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So someone from youtube told me to make a Papyrus version of a ‘draw your squad’. I couldn’t say no. XD

I’ll share the speedpaint/video soon!

Underlust © @nsfwshamecave

Ink!Papyrus © @7goodangel

Feeling guilty for eating something is not rational

Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is fucking delicious don’t you dare feel bad about yourself for eating some

Food does not equal guilt

You wanted it so you fucking ate it

And you are HAPPY


  • Victor: This is obviously a romantic sports anime. Yuri and I are the main characters so that means we're love interests.
  • The other ice skaters: Yeah then what are we?
  • Victor: *points at everyone* You guys are the homosexual supporting cast.
Almas diferentes 
la clara tú, la oscura yo 
y al final, como el bien y el mal, 
somos almas gemelas

Dear John is sad because Taylor is looking back on a toxic relationship and going “I should’ve known”; however, it also has a strong undertone of “I got out of this, and now you can watch me be happy without you”, and that ends the song on a more empowering note, where even though she regrets the relationship she is proud that she got out of it. 

Better Man is sad because Taylor is haunted by this toxic relationship, tormented by memories of when it was magical, of when it was everything she ever wanted; she gave it everything, and in her love she grew blind to its growing toxicity. Even though she ran from it, it follows her around, and the song has a strong tone that she’s still trying to escape from the memories of when it seemed perfect and magical and forever.


Now he finally knows the answer. Maybe this is what he wanted. Maybe it’s why he stood there and taunted Roland. Because he’d rather be killed with a furious hand, than dismembered with cool indifference.
                                                                                          Unwind by Neal Shusterman.

Secret's Out

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Summary: The Joker’s henchmen aren’t fond of you and make sure to let you know it. Up until now, all of this has been easy to hide. But secrets don’t ever stay secrets for long.

Pairings: Joker x Reader


Warnings: Mentions of abusive (?)


Word Count: 1121

A/N: I really need to chill a little bit when it comes to the Joker… #someonehelpme


I winced as I applied another, thicker, layer of concealer onto the bruise. It was all just suppose to be an easy, in and out, mission. Yet I still managed to get a kick to the ribs, from none other than one of the Joker’s henchmen himself.

Though I don’t think it was completely accidental, I did note the look of extreme regret that overwhelmed the man’s features right after he did it.

It was not entirely surprising that he did that to me. The henchman tend to always have a bone to pick with me. Though never entirely sure of the reason, I tried to talk it out - but it always ended up in one of them “accidentally” hurting me during a mission or while J was out.

Mostly, everyone thought my relationship with the Joker was abusive. On the contrary. The Joker and I had an, almost, healthy relationship. He wouldn’t hurt me purposely and he sure as hell didn’t tolerate it when anyone else even tried to.

So why hasn’t he put an end to the henchmen problem?

Well that’s because I haven’t exactly told him. It had been easy enough to play off up until this point; blaming it out the security guards or police. But the bruises were never this big, nor were they in such an obvious place.

I was at a loss for what to do.

Mr. J would notice this for sure. He’d kill the henchmen who did it… and in turn make the rest of them hate me even more.

I heard the door open to our bedroom and I quickly added more concealer, before I pulled down my shirt and walked out of our bathroom.

I gave Joker a bright smile as I spotted him pulling off his coat, “Hey babe.”

J looked up at me with a smile before his eyes took me in from head to toe - obviously searching for any injuries, “Hey pumpkin. You okay? Heard that you practically could’ve done that in your sleep with how easy it was.”

I chuckled nervously and nodded, sitting tentatively on the edge of the bed, “Uh huh.”

He frowned slightly, walking closer and extending a hand, “Don’t I get a kiss? Or at least a hug?”

I involuntarily flinched as his hand - far too use to dodging and getting one too many slaps from the others that way - before I shrugged gently, “Why don’t you come and kiss me for a change?”

Joker’s frowned deepened, not missing the flinch, as he got to a crouch in front of me, making us eye level, “Doll…What’s wrong?”

I rolled my eyes lightly, giving him a smile, “Nothing.”

He narrowed his eyes slightly and pouted, the face practically making me melt, “You know you can tell me anything right?”

“I know. But…I’m fine.”

Slight annoyance crept into his voice as he stood back up again, “Fine. Then come here and give me my kiss.”

I sighed, trying my absolute hardest not to wince as I stood up and wrapped my arms around his neck, “You big baby.”

I pressed my lips to his and almost got away with it, but it all quickly came apart when he wrapped me in his arms… I couldn’t help but yelp and pull away from his - normally - tight grip.

He watched me, eyes wide in concern, “Baby, tell me what’s wrong.”

I sighed gently, “Nothing! I swear it’s-”

Before I could finish, J had lifted the corner of my shirt up and was now staring at the bruise - that the concealer did absolutely nothing for - silently.

I whimpered, tears now freely falling as the thoughts of him making me leave flooded my head, “I’m sorry! It was all my fault! I know you expected me to be strong and now you know I wasn’t. I’m really really really sorry. Please don’t hate me!”

J sighed, the anger in his eyes practically deathly, “Who did this to you?”

I sniffled, not meeting his eyes as I muttered, “One of your henchmen…”

Even he couldn’t mask his surprise at this confession, clearly not expecting it.


I took a shaky breath, still crying even though I tried my hardest not to, “And it wasn’t the first time but- but-”

He widen his eyes slightly, both of them burning with unchecked rage, before he turned towards the door to leave.

He stopped before closing it behind him and half turned towards me as he gave me a ghost of a smile, “Stay here. I’ve got some business to take care of.”

I pouted, wiping away the tears before walking back over to the bathroom and hopping quickly in the shower. Just the thoughts of what J was going to do sent shivers down my spine and caused my anxiety to go through the roof… the last thing I needed was for the henchmen to hurt me even more.

Later that night, I was curled up our bed laying facing the empty side where J usually sleeps, as I watched J crawled in besides me.

He brushed the hair out of my face and gave me a smile, “I took care of it, princess. It’s all set.”

I frowned slightly, “What do you mean? J, please tell me you didn’t kill him. They’ll all hate me! They’ll hate me more than they already do!”

Tears prickled my eyes as I imagined what they would do; the panic shown plain as day in my features.

It wasn’t that I couldn’t handle my own, because god knows I could, but when they all ganged up on me? Size outweighed strength and ability.

J pulled me towards him gently and shushed me, “Hey, don’t worry about them. They’re all gone. For good. And if any of these new guys dare lay a hand on you, they’ll die immediately. Okay? Everyday I’m going to be here protecting you. No matter what.”

I sighed and nodded, practically curling into him and his warmth as I basically hid from the world, “Okay.”

As I drifted off more and more into sleep I heard him sigh and mutter, “They really hurt you. And I was too blind to see it as it happened right in front of my eyes.”

I hummed, really not having the energy to look up at him, “Guess my secret’s out.”

With that, I let myself completely drift off. If J said more, I didn’t hear it. Or I didn’t choose to listen.  

In this moment I had all the reassurance I needed that things would be okay… at least, for a little while… and all of that was enough to let me fall soundly asleep in J’s arms.

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