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Look at all these doodles. LOOK AT THEM! I filled up a whole page! I really need to do this more often it’s great practice. My sort of post series Atem, with and without ponytail. I could have shading in his skin, too but..meh, next timeXD These are just practice doodles anyway~ I really love every single one of them, especially the dork face one:

“You know what..? I’m tired, can you just call yourself an idiot?” is actually a quote from ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’, and it’s still my favorite line out of the whole show lol And the ‘Number 1 Fan’ is actually from a text post that is buried somewhere on my blog, if anyone finds it please tag me with it so I can reblog it again with this! All in all I really had fun with this. All Hail the Sass King! XDD

I’ll draw more later today. Heading out this afternoon for a while to get some fresh air while the weather is still nice. Enjoy!

Haha! Drew IRL Jace (unintentionally wearing my red hoodie XD) :3
Alright, so i’m quite rubbish at this, yeah XD
In any case, I’ll be thanking some people who changed my year drastically :3
To @nekophy @angexci and @blogthegreatrouge , thanks for inspiring me by doing great, top notch art! I’m positive you hear this near-often, but you guys are seriously inspiring. I don’t understand how you keep your creativity flowing, but keep at it! :D You make alot of people happy, and we hope we do the same ^u^
To @bunabelldraws , thanks for being one of my bestest friends. I’m not sure when you’ll see this, but whenever you’re online, i’m always so happy to talk to you again, whether it’s for a short time or not :‘3 You got me back in this goshdarn sinful fandom afterall, so you’re definitely a big influence on me and my (kinda) sinful art XD Don’t give up! I’m positive you’ll be able to get on more often, we’re all rooting for ya! :3
To @haruheartchester , for making the PPA very eventful and just being an all-out great friend :3 If you hadn’t declared war on the PPA a long while ago, I don’t think we would have talked :‘3 If ever you feel terrible or down, know that there’s alot of people that care for you :3 Talk to them, and i’m sure they’ll be there for you, every step of the way uvu
To @calibriskeleton , sweet mother of tea biscuits! Girl, I swear to god just talking to you made me more sinful than I already am! XD You’re such a cool person and amazing friend to talk to! I’m always having fun whenever we chat/roleplay X3 Keep on being a sinfully inspiring artist, sister :3 I still don’t remember how we started talking, but thank god we did!! XD
To @nelly-the-dog and @hostghost84 , You guys are just- hnnn, so sweet and adorable!!! You’re such great senpais and you both have amazing art!!! Even though we don’t really talk much, I hope you both have a great new year! ((And #delly all the way ;3))
To every PPA member, active or not, thank you for being my new family. Each and every one of you are special and great and just overall amazing! I love seeing you guys interacting and having fun in this silly , not-so-little group!
And thank you to all my followers for sticking with me through this weird and amazing journey! Without you guys, I don’t think i’d be where I am now! You’re all simply wonderful!!
Edit: I ALSO WANNA THANK @xxpurplesketchxx @a-sinner-insomniac @lovedarkspirit @sketchingheart @lillithofacademytale @bleuybleu @rosans @xdreamerofthestarsx @swaysway4433 @anda-blr @ghost10s @theunfortunatecheese @littlestar110 @dimini @shipperdeluxe @currentlymelody @fancyalex @puffrisk @huwat @anniecyan



thank you so much for this sketch you really didnt have to do that ;;; I love your style so I decided to color this for u

I love it loads.
You didn’t have to colour it but it’s just true beauty now

‘I want an owl’

Me too, scamp - especially if that owl was a miniature Kuro. 

Also! Return of the hippie rainbow hair, because I didn’t get a chance to draw it before and also because short hair is actually impossible to draw and I don’t think it really exists. 

✧・゚:*✧・゚:* \(◕‿◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

It really hit me

So, today I got a surprise email saying that I was actually accepted into Otis- which is a top notch really real art school.

A college of my dreams.

People have been saying congrats, I spread it everywhere I could, but… It weirdly just hit that its really happening. I’m going to be in a school studying what I love, pretty much moving down there (it’s only 45 minutes away lol), and just… Starting new, after all these years. I don’t know how to put it into words, but it’s like I’m filled with an overwhelming joy that confuses all of the senses..? This is too much adventure coming my way, thank the moon and stars that I have a late class tomorrow and can stay up late tonight wheeze.

Alone Together (Namjoon/Rap Monster Imagine)

Summary: An empty storage room and the stress of exam season. Two people that it just overwhelmed too much. High School AU. Fluff. Slight Angst. 

(AN:idek what the hell this is. the request says anything namjoon and this random shit happened i feel like it’s shit and i might take it down later but yeah it happened. -Tanisha<3) 

Exam season. It got to everyone. At your last school, you saw someone swan dive off a table and start a mob fight during a study session in a cafeteria just because of the madness-inducing stress of exam season. This school was no different. Their reputation as top-notch for arts and science made the students extra reluctant to crack, but you saw it; in their eyes, in their mannerisms, in the small comments they made to each other whenever teachers set another assignment or even just mentioned a looming exam. These kids were a lot smarter than the kids at your last public school but you knew that fact could only mean when they did crack, their falling grace would be so much harder so watch.

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Daily Love and Support #21

Hey there, it’s time for more love and support, let’s get started shall we;

@sagaciouscejai Fantastic artist who draws amazing art on a wonderful art blog, with a cool name

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@candychameleon Outstanding artwork and interesting characters created by a fantastic artist who runs an awesome blog as well (Sometimes nsfw)

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@y0rkie : Beautifully made art, amazingly talented artist, Outstanding blog, and awesome name

@over-400 : Magnificent artist who makes wonderful art on a amazing blog with a awesome name

@eeljaw : A Stupendous blog filled with amazing and sometimes cute art all made by a supercool artist, 

@ottercola: Marvelous artwork, outstanding blog, fantastic and cool artist, top-notch name, 10/10 (Art Blog:

@thebuttkingpost : Wonderful artwork created by a supercool artist on a awesome blog with a cool name too

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