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Protection//Im Jaebum (Part 11)

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Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Supernatural, Vampire

Summary: After being saved from an absolute stranger, you find yourself in a different world; A world you never knew existed, a world where you find yourself less protected than before.

Author’s Note:Things are going to start getting intense c: I hope you enjoy!

xoxo Sara


You attempted to lift your head up, but it hurt your neck too much. You knew you heard your name come from somewhere, but you didn’t know where.

You struggled to try and get on your back so you could observe the place of imprisonment that you were in; although you would feel like a turtle on its back after your had done so. You forced yourself and all of your weight onto one side, making you flip over. You let out a soft groan, squeezing your eyes shut because of the immense spirals of pain that were shooting up your sides and back.

“(Y/N), is that you?” you heard someone call desperately, the voice soft and gentle, although it seemed as if it were dire to hear you answer it.

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Who is in Control - Part 6

10 years ago, you and Tony Stark met and he adopted you.
Today, you are his heir and the newest member of the Avengers.
Your first mission? Help Bucky Barnes.
Oh boy, you wished things were this simple.

Word counting:  1600+
Notes: Keep in mind: Age of Ultron Never happened here. Gifs are from google or tumblr.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Mutant!Reader
Present characters: Female Reader, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, OMC Patrick O’Malley
Chapter: 5/??
Chapter name: You Trust Me
Warnings: Semi-nudity (Is it a warning? I don’t know); reader is a bit sassy; telekinesis display; poor Patrick never gives up. It’s an incredibly soft chapter guys, don’t worry. 

 Series Masterlist

It took almost an hour for Bucky to find Y/N, and she was literally in the middle of the massage Tony had scheduled the previous night.

He came into her room without caring about the guy massaging the woman and sat down on her bed.

“You trust me.” He stated.

Y/N smirked.


They went silent for a while, until she interrupted the masseuse.

“You can go, thank you” She said, wrapping herself in the towel while getting up.

After the man left, she was finally alone with Bucky, who refuse to look in her direction, and didn’t fail to notice he had quite a lot of blood in his cheeks.  

“We’re going shopping, so we can buy you new clothes.” She told him. “Half of your clothes are from Steve, and the other half are older than my father. The only exception is your uniform, and you hardly ever wear it.”

He wasn’t looking at her, so she grabbed his chin and fixed his piercing eyes on hers.

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“I won’t bite you if you look at me, Bucky.”

He stood up and walked away, leaving the Stark alone, and she sighed.

“J.A.R.V.I.S.” She called, letting the towel fall.  

“Yes, miss?”

“I’m leaving in 30 minutes.” She told him. “I’d like my car to be ready.”

“Which one would you like?”

“Pick your favorite.”

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That Could’ve Been Us - Part 1 (Zig x MC Fanfic)

Summary: Hartfeld University Coffee Shop. It’s been 6 years since the last time you saw your senior boyfriend. 6 years since you broke up. But when he walks into the coffee shop, all the memories of the past come back to life, leaving you wondering about what could’ve been and what could still be.

Author’s note: Part 1 of 2. ;)

That Could’ve Been Us - Part 1 (Zig x MC Fanfic)

She was about to turn a page when she heard his name. Her fingers froze at the corner of the dog-eared paper, the words beginning to swirl unintelligibly before her eyes. A silence followed in the coffee shop after the name was called out. “There must be other guys named the same,” she mumbled to herself, shaking her head and flipping the page of her book. But she couldn’t read any longer. That name. It was a name she hadn’t spoken out loud for many years, a name she hadn’t heard anyone say in years either.  

“One tall chocolate chip frap for Zig!”  

It’s the name again.

Cautiously lowering her book, she looked around the coffee shop for signs of the dark-haired guy that caught her eye back in college. “It’s impossible,” she whispered to herself. The last time she saw Zig was at her college graduation six years ago. He had teased her she looked sexy in her graduation gown, and even asked if she had time to put anything on beneath it. She remembered giving him a stern look and punching him playfully on his tattooed shoulder, though a little flattered the thought crossed his mind.

“Is there a Zig in here?”

It HAD to be the same Zig. She had met no other Zig even with all the traveling she did after college. If it WAS Zig, what was he doing back in Hartfeld? Zig had enrolled during her senior year, three years after Chris’ program on “second chances” was finally running smoothly. She remembered how Zig’s eyes widened when he cracked open his first college textbooks. She had caught him inhaling the scent of the book’s pages, and he had sheepishly grinned at her. She recalled how they had carried the books together to his dorm room. She also remembered stripping off his signature white shirt, and he unzipping her jeans shortly after, hurriedly making love before his roommate arrived. 

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The Game is On (Part 6 - Final)

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Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader (AU)

Word Count: 3,423 (not even remotely sorry)

Warnings: cuteness, fluffy, jealousy over Steve not being your boyfriend?

Summary: You and Steve have been together for six years, happily living life in your Brooklyn apartment. On the night of your six-year anniversary, you come home to find a folded note on the table with your name written in Steve’s scripted handwriting. Inside? Instructions to your own personal treasure hunt to find your surprise - and Steve - at the end, and you have 20 minutes to start! The game is on…

A/N: Here it is! The final part to @bionic-buckyb‘s 5K writing challenge! I considered doing an epilogue…but ultimately figured I’d end it here and if an epilogue was requested then I’d do it. But this has been a wonderful story to write, I gave myself many jealous and fluffy feels, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did <3

Also, I cried writing this final chapter because it was so beautiful for me to imagine. So I do not apologize for any feels given, because they’re beautiful!

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5]

(Your POV)

You stopped outside the doors to your building. Anxiety filling you with dread at the thought of ruining this perfect evening with that stupid envelope.

You twisted your hands around each other nervously, as you mentally prepared yourself to move forward and into the building. One step at a time. Deep breaths, one step at a time. Don’t think about what’s waiting for you, don’t think about telling Steve. Just walk up the stairs and into the building. You’ve done it a million times before, this time is no different.

Your body was moving before your mind realized what was happening, acting on autopilot as you walked up the stairs and straight for your front door. Your heart was in your throat, you felt like you couldn’t breathe as you thought about the fact that the only thing between you and Steve, and how you were about to change his life, was one wooden door. You stood, frozen on the spot, as you willed your body to knock.

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Life with a Trickster (Master Post)

Summary:  Every relationship has it’s moments of hilarity, of sadness, happiness and joy.  But when you are dating the Trickster/Archangel Gabriel…those moments are a daily occurrence. 

***NOTE:  This is a collection of stories that started as a one shot, then got a sequel, and then another, and so on.  I left the original names on these first chapters to avoid confusion.  

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Part 1: Girl Worth Fighting For

Part 2: Be Our Guest

Part 3: Little Gabriel

Part 4: Where they Got It

Part 5: The Contest 

Part 6: The Contest Part 2 

Part 7: The Fight

Part 8: Just Deserts

Part 9: Home

Part 10: Angel Blade

Senioritis (Part 6)

Avengers x Reader

Summary: College applications are hard, but thankfully you have the Avengers to help out

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1.4k

Parts: 1 2 3 4 5

A/N: These are all little independent stories, but it can help to read them all :)

Notes: [Y/N] = your name

You stare at the computer screen in front of you, letting out the millionth sigh of the day. The document in front of you is completely blank, and you have no idea what to add. All day you have been trying to write up your college application to no avail, and it is due at midnight. You still have not even been able to fill out the “Personal Information” section of the application, which is the easiest part because it literally just asks about your name, phone number, address, parents, etc.

The worst part is that the essay prompts are all so incredibly generic that you have no idea what would leave the biggest impression on the colleges you apply for. All of the prompts revolve around stupid stuff like “what’s had a big impact on your life,” “what was a defining moment for you,” “tell us about your character” and a million other variations of the same idea.

This isn’t fair, you think. I literally am an Avenger, which would probably get me into any college I want. But no, I decided to keep a secret identity, and now it’s come back to bite me in the butt.

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From Something to Nothing to Something - (Alfred x Reader)

From Something to Nothing to Something” - Part 1

(Alfred Pennyworth x Reader)

Key: (Y/N) = Your Name, (L/N) = Your Last Name

Warnings: Talk of Violence, Talk of Death, Minor Offensive Language,

Summary: Reader is about 25 years old. She is a friend of the Wayne family who moved to Gotham about 6 months ago. She is a bartender/waitress at Oswald’s. She has been able to adjust to the craziness of the city while working at Oswald’s. But when her apartment gets broken into during a really rough part of her life, it seems like her world gets flipped upside down. Maybe Alfred and Bruce can help?

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Author’s Note: This is my very first piece that I’ve ever written and published on here. I am so nervous to post this and have people actually read it! I’ve been a long time reader of many fantastic blogs such as @luciebell-writes , @oswald-cobblepot-addicted , @oswald-cobblepot-imagines , and @jokesterwrites . I hope that one day I can be as good as them! I also know that Alfred x Reader isn’t really anticipated as much as some of the other characters. But I know I’d personally like to see more of this, so why not write it myself? 

This is just part one. I really wanted this part to be more of an introduction to this storyline. I really hope you enjoy! Please feel free to message me or anything with feedback!

- DreaSaurusREX

6 Months Ago -

You had known Thomas and Martha Wayne since you were little. Your father and Thomas had been pals in college and always kept in touch. Throughout your life, you always felt like you had a second family. So when they heard that you planned on visiting Gotham for a few weeks , they were ecstatic!

You were driving on the interstate when you got a phone call from the Wayne’s butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Thomas and Martha had been shot.

You made a choice that night: You weren’t going to just be visiting Gotham. You were going to pick up everything and move to the city. Bruce would need you. Even Alfred could potentially need you.

4 Months Later -

These first few months in Gotham hadn’t really gone as you expected them to. You tried to get a job as a stage manager or some sort of backstage help in the theater district, but nothing opened for you. So you went to the one place that could heal this wound- a bar.

You stumbled upon Oswald’s and found out that they needed a bartender and waitress for their grand opening in a week. You knew your way around a well stocked bar and could deal with taking drunk people’s orders. So you walked up to the tough looking guy by the door, who was referred to as Butch, and said “Hello! My name is (Y/N) (L/N), and I am your new bartender and waitress.”
After that, you went through an interview process and got the job that afternoon. You knew that you had to go back to your apartment and update Alfred. He wasn’t too fond of the idea of you working there, but you calmed his nerves and told him that this was just temporary. It was sweet that Alfred was worried for you. At least you had one close friend in this insane city.

Present Day -

You’ve been working at Oswald’s for quite some time now. During your time there, you have found out that Mr.Cobblepot has some dangerous people in his life. You’ve now seen your fair share of gunfights, knife fights, and any sort of violence in this club.  But you had Butch teach you some basic defense skills and how to use a gun (which you now had hiding under the counter and in your purse).

This was very unsettling to Bruce and Alfred. More so Alfred than Bruce. You tried countless times to reassure them that you were okay and that enduring all of this had its benefits. You got a raise because you didn’t quit after any of these incidents, and you learned some useful protective skills. Bruce had slowly become more and more okay with your situation. Alfred on the other hand was still hesitant about ignoring these dangers, and insisted on checking up on you every so often. So you compromised and made sure to call him almost every day when you got home safe from work.

One day you decided to call Alfred while you walked home. You hadn’t been able to call him in a few nights because you ended up working overtime in order to earn some extra money for your apartment’s rent. This had truly worried Alfred. He told himself that if one more night went by, then he would start searching for you.

The phone only rang twice before you heard that all too familiar accent of Alfred’s.

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Who is in Control - Part 7

10 years ago, you and Tony Stark met and he adopted you.
Today, you are his heir and the newest member of the Avengers.
Your first mission? Help Bucky Barnes.
Oh boy, you wished things were this simple.

(Reposting because I messed up with the order of the chapters. Sorry)

Word counting:  1200+
Chapter Summary: You decide to share an important part of your life with Bucky. His reaction isn’t exactly what you expect. 
Notes: Keep in mind: Age of Ultron Never happened here. Gifs are from google or tumblr.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Mutant!Reade
Present characters: Female Reader, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Patrick O’Malley , J.A.R.V.I.S., unnamed children
Chapter: 6/??
Chapter name: You don’t know me 
Warnings: A bit of angst; Bucky is a bit of a dick, but he is sorry; Scottish Accent; Steve always understands the references; Game of Thrones reference; Crying; 

 Series Masterlist

Y/N drove to one of New York’s smaller streets while Bucky alternated between watching her and the scenery by her side.

“I don’t really sleep at night. Four or five hours, no more.” She told him. “Do you know what helps me sleep?”

He shook his head as she parked the car.

“Follow me.”

The woman grabbed the boxes without waiting for his help and went to a house she had built years ago. They offered food, medical care, beds and other services to homeless kids. She used to visit the kids whenever she could, always making time to them.

“They help me sleep at night. They give me peace.”

When she opened the door, all the attention came to the two.

“Y/N!” The kids exclaimed.

The Stark put the box on the table with a huge smile on her face and all the little (and not so little) arms were automatically around her in hugs. Some kids lived in the shelter, and with the help of the city, they looked for families that could adopt them.

“I brought dessert.” She told them with a big smile on her face.

Y/N loved those kids. She would do anything for them, give anything to keep them safe and happy, well feed, and out of the streets.

Soon enough, she was giving them the desserts Patrick prepared, and listening as they talked about their weeks. She almost didn’t notice Bucky leave and didn’t stop him, but decided to find him after 20 minutes.

Who knows what could happen if she left him alone for too long.

“Are you okay?” Y/N asked with a smile on her face and her hands on the back pockets of the jeans she wore.

Bucky didn’t look happy. He had a look on is face, and his jaw was clenched.

“What do you do here? Why are you here?”

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The Game is On (Part 2)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader (AU)

Word Count: 1,849

Warnings: cuteness, fluffy, jealousy over Steve not being your boyfriend?

Summary: You and Steve have been together for six years, happily living life in your Brooklyn apartment. On the night of your six-year anniversary, you come home to find a folded note on the table with your name written in Steve’s scripted handwriting. Inside? Instructions to your own personal treasure hunt to find your surprise - and Steve - at the end, and you have 20 minutes to start! The game is on…

A/N: This is the second part to @bionic-buckyb‘s 5K writing challenge - I’m hoping to do this in 6 parts (1 part per clue) but I’m unfortunately very crap at sticking to plans (sorry)

** = flashback scene

[Part 1]

You pulled your phone out in the taxi, seeing a text from Steve.

- Hey Doll, how’s it going?

- The first clue was easy. Everyone was staring though, it felt so weird to be at the hospital and not in my scrubs. Can you give me a hint on my surprise?

- No can do pretty lady, if I give you any hints then you’ll guess it and this effort will be ruined. Just trust me

- It wouldn’t be ruined. This is beautiful, I love it, but you know I hate surprises because I hate not knowing!

- Which is exactly why this is the perfect surprise! Enjoy yourself

- Ok well I’ll see you soon then lover boy xo

- See you soon doll xo

You put your phone away as the cab pulled up to the curb outside of the theatre, paying him and stepping out as your mind raced back to your first date.

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RotG fic: Counterweight 11/?

Title: Counterweight 11/?

Rating: NC-17 

Note: Modern day AU of my fantasy blackice fic The heavy weight of duty but can be read standalone. 

Word count: 782

Summary: The fundraiser is insufferably dull and Jack goes onto the balcony for a smoke. When a tall dark stranger named Pitch follows him, suddenly it’s not so dull any more.

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 10


Jack wishes he’d suggested they meet at a bar instead. His nerves are jingle-bell-jangling and alcohol would help with that a hell of a lot more than coffee.

The only thing that helps is watching the snow; thick gentle flakes pirouetting through the darkness. His window-seat was occupied by the red-haired woman last time. He remembers his story for her: that she was seeing where she fit into the city before calling it home. It seems appropriate for him, too. While Jack’s always lived in New York, it’s never really been home. Not that warm, fuzzy sitcom version of home, anyway. It’s been a place he’s lived. A place haunted by his mother, where every sibling-smile is accompanied by memories of their mother that he can never share, leaving him feeling more a ghost than she is.

Jack’s never really fit into the jigsaw puzzle of this city, but maybe he’s just been trying to fit in the wrong places. A city like this, there’s got to be somewhere he belongs.

Maybe that somewhere is an apartment on the fifth floor of the Dakota.

Jack rolls his eyes at his thoughts. He doesn’t bother telling himself he’s only known Pitch a few days; he’s been reminding himself on the hour, every hour all weekend and it’s not done much good yet. The best thing to do it just roll with it, he’s decided. Or tried to decide.

When the door opens Jack feels a one-two punch of panic and relief to see Pitch walk in. Today’s outfit is a woollen greatcoat and fitted trousers – all black, of course. Those same battered Docs that could really do with a good polish. Snowflakes like stars against his dark hair. Jack’s throat feels a little tight as he shoves a smile into place.

“Hey,” he says, lifting a hand in a wave. Pitch’s eyes find him and Jack’s throat tightens a little more. Please don’t let me screw up again.

“Hello,” Pitch says, and shrugs off his coat. Beneath he’s wearing a black sweater that clings to his arms, emphasises his lean strength. “How are you feeling?”

“Nervous,” Jack says. There doesn’t seem to be much point hiding it. Pitch pauses, his hands on the back of his chair, before excusing himself to go and get a drink. It feels good to be honest, Jack realises. So used to wearing masks everywhere, honesty is a novelty.

“So,” Pitch says when he returns with a coffee, starkly black against the white mug. “Why are you nervous?”

Jack shrugs, swirling his coffee clockwise. “Because…” He decides to keep up with the honesty. “Because I don’t know what you want from me. Because I don’t know what I want from you. Because I’ve been reading those books and some of it sounds awesome and some of it sounds scary and some of it sounds both-” He pauses to take a breath, and Pitch puts a hand over his. His fingers are warm from being wrapped around his coffee mug. Jack’s words flutter away like butterflies.

“Let’s start with what I want, because that’s something I can tell you. As much as I want you, I think we need to take it slowly – no, Jack, let me speak. I think we need to take it slowly because this isn’t just about sex. Not for me, anyway. I’m surprised by how much you’ve affected me, so quickly. It’s not often that I take anyone back to my apartment.”

“It isn’t?”

“No. But before you start to worry, I definitely plan on taking you back there again. Although perhaps not today.”

“No?” Even Jack couldn’t say if that’s disappointment or relief in his voice.

“I was thinking we could go and watch a film.”

Not what Jack was expecting, but he’ll take it.

The dark helps, and the popcorn-and-candy cinema scent is familiar enough to smooth down the edges of his anxiety. Before the trailers are even over, Jack has relaxed enough to glance at Pitch’s hand on the armrest and wait only a few seconds before he takes it, sliding his fingers between Pitch’s.

Pitch glances at him, pleasantly surprised, and Jack grins up at him.

“This was a good idea,” he whispers as the title spreads over the screen like an oil spill.

“Of course,” Pitch says, and gives him a brief kiss, lingering to bite his bottom lip before sitting back to focus on the screen. Jack watches him for another moment before resting his feet on the chairback in front of him, settling into his seat for two hours of explosions with Pitch’s palm warm against his. 

NO.6 Post-Anime Fic: In which Shion writes letters to Nezumi during the years he was away and Nezumi finding them after they reunite.

Title: Make-or-Break Days

Author: ryukoishida

Fandom: NO.6

Part: 1/1

Genre: Angst, fluff

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Nezumi/Shion

Summary: It’s two years, six months, and eleven days later when Nezumi stumbles upon a box, labelled “For when you return”, in Shion’s room filled with hand-written notes.

A/N: It starts out angst but I swear it will not end that way. Based on one of the headcanons on no6headcanons


            "Nezumi?“ The syllables of his name ignite something within him and he can’t quite name it. It’s like that internal typhoon he experiences on the worst nights, except he can also feel the warmth and light of the sun struggling to shine through the thick, angry clouds. Shion doesn’t know whether to cry or laugh, to hold him tight until it gets difficult to breathe or hit him until bruises bloom on his pale skin, to kiss him senseless or punch him in the face.

            Shion can’t decide which course of action he should take, so by the time Nezumi is standing in front of him – he can touch him if Shion just reaches out – he can only gaze back, crimson eyes as deviant yet earnest as the day they first met. There are words he wants to say but they won’t come out; instead, hot tears blur his vision as he closes the rest of the distance between them, his e-reader and book bag clatter to the ground when he dig his fingers into the soft cloth of Nezumi’s scarf and pulls him in.

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RotG fic: Counterweight (masterpost)

Title: Counterweight (wip)

Rating: NC-17 

Note: Modern day AU of my fantasy blackice fic The heavy weight of duty but can be read standalone. This is a masterpost of each part, and will be updated as I post new parts. 

Summary: The fundraiser is insufferably dull and Jack goes onto the balcony for a smoke. When a tall dark stranger named Pitch follows him, suddenly it’s not so dull any more.

Main story:

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 10 + 11 + 12 + 13 + 14 + 15 + 16 + 17 + 18 + 19 + 20 + 21 + 22 + 23 + 24 + 25 + 26 + 27 + 28 + 29 + 30 + 31 + 32 + 33 + 34 + 35 + 36 + 37 + 38 + 39 + 40 + 41 + 42 + 43 + 44 + 45 + 46 + 47 + 48 + 49 + 50 + 51 + 52 + 53 + 54 + 55 + 56 + 57 + 58 + 59 + 60 + 61 + 62 + 63 + 64 + 65 + 66 + 67 + 68 + 69 + 70


One shot: Too hot, too cold, just right (waxplay)

One shot: Happy birthday, Jack (three-way Kal/Jamie/Jack cuddles)

One shot: Sleepy Jack and Kal cuddles

One shot: Jack dreams of being a courtesan

Jack/Kal minifics: 1 - 2

One shot: Jack and Pitch try suspension bondage

One shot: Pitch forgets there are naughty pictures on his phone

One shot  Pitch and Jack are on holiday in Mexico, but Jack really, really hates the heat.