Home With A Heart
This is for house I made for Eden and myself. There are three floors! Three bathrooms, four bedrooms and a huge backyard. In the backyard there is a garden, a little playground, a BBQ area and a cute little pond. :3 There is also a garage which is also kind of a gym. This house has a lot of space, so don’t be afraid to play around with it and modify it slightly. 

I did use a lot of cc, but I think you have post of it. Anything you don’t have should come with the Sims3Pack, but if there’s anything missing just replace it or send me an ask and I’ll try and hunt it down for you. I hope you like it bb. :3

I’ll send you the link soon!

I let out a deep sigh holding back tears of frustration, “What's wrong sweetie?” Jeb rubbed my arm eager to know.

Wiping a small tear from my cheek I said, “Jaxs isn't eating, he just plays with it, and I can’t pay these bills. I don’t know how I’m going to make ends meet now.” He squeezed my hand softly.

“Losing your job is hard, but I’ll help out. Babe, please don’t worry too much. How long has he not been eating?”

I covered my forehead with my hands, “Two days, he’ll nibble on crackers but I can’t get him to really eat. I called his pediatrician  she said when he gets hungry enough he’ll eat. But I can’t just let him not eat until then.”

“What else can you do? You can’t force feed him. C'mon, I’ll put him down and we’ll watch a movie to take your mind off of things. Trust me sweetie, things will be okay.”