note the font

Me: I’m going to buy two of these notebooks so that when I use up the first one, I can quickly get to the second

Also me: *places notebooks in a glass case to never use and stare at for centuries*

 yay yay yay it’s finally here! after lots of asks and a few sweet messages, i’ve decided to share some tips with y’all. none of my fonts are super complicated, but i do think they’re pretty cute. :-) enjoy and pls let me know if this helped you or you like them!! xoxo haley

also, feel free to message me with any more questions. i’m always here to help! 

p.s. i’m thinking about doing a giveaway pretty soon so stay tuned !!!

[ April 17 2017 ] i hope everyone had a wonderful easter! today i’m revising a draft for my spanish composition exam + i am planning to go to the gym later, too. we’ll see if that happens lol. the light was nice in my room today even though it’s really rainy + gloomy outside. i only have 3 more weeks of my sophomore year of college and that’s h*ckin scary but also so exciting. if anyone ever has any college questions or any questions at all really, i am more than happy to answer! 

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Hi everyone! I was inspired by @engorgio-study February study challenge to come up with a March version of my own. Feel free to post to the prompts of the day (and you don’t need to do all of them if you don’t have the time)!

  1. what do you want to achieve this month?
  2. favourite time of day to study
  3. favourite book/book series
  4. your desk
  5. #studyblrsgetreal
  6. sciences or humanities?
  7. library
  8. your notes
  9. favourite font
  10. handwriting
  11. future goals
  12. favourite quote
  13. best school memory
  14. blue or black ink?
  15. stationery store of choice
  16. music or silence?
  17. everything in your pencil case, aesthetic or not
  18. favourite productivity apps
  19. ultimate study break?
  20. poetry
  21. one 2017 study resolution
  22. favourite soundtrack
  23. what’s in your backpack?
  24. one exciting thing you did today
  25. favourite study youtube channel
  26. one hidden study tip
  27. favourite book you’ve studied for school
  28. coffee, tea or hot chocolate?
  29. bookshelf
  30. good study website recs
  31. what did you achieve this month?

Tag your posts with #marchstudychallenge and I’ll reblog ones I like! It would help heaps of you reblogged so more people could try! xx