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{PART 14} Who Are You? // Im Jaebum

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Pairing: Jaebum x Reader (Ft. Jackson & Jinyoung)

Genre: Angst

Summary; Things between Jaebum and Jackson turn full circle, and Jaebum has nowhere left to run.

Please note that this series contains mentions of road/car accidents, amnesia and cheating - (violence in this chapter)

I update this series every Sunday between 9pm-10pm (U.K Time)

{Part 1} // {Part 13} {Part 14} {Part 15}

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Crazy, Stupid, Love

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,777

Summary: Dean has no idea you have feelings for him and you may or may not be acting irrationally about it. 

Warnings: Angst, language, fluff, no smut but it’s implied. 

A/N: For my girl @faegal04 ‘s 500 challenge celebration (also, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BABE!) My prompt was “You broke my heart for the last time.” I wasn’t sure I was going to get this out on time, and it’s fluffier and shorter than I usually do, but I like it anyway. 

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You broke my heart for the last time.

Those were the words you’d scrawled before walking away, a bag in one hand, your car keys in the other. You’d left your cell phone and the knife he’d given you a couple years ago on top of the note on his bed, and left without looking back, hot wiring the first car you came to that was unlocked and drove away. You’d found a lone motel on some back road a couple hours later and holed up, not wanting to do anything but sink into a void and watch mindless tv for a lifetime.

You just wanted to forget everything that had happened. 

That was two days ago.

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***❗️Trigger warnings for mild violence and mentions of drug use❗️I have a feeling this one is going to turn into one of multiple part imagines. No Tig or Hap in this one but they’ll be in the next part for sure. ***

“Look, I don’t care about why, If you owe them money then you need to figure it out and get it. They showed up at my job!” Your boyfriend nodded, his head in his hands. “I’m scared. They were at my job, they came here the other day, they left a note on my car. I told you to go to rehab before shit got out of hand but no, you don’t need it. You’re fine.” He nodded and stood, wrapping his arms around you and whispering to you as you broke down. You felt bad throwing something like that in his face but when your safety was continuously being threatened along with his, it was becoming harder to be reasonable.

Your boyfriend was an addict, had been for a while. When you’d met, he was clean. After a while though he relapsed and your relationship had been stressed to the point where you broke up, only agreeing to get back with him if he got clean. He did and with some hesitance, you’d taken him back. That had only lasted 2 months when he relapsed again only this time, he owed $700 to a local gang member who was also his dealer. Now he owed them money and hadn’t said a word to you, worried that you’d leave him again. Had he told you, you would’ve scrounged around and tried to round something up but you were entirely clueless until you found a note on your windshield in the morning before work, telling you that you and your boyfriend better come up with the money.

You’d ran inside scared and showed your boyfriend. Things had only gone downhill from there. They’d left more notes, showed up at your workplace and had the secretary give you a sticky note with only your address on it and then they’d showed up to your house. Seeing you afraid and not feeling safe anywhere, always worried about him and what would happen if you didn’t come up with the money had put your boyfriend in check and he’d been completely sober since but that still didn’t give you the money you needed to pay back. You did love him and the last thing you wanted to see was him hurt but you swore to yourself that if you were able to get out of this, you were cutting ties with him for good. For now, you needed to come up with $700 and you were given only 2 days.

You’d thought to call your big brother Tig but had decided against it. He had always told you that if you ever needed money for anything, all you had to do was ask and it would be yours but he was also in an MC so you knew that telling him what had been going on could cause a whole new problem all together. So you’d kept it quiet. You just hoped they’d be patient for a little while longer.


“Yeah I’ll be home in a little bit. I just walked out. Ok. Alright bye. I love you too.” You hung up the call and stuck your phone back in your purse as you rounded the corner to the back of the building where your car was parked. “Look who we have here.” You spun around quickly, coming face to face with 3 men, the same three that had showed up at your house and thrown a rock through your window, spray painting an ‘X’ on your front door. You swallowed and backed up slowly. “We’re trying. We’ve got some money saved up, about $300. I know you said 2 days but I get paid at the end of the week and I’ll be able to get you all of the money he owes.”

You knew bargaining with them was a long shot but you had to try. It was already getting dark and you were the only car in the back lot. No one would find you until morning if something happened to you.

“$300? You think that’s enough?” You shook your head, your heart speeding up as 2 of them began to circle you, the one staying right in front of you. “I know it’s not. He didn’t tell me he owed anything. If I knew I would’ve came up with the money.” He stared at you for a moment before nodding his head. “Well that’s good. I still don’t think he really gets it though. I think we’re gonna need to show him how serious we are about getting our money back.” You didn’t have a chance to run or even block as the back of his hand struck the side of your face. You stumbled a bit and you immediately tasted the metallic blood, your cheek and eye throbbing.

The man behind you steadied you and tucked your hair behind your ear, smiling condescendingly at you. “You get it now?” You nodded gently, tears on your cheeks and blood on your chin. “Should we let you go?” You nodded again. “Please.” The men looked at each other, the main one shrugging. “Fine. I’m in a good mood today. Go home.” You slowly backed away from them, walking quicker as you got to your car. You fumbled with your keys, your hands shaking violently and some blood dropping down onto your shirt from your busted lip.

As you opened the door, you heard their car start and one of them call out to you “Don’t forget. One day.” You ignored them, quickly getting into your car and letting out a breath as they drove off. You stayed with your hands on the wheel trying to steady your breathing. You got control of yourself and put on your seatbelt before starting the car and starting your drive home. This was the last straw. You would call Tig tomorrow.

The Green Corvette

by reddit user TeslaToth

When the whistle blew, I punched my time card and drove home bleary-eyed after a long shift unloading cargo at the docks.

But there was no greeting at the door, no dinner waiting on the counter. My daughter, Chelsea, usually home by four, was nowhere to be found. No note left behind, car keys still dangling on the hook. I called her cell phone, got no answer.

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HUGE PET PEEVE : people judging me for parking in a handicapped spot when they can’t *see* my disability.

I’ve gotten hundreds of questioning looks and glares since I’ve started using a handicapped placard. I’m 37, don’t always use my cane, but I’m disabled. My doctor signed a paper certifying that I am medically unable to walk farther than the handicapped spots at a store. (I need both knees and my R hip replaced.) It’s not a random process. The form must be signed by a licensed physician and approved by the Department of Transportation.

What kills me is the older people that give me dirty looks, or the anonymous nasty notes that get left on my car windshield. How can someone who does not know me or my pain judge if I get to use a handicapped spot? It’s not their place. And it’s hurtful.

The next time you see someone who “doesn’t look sick” using a handicapped spot, stop and ask yourself these things: 1. Are you that person’s doctor? 2. Can you see pain? The answer is no. Therefore, it’s none of your business.

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they call me, uh, thotty supreme. im here to uh, fuck. left the note cards in my car. fuck. left the keys too. well, uh, they call, they call me thotty--what's that? who's they? uh. you know. the proverbial other. the allegorical outcast. the uh, metaphorical audience. they call me thotty supreme.

me every time you send me shit like this

Reasons To Date Chen

Dance battles together 

And when you win 

The way he looks at you 

Him always being there for you 

Just laughing at each other 

Doing nothing together

Opening the car door for you

Him reading the note you left for him

When he wants you and when he knows you want him

Being silly together 

Outings together 

Him trying to be cute for you 

Him trying to be all sexy 

When he’s frustrated and looks FINE AF

Him singing for you 

Him pouting when you say you can’t make the date 


Be that person who spends minutes and minutes trying to safely take an insect or arachnid outside instead of letting someone step on them. Be that person who leaves notes on cars if someone left their dog inside. Be that person who puts worms back in the grass so they don’t dry out in the sun. Be that person who helps snails cross the road. Be that person who opens windows so winged buggies can fly out. Be that person who helps pill bugs flip back on their feet when they fall on their back.

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domestic destiel thoughts: dean wearing a garterbelt and panties under his suit to his wedding with cas; cas having an early start job and making dean little lunches with notes and stuff before he left; dean working with cars so much that cas immediately knows when dean is in the room by the scent of grease; cas buying little pots of flowers and dean panicking because he accidentally smushed one; dean and cas having their own gay handshake; cas can't cook for shit so he's banned from the kitchen

thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) 👌 these. these are some really nice thoughts, anon. I’m enjoying imagining these to the max! and also, I’m now imagining dean trying to teach cas how to cook on a spare weekend, ‘cause I’m sad about him being banned from kitchen altogether. they don’t get a lot done, but they sure as hell get into a food fight and end up making out, covered in flour. mmm. 

also, i dunno if you wanted an illustration or not, but here’s a quick doodle of dean panicking over castiel’s smushed flower

So, we just found out that Joker’s part in suicide squad is to get Harley back, (well i actually think that something else is going on that we don’t know about) and i saw some people who are confused by it. “Why would Joker want Harley back? Why would he care?”

Actually, we’ve seen it before. Mad love is the most famous: Joker pushed Harley out of a window and then sent her a rose with a note. If in the car scene Joker did left Harley in the water (=window push) we can assume that him searching for is (=sending her a rose)

There are TONS of other comics or scenes where he acted the same way, but basically Joker is known for treating Harley like shit and then expecting her to come back Because shes the only good thing in his shitty, miserable life and the only one who cares about his sorry ass. Also, Joker becomes a whiny bitch when shes away for five second and no one kisses his feet. So yeah. I understand.

To the asshole who left this note on my car: “Sorry, I hit your car, but nothing happen. Just leaving this note because people are watching. Sorry Dude!” Well guess what, “Dude”, THE TWO BIG SCRATCHES ON MY BUMPER IS NOT NOTHING. I can’t wait until the grocery store gets that dbag’s license plate so I can call the cops on that fucker and get their ass to pay for the damage to my Range Rover. As you can tell, I’m not fucking happy

Silver Linings

Sam left the house the morning to find that my sweet little clunker Camry had been hit during the night, majorly denting my bumper and cracking a brake light. We only have one spot in our driveway so I had parked just a half a block down around the corner. Hit and runs happen every now and then in our neighborhood because we live off of two main thoroughfares (and within a 4 block radius of 5+ bars) so we assumed the worst, called the cops, and prepared to pay out of pocket for a hit and run.

When the cops showed up later I took them over to the car and found a note had been left between the time that Sam found the car and the cops arriving. I called, the guy lives down the street and is a bummed out but delightful (and fully insured) bro who hit the gas too hard parking his truck this morning. He offered me his insurance info and we’re getting it fixed, no sweat.

He also said that when he hit my car early this morning, within 5 minutes the neighbors from the 3 houses closest to my car had all come outside to say “Hey, that’s our neighbor’s car, you better leave her a note.” It sounds like Sam went out and found the car in the 5 minutes that the bro was inside getting paper to write the note upon. The bro said that even if the thought of not leaving a note had crossed his mind the terrifying glare of our de facto neighborhood watch had ensured that he wouldn’t get away with it.

People in general are so shitty about “transitional” neighborhoods, and people loooove to talk about the violence and crime in New Orleans. But you know what? This happened down the block and around the corner– I don’t even know/haven’t met the people in the houses around where my car was parked, they just recognized my car as belonging to the girl who lived down the street. And at 7:30 this morning people I have never even met cared enough to come out of their houses and make sure I didn’t get fucked over.

I love my neighbors. I love my neighborhood. I love my city. Most people are good people. I am grateful.