me To Sleep

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Lyric Prompt: (requested by anonymous) “I want to sleep next to you, but that’s all I want to do right now.” (Talk Me Down – Troye Sivan)  

Author’s Note: Hey fellas !!! This is a short n sweet, fluffy ass imagine to get you in that cozy/Christmas vibe!! When I read shit like this, it makes my heart go all fuzzy so hopefully you feel that too !! ALSO YES @ ANON I LOVE TROYE SO SO MUCH (Aussie represent !!!) 

Word Count: 1061

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“You had me at our first ‘Hey‘“(Ethan Dolan)

Author note: Hello my lovely fellas, I’m here with Ethan imagine. I really enjoyed writing this, so I think y’all gonna like it. Maybe it’s long, but anyway enjoy and if you have any requests or ideas, just let me know!

Words: 1,396

Week passed, when my best friend Ethan asked me to go with him in fancy charity party. At first I declined all his requests, but he didn’t give up and I finally said “Yes” . Only reason why I didn’t wanted to go, because I don’t feel good in my body. In charity party gonna be so many beautiful people, especially girls who can catch Ethans attention and I was just afraid of this. Everytime I felt like I’m not good enough for him.

„I hope you’re already done. I’m going to be at your place in 30minutes ;)“

„I‘m almost done.“

I send him message back and put my phone down. I done my make-up and pierced my pearl earrings. For the evening I put on tight, rose pastel color dress, which perfectly accent my body (the dress is in picture). My heels were black and they made my legs look a little bit longer. I curled my hair naturally and scent myself with vanilla perfume. I looked at myself last time in the mirror and walked downstairs. I got message from Ethan.

„I’m here.“

I grabbed my keys and walked through the door. I was so scared, that maybe I would look too bad for this fancy party, but I had to push away my negative thoughts and keep myself in confidence.

As I walked yard path I looked at Ethan, he was standing next to his car. He scanned my whole body with eyes making me blush a little bit. Ethan was wearing black suit and claret tie, his hair was fixed perfectly. This look stole my voice and breath.

„Hey, handsome“ I smiled and hugged Ethan.

„Well damn, Y/N. You‘re the only one handsome there“ He said speechless and opened cars door for me. I laughed a little bit and sat. When I sat down I remembered, that Grayson is in the cars back. I turned to him and smiled kindly.

„First of all, you need to chill. Second of all you look too god damn good. It hurts, you know“ Grayson said, when I wanted to say “Hey”. After his words I blushed and punched his knee.

„Thank you, Gray. But you looking like fire too“ I winked.

Ethan sat in the car and we finally moved. In the radio started to play Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It. When I heard that our song is playing, I laughed and started to sing along with Grayson, dancing a little bit too. In the middle of song we started to laugh, because we couldn’t breathe. Suddenly I felt Ethan looking at me. I sent him air kiss making him giggled. Grayson filmed few videos and posted in Snapchat.  

„Here we are.“ Ethan said and we looked around. Everywhere was photographers, flashes. I felt really excited inside. We didn’t wait anything and walked inside the building.

When we were in building I sighted slowly. Suddenly next to us I saw Cameron with Arron and Jc with Kian. Every single one of us praised each others look, but boys were speechless by my outfit

„What can I say, you‘re lucky guy Ethan“ Said Kian and drank something from his glass. „Gray, you too“

„Kian is right“ Cameron giggled and winked in Ethans side.

„I‘m lucky too, that I have two amazing persons by my side.“  I smiled looking at twins.

After few minutes conversation, Gray walked away with boys, leaving me and Ethan alone. Ethan suggested go to sit next to table. Suddenly few photographers asked to pose for photos. After few photos we walked to our table and sat down. I sat next to Ethan and sighted. I looked at Ethan who was taking photos and videos for Snapchat. Suddenly he turned phone to me.

„Pose“  He laughed. I turned at him and started to pose for photos, but I stopped after few minutes, and started to laugh.

„Oh God, that was worst poses ever“ I giggled.

„Actually no“ he giggled too. „I‘m really lucky and you looking absolutely stunning. I can‘t hide this. I mean you always look stunning, but tonight is something wow.“ He said.

„Thank you, I can say this about you same. But you need to stop, I‘m blushing too much“ I said covering my face with hands. I heard his laugh. Suddenly I heard cover of Maps, just in Vintage 1970s style. I loved this version so much and Ethan knew it. He stand up and stretched his one hand to me.

„This is your song, we need to dance“ He said to me and I stand up, giving him my hand. We walked to dance floor and started to dance. His hands was around my waist, my hands was around his neck and we were moving in rhythm. We both sang along with Singer and enjoyed every minute of this. Our dance was full of laugh, joy and somehow love. I just felt so much love. I looked at his eyes and smiled. I put my head on his shoulder and suddenly I felt how he pressed my body by his, making my smile bigger.

„Come in third floor. I don’t wanna lost.“

We got message from Grayson in group chat.

“We have to go.” I whispered in his ear. He just nodded and grabbed my hand. It felt somehow good, but still awkward. We walked in to elevator and pressed button. I moved closer Ethan taking his armrest, I saw his little satisfaction smile, making me giggle.

“What?” He asked.

“Oh nothing, Eth”


“Really, I just liked your smile. Full of satisfaction”

“Shut up” he said blushing.

After few seconds we were in third floor. We walked from elevator and started to search for Grayson. We saw him talking with Jake and Logan, so both us came to them. Brothers complimented my outfit and I thanked them. I didn’t knew, that my outfit can make this impression for everybody. Soon Ethan excused ourselves and grabbed my hand. I didn’t know where we going, but then I saw a big balcony with view to LA. This building was on mountain, so view from there was wonderful. Balcony was empty, so I took my heels off and I picked them to hold them in my hands.

“Oh my God, I could be here forever” I said to Ethan spinning around few times. When I stopped and started ran to Ethan. He looked so good, his smile, oh and his laugh, I could listen for hours. “I’m happy that I can experience this with my best friend” Actually, my love.

He looked a little upset now, so he just nodded.

“Is everything okay? Because you look sad. If I did something wrong, just tell me.” I put my chin on his shoulder, looking at his face features. But he still hasn’t spoked anything. “Ethan say something.” Still nothing. “You know if you found some girl and she made you sad right now, just tell. I’m gonna kick her ass” Finally he started to laugh.

“Oh my god, this is why I love you”

“You what?” I freeze. “ You love me?”

“I didn’t mean it.” He went silent. “Okay, liar. I mean it.” He sighted. My heart started to beat faster. He turned at me with full body and spoked “I know maybe this isn’t right time to say that I love you, but I really do. And when you said ‘Best friend’ it made me really sad. Maybe I’m tired of hearing everytime these words, when I truly love you. And I know this is awkward, because… Oh never mind.” We both looked down shyly.

“You had me at our first ‘Hey’ and this is such a right time, you don’t even know” I giggled and blushed. Suddenly I saw big smile on his face and his eyes on my lips. “You..You can do it if you want”

He looked at me last time and leaned for a kiss. His lips was so soft, I just wanted more and more. He wrapped his hands around my waist and pressed my body by his. We both smiled during our kiss and I just remembered, that this is my first kiss.

“You’re good kisser, even tho this was your first kiss” Ethan chuckled.

“Well thank you, love” I said kissing him one more time.

Lil' note to all you fellas out there:

Unless you look like Channing Tatum in every single one of those godawful dance movies, keep your shirt on in public. I can’t count the number of times today that I found myself on the verge of bringing up my Taco Bell breakfast burrito all over those wrinkly, snow-white beer bellies and puffy dessert nipples. What happened to everyone getting beach ready by the time it hits mid-June?

The Highway to Hell

Reference: #11

Author: Wicked Winchester

Words: 4,627

Note: Alright fellas, I’m back in the game for writing fictions! so now you should see the requests in order except in case of a special occasion.

“Mary, c’mon honey, give daddy a kiss before he leaves.” Dean called out to his three year old daughter in the sweetest voice possible. He knelt down and picked her up as she giggled her way into her father’s arms. Her tiny hands cupped Dean’s face as her face leaned forwards to give a light peck on her father’s cheek. She then wrapped her tiny arms around her father’s neck, as her face rested on Dean’s shoulder. Even though she didn’t know what love was just yet, she found it in her father’s embrace. You couldn’t help but see your boyfriend rub your daughter’s back and feel the warmth in his gesture. 

“Daddy? where are you and…and…uncle Sammy going?” She said in her adorable baby voice as she looked up at Dean, confused to why her father and her uncle were leaving her. She stammered a little while putting her concern out there for Dean to address

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