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2.18.17- hi! i hope you’re all having a great day (or night, depending on where you are lol). these are some fun notes on development.  this unit has a lot of focus on issues regarding inequality- making for a good learning experience. today i met with some friends for lunch- and started rereading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince *quietly obsesses*

What did I do last night?

Binge Santa Clarita Diet and YES, I HIGHLY recommend it!

I was a tiny bit disappointed that only the first episode had some gore in it. The rest I would categorise as light body horror. And the season’s last episode didn’t give me as many answers as I had hoped so when the credits rolled, I was like “what?! that’s it?!”

But apart from that, it’s a real delight! It’s so insane and freaky and funny! It is SO funny! And I love the characters, they’re quirky and charming and unique. (I JUST LOVE JOEL HE’S SO AWKWARD)

Please check it out!

David in Portland

I’m writing this while I’m still on a David high…last night was so good and I still cannot believe I finally saw David in person. First off, a few personal notes. One, my outfit was a success. Second, stopping at Powell’s and finally purchasing Bucky F*cking Dent was the best decision of the day (more on that later).

-When David came out on stage for the sound check it was one of those moments when the breath was just taken out of my lungs and my heart started beating very quickly. 

-Here are my initial reactions to David in person. Yeah. It was a lot. And yeah. He smells like a very good man.

-He is so handsome. I have heard from so many people that this is true (that he’s way more handsome in person than he is in photos) and today I saw it for myself. Indeed. He is, honestly, hot. So hot. It was the #1 thought running through my mind on my hour drive home.

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Since @shadesofmagicseries asked this (about this post: I figured I’d take a minute to analyze.

I am, along with SoM, a hardcore Harry Potter fan as well.


Holland shows many a Ravenclaw trait in the books, though it may be difficult to tell. The reason he could be hard to pin down is because in ADSOM we literally ONLY see the Holland that is controlled by Athos Dane. And that is far more a sign of Athos’s horribleness than anything Holland is as a person.

(As a side note, I would put Athos and Astrid in either Gryffindor or Slytherin, but we’d have to have V to conform to know for sure.)

In AGOS, however, we get to see more of who Holland really is. Even though he has Osaron in his head, Holland is in control of his actions for the majority of that book. He makes calculated risks, plans, and sacrifices to save his world.

He’s not doing it for the glory like a Gryffindor would, and he’s not doing it for the benefit to himself like a Slytherin would, or even for the benefit to others like a Hufflepuff would. He’s doing it, in my opinion, because it’s the logical, intelligent, best course of action.

He obviously loves his world, his London, but his motivations seem to have always been that he wants to do what is BEST. Not *right* necessarily, but *best*. Best for White London.


Now, since I’ve seen others (mostly on twitter) ask about the other three, let’s talk about them.

Lila is, I feel, pretty obvious. She has ambition coming out of her ears. She’s not always the most cunning, but she sure as hell wants to be. And she is more proactive and more competent than most main characters in almost any book you pick up. Delilah Bard does not wait for plot to happen to her. She goes out and she makes things happen.

When I saw that Rhy was Gryffindor I rolled my eyes and thought OF COURSE. I’m Gryffindor too, and I relate to Rhy in so many ways. He’s the life of the party when he wants and needs to be, and yet there’s an underlying fear of failure in his heart that I think most people don’t realize is very common for Gryffindors. He wants to be the very best, and he’s terrified he won’t be able to rise to the occasion. (But I believe he’ll make it. Don’t disappoint me, Schwab.)

Last of all, my dear Kell. I said I’m Gryffindor, which is true, but I have a lot of Hufflepuff in me as well. Kell’s loyalty is going to kill him someday (please not in ACOL). He owes everything to the Maresh crown, and he also knows they use him–which he feels is wrong. But he can’t justify walking away from the only family he’s ever known–even if it is problematic. Add Lila, flying into his life like a damn hurricane, and Kell finds someone else he could be loyal to, pulling him in multiple directions.

V said on twitter that Alucard opted out of Hogwarts, which makes sense all things considered. He would get cabin fever in that castle. So would Lila, to be fair. But if I had to guess where the Sorting Hat might put Alucard, I’d guess Ravenclaw. He’s a smart one, and he likes his wordplay. That’s a very Ravenclaw thing 😉

Any thoughts? Do you agree/disagree with my explanations? Let me know!

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annotating Jekyll&Hyde for english revision!! i’m going to the gym early tomorrow but i also wanna get some more maths revision done and im aiming to sort out my history revision:))

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Your blog is the sweetest thing that i have run across on this tumblr. you made my day :) I am sure your site reflects you. Have a great day :)

Thank you so much for this lovely message. You have brightened my day…which I truly needed today. Have a sweet Saturday! ~Miranda

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Dude my friend went to seoul for the wings tour and she said there was a live band and jin's solo had fckng violins!!!! I am so much more excited for you and everyone going to the concert. It's gonna be so epicccccc

Oh my god I couldn’t imagine seeing this concert in Seoul - I’m so jealous of your friend, but oh my god I’m so glad she got to go. Their concerts just seem like dreams, like worlds created just for them for US their fans and it’s - - - amazing.  

I’m so excited to go I can’t even hardly talk about it honestly anon, I still can’t believe it’s really happening.  I will do my best to go and tell you all the stories I am able to collect in my overheated brain < 3 


Guys, these are my personal story notes that I often referred back to whilst conducting DPOE. This breaks down the ENTIRE story into bits and pieces that I used as reference for world-building as we went along. That being said, I’m posting these before I share the actual ending details because I don’t think I’d be able to do the story justice just writing it out since we won’t be doing these reveals trial-style.

This is going to spoil EVERYTHING. But I also highly recommend reading over it and just going ahead and marinating on all the information I’ve laid out here because I think it’ll make things easier to understand when I go on to talk about the endings to this verse.

I understand everything here because, obviously, I knew everything that was going on. I’ll explain things further as I break down the actual endings for you, but if you read this and have questions you want answered RIGHT HERE AND NOW, please feel free to send stuff to my inbox and I’ll answer you.

This is the last info dump I have for you for right now. The ending stuff isn’t pre-written, so I’ll figure that out on my end and explain some loose ends that obviously aren’t touched in this document.

This is a WORLD-BUILDING info dump that I shared with M.onokuma’s Jury so they would know what was going on while helping me behind the scenes, NOT the endings themselves. But, again, I highly suggest you read all of this because looking over my personal notes will help you understand the direction the ending is going to go in when I further explain some things. It’ll begin shining some light on things. I know it’s a lot, but… it’s the beginnings of something I, and my behind the scenes crew, worked very hard on, so I hope you’ll enjoy getting some of the fog cleared up.


Here we go.

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On a lighter note, my bff is also queer but he isn’t really involved in online communities. I’ve been recommending queer shows for him to watch for a while and he’s just starting Eyewitness. He was so excited about seeing main characters that were just like him?? What a pure boy i love his dorky ass

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Hi! Can you tell me the things that you love about Germany and it's language, culture, etc? (I'm losing the motivation to learn German....)

There are a million things I love most about Germany, so this will be a somewhat incoherent stream-of-consciousness thing. And as strange as it might sound, Berliner Döner is perhaps the #1 thing on the list, tied of course with the German language and the secularism I’ve experienced in the country. But I should note that Döner, to a person like me who studied Germanistik, is not just a food that I don’t have in my country. Döner is what you get after partying with your friends in the city after a week of hard classes where you open your mind to different ideas and everyone seems to be a diligent student, the Dönerladen the place where you go to get asked, at least in my case, Türkçe biliyor musun? because you look like my cousin and wait, your family is Greek -we’re practically cousins! Döner is a side product of the cultural exchange which led to the artistic creations of people like Şinasi Dikmen, Fatih Akin, and Kaya Yanar. German, Türkish-German, Russian-German …, the whole layout of society and the subsets that come out of it and contribute to the whole culture are fascinating to me. The people are amazing, with some assholes, of course. Germany is a place where you’re encouraged to go out, be social, have fun and explore. People generally recognise wenn es einem nicht gut geht and try to address problems rather than ignoring or pushing them to the side. I feel that Germans (not to rip on American intelligence, which there is on occasion) are generally more informed about the world and less likely to say stupid things even if they disagree with each other. I know that sounds vague, but I can’t describe it in any other way. Knowledge is applauded there, and even the most religious people are secular enough to keep their opinions about your atheism to themselves. Usually. There’s also just something about the way people assess the world, again, generally speaking in comparison to where I’m from, that seems more accurate. Since I hope to live rationally and educate myself about die Welt, worin wir leben as accurately as possible, a life in Germany just seems to be the ideal starting point for cultivating this desire. (Note: this is only in regards to me personally. I know that other people will find their Germany in some other country and their German in some other language, as they should since they are not me.) Then there is the literature, which is incredible in part because of the language, which to me feels right to speak and think in. German literature is more a mind than words on a page. And then there are the fantastic foods and beers, the view of the landscape, the feel of Berlin as a city that houses my soul, the castles, the philosophy, the opportunity, and even all the things I criticise regularly, the problems to solve, the goals to work towards that I haven’t mentioned here. Although it may seem like it, I don’t view Germany as a utopia of any kind and I wouldn’t argue that it is objectively the best country in the world; but it is the place where I can see myself living and participating as a contentious citizen who wants to better society in the future. (:


I have had a word with ‘thatickything’  (The person who has been impersonating me over on Ao3.)

I will not claim that the issue has been resolved, but I have said what I need to say, and I have received all of the confessions, answers, and evidence, that I need, or may need in the future.

Please do not message this person over the issue, or any other for that matter. Not because I care about them, but because the attention only serves to fuel their actions, it’s what they want. That is the sole reason they are doing this. So please, as hard as it is, try to ignore them. 

Just a side-note, know that I want nothing to do with this person. It has been that way for a long time, and as far as I was aware, I’d washed my hands of her a long time ago. I never have, nor will I begin participating in any conversations, discussions, call-outs, etc, and so if you see my name being used in relation to this issue, or any other, on Ao3, Kiwifarms or anywhere that isn’t my Tumblr account, please be aware that it is not me


- Tex.

i just wanted to say

thank you for supporting my Life Comics. like i really put myself out there when i post them and a lot of them show really vulnerable moments in my life and it just…means so much to me to see the response they are getting. one of them hit 1k notes today. another one is close to 900. and in particular, a very personal one just hit 150. and people are writing their stories and sympathies in the tags and i just feel so supported and accepted and validated and NOT ALONE

so thank you so much ;;;; every like and reblog and comment and tag on those comics is making such a difference in my life i love you all so much <3

A little update: I’m not dead, but I am busy with schoolwork and patreon rewards atm so there pb wont be an update on this blog until after next Tuesday? I’m not sure yet, my schedule has been all over the place this entire month 

Hopefully this doesn’t happen in March as well, since I do still want to hold a birthday party stream on my birthday for yall

On a side note my personal blog has stopped being a reference blog and has become the shitpost central 


I accidentally posted a brief personal note about depression on on here, but it was supposed to go to my personal Tumblr. 

If you want to, you can read it here.

Sorry about that.