note 4


Victuuri Week - Day 4 - Free for all (Cooking!)

Yuuri makes the cutest bentos and Viktor spends the whole lunch hour taking a million pictures of them for instagram (after he wakes up from the initial passing out from the power of love)

What I really love is how Tsuyu has surpassed the bnha fandom and like,, everyone knows and loves her. I have seen so many supportive posts that are like “I hope the frog girl from that one anime is having a good day” I really love that. It is so pure and good. Tsuyu truly deserves this.


Manga, 2003, and Brotherhood


you give me a bowl of candies and tell me that 80% are m&ms and 20% are skittles.
I take one and it eat it. skittle.
I grab a handful and eat them all at once. all skittles.
I grab another handful and eat them one at a time. all skittles.
you take 3 out and hand them to me, assuring me that they must be m&ms. they’re all skittles.

at this point, I’m likely to start believing that you have lied to me. it seems like the statistics must be the other way around, or maybe there are no m&ms at all.

at this point, I start expecting skittles. and I get them, every time.

I finally taste chocolate and spit it out. I wasn’t expecting it anymore and I’m not sure if I can even believe my own mouth.

this is why victims of repeated traumas don’t know how to react to good people.

  • me with a megaphone outside Todd Howard's mansion at 5;30 AM: hey todd you should have known that the ghoul in the fridge made no sense. *throwing pebbles at his bedroom window* todd ghouls still need water. he can only drink his own piss so many times. *blasting air horns* he would have severe muscular and motor issues and should have lost the ability to talk *holding the doorbell until it buzzes* the sun should be literally blinding to him if he hasnt seen light in 210 years. and why does everything have to be a nice round number with you todd?? there was no reason to set fo3 exactly 200 years after the war. *setting off fireworks* while there is lore to suggest that feral ghouls can fall dormant and wake up later, this is unheard of for sane ghouls. so was he conscious the whole time? *playing the vuvuzela* that fridge was on a little hill right next to an intact building in south boston, how did nobody inspect this fridge for 210 years *banging pots together* todd you could have put him in a small basement, with rats/roaches to eat, woulda been way more believable. *smashing porcelain plates on the driveway* stop ruining fallout todd its not a playground for whatever cinematic scifi bullshit pops into pete hines' head. *doing donuts on his lawn* you value shock value over worldbuilding and none of your plots go anywhere. *banging the door knocker* todd

every new interaction in these stolen century episodes makes the fact that lucretia had to make them forget all that more and more heavy, but the thing that is really painful this time around is when you remember that merle highchurch, the man who communed with the hunger itself, is insecure about his place on the team