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Fashionweek 1/??  VINO VASHARI

Spoilt human noble engie main, I wanted the armor to look functional but fancy? After being forcibly kicked out of the Krytan high life, he mainly works for the pact with whispers jobs on the side. 
im bad at writing things like these so here have the thingies:

Head: Reading Glasses
Shoulder: Rubicon Shoulders
Chest: Aetherblade Jerkin
Gloves: Aetherblade Armguards
Pants: Inquest leggings
Feet: Forgeman’s Boots
Back: Guild backpack (im STILL mourning the engi kit backpacks :((  )
Weapon: too many (shown: Balthazars pistol, HOPE) (not shown: Predator, HMS divinity)
Dyes: Iron, Antique gold, Lifesblood


ok im finally getting around to doing all those selfie tags i got ages ago lol so this is for anyone who tagged me in anything selfie related in the past ?? 3 months i guess lmao ill put it under a cut bc i tend to ramble :/

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lmao I love how su stans love to use the “remember its just a kids show” argument whenever its convenient for them

Thin Mints and Meddling by myhomeboy_stilinski

[5388w | Teen]

Stiles would be the first person to admit that living in a small town had its drawbacks, with privacy being non-existent and sneaking around near impossible. But there was something to be said about the solidarity and loyalty that filled a close-knit community. People stood up for one another. They contributed and helped. They loved each other. Truthfully, Stiles pitied those who incited the wrath of someone from Beacon Hills.

To Stiles’ eternal gratitude, he had never prompted said wrath.

That is, until he met Derek Hale.

The one where the people of Beacon Hills realize that Derek Hale deserves nice things (in case you missed the tags.)

Note: The tags include “this is pretty much Derek deserving nice things and people acknowledging that”, so if you’re part of that camp (and really, who isn’t?) this is one for you! (Quick warning: I read the situations in the fic as humourous and silly, but some people might be uncomfortable with the way Stiles gets treated by the citizens.)

dairant0u  asked:

On a fun note i was tagging your reblogged selfies and I wanted to tag "LOOK AT HER, LOOK AT HOW [your name] IS CUTE" but I realized you never put your name out there and I felt silly haha

Ahhh omg rip
My name is Sareena ;3;!

Long distance is not easy.

It is not easy to watch someone through a screen instead of your eyes tracing the curves of their face while they’re standing in front of you.

It’s not easy to have a bad day and not be able to see one of the only people that can make it better. For something exciting to happen and not be able to celebrate about it that night.

To not be able to have brunch on Sunday morning, or make dinner plans for when you get off work, or snuggle up together on the couch for one of the nights a tv show comes on that you both love.

Sometimes you miss them so much and it’s like you can’t get relief from it. Sure, you plan times to see each other but some nights are bad and you need them right now and you need to touch them or you’ll die and your heart has never felt so lonely.

Long distance is not easy but one day it will be worth it. One day you’ll live in a cute apartment together where you can wake up next to each other and fuck each other to sleep and a see you later means see you tonight when we get off and it’s time for dinner. Long distance is a choice. It’s a commitment to say, “I love you more than all of the distance between us.”

—  you will always be worth it

I will forever want justice for every female character who was demonized by fandom because their canon ties to a male character was deemed a threat to a popular slash pairing. 

In other news Park Jimin is the fakest hoe I’ve ever seen, boy runs around with that squishy smile and baby hands acting all soft n cute like he just the Purest Bean in the bunch and then u put him on stage and he somehow gains +2000 Daddy™ points and grinds so fine the earth quakes I don’t wanna be played like this, u gotta pick one personality u chimchiminey shit I don’t have time for these games

There’s this discussion right now about getting your lore/art seen and I just want to throw in some advice of my own: Tag the shit out of your work.

If anyone looks at my tags you might notice I add, like, a billion. If it’s somehow relevant to the drawing, I’ll tag it, even if it’s a very small detail. Now, I think tumblr only counts the first 5 tags you use, so make sure you use up those tags wisely. Monster folks get lots of traffic on here, so I tag monster boys/girls/enbies first [and, well, most of my characters are dragon people, so they fit], then flight rising, then humanoid/gijinka, etc. until I use up the five. Then I tag whatever else just in case.

It might feel silly, but trust me, it works. Even if it nets you just one more extra like/reblog, that’s one more person who’s seen and likes your art or writing, and might’ve missed it if you hadn’t tagged. 

Also, double reblog your stuff. It helps get your work seen by people who might’ve missed it due to timezone shenanigans, it’s your blog, and anyone who doesn’t like it can stuff it.