Burr: Hamilton doesn’t hesitate, he ex-

Hamilton: dAmN riGht I DonT!🤑✍🏻 hesitate? NEVer 🖕✏️💰 I will never 🏋🏻‍♀️ STOP! 🚦🚀 you goTta WErK 👍 if you want to SuCcEd! 🎖🏆 i will WRitE,, till my DamN FIngeRs fall off 😩 if that’s what it TAKES to WIN‼️ I am an orpHan 👉🏼 👪 ❓❌ i DOnt nEED a FAmIlY 😜👏🏼 when I GoT MY TOp nOtCh bRAIn ‼️I WilL SPeaK 🗣 mY MiNd 😈👌🏼 ANd NeVEr BacK DoWn😎💗 FREeDom fOr aMERICA 🇺🇸🗽 JusT Do IT ✔️🎵

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What do you think?? A. Niall likes Harry more. B. Harry likes Niall more.

LISTEN! I know it’s been a wild ride over the years..

I MEAN.. remember when Harry seemed oblivious -

to doofus Nialler’s advances-minus-a-preamble?

AND THEN Harold seemed to get the hint?

AND both of them seemed to be on the same page?

BUT THEN Harold seemed to be wanting for MORE -

AND his PDA sorta seemed TOO MUCH -

for dear nialler to handle?

BUT THEN there came a time when Harold’s silliness was too cute to resist and Niall simply rolled with it?

AND THEN Harry decided to take it up a notch -

to such an extent that Niall seemed indifferent about it?

AND THIS became the new normal?

SO NORMAL that later WE were the ones who got SHOOK by their PDA?

AND although we dont see it these days, their love saga still continues..

Your question is SO UNFAIR @victorianblush ! L O O K at these lovebirds -

AND you tell me- A? or B?

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Picture this: Giles pretending to use a computer in the computer lab as an excuse to spend time with Jenny, and look at her being cute and preoccupied behind him in the reflection of the monitor's screen. Jenny totally knows what he's doing, because Giles hasn't even turned the computer on.

he actually couldn’t find the on switch so he just kind of sat there helplessly until he realized that he could see jenny hurrying around the computer lab straightening chairs and stuff and then he just kind of watched that with a soft little smile. since this was before they’d officially started dating, jenny pretended she didn’t know what was up and started teasing him about how maybe he should be dating the computer, and he got this funny look on his face and he was like “maybe i should.” jenny went bright pink and started smiling really big

I know this may sound silly but never have I ever been this proud of any drawing or creation I’ve ever done. I know that this may not be “Top Notch” work to some but either way I am overwhelmed and excited to release this piece of fan art. I will possibly post the gradual process it took to create this. However, I am such a total noob at digital art and I am in awe with the results of this piece due to the fact that this is was my literal FIRST attempt at digital art. Working and digitally drawing the details all on a celluar device wasn’t the easiest but it was so worth it and taught me patience. Whats most important is that this piece was done with love and dedication. I think I want to get more in depth with the digital arts and expand my horizons. Art is my life and passion and I wouldn’t be anything without it.

Nonetheless, here it is my little tribute of Stefan Karl’s character Robbie Rotten (Glanni Glæpur). I admire him with all my heart and am so grateful for his existence. I love you Plant Dad ❤

I also want to thank those who have followed me I can’t believe this blog has made it to 300+ followers/meme friends. When I first made this blog I thought that it would never be discovered by anyone. So this fan art is for you all as well! I appreciate you all so much and am still in awe of the fact that we share the same amount of love for our similar interests. I am so grateful to be a part of this fandom!

Again thank you all so so much! ❤

My Review of The Originals 4x02 - No Quarter

Can you believe that we’re only 2 episodes into Season 4, but yet it’s already 100% better then TVD’s entire 8 season! I loved this episode, from the minute it started to the moment it ended. I’m sorry but this is why The Originals is far more well developed than TVD. From the storylines to the characters, I mean they just pull you in. And the fact that a season 5 renewal is still up in the air, pisses me off.

Everything about this episode was top notch. Seeing all The Originals back together (minus Finn, Mikael and Esther sadly), is what makes this show amazing. I loved the little bits of comedy with got from Josh and the sassy moments we got from Kol. I especially adored seeing Cami again and watching her interact with Klaus and I couldn’t contain excitement when The Originals came back stronger and more united.

This season has only just started but my god, it’s turning out to be a hell of a good one!

- Favourite Scenes

1. Cami/Klamille!

The first moment Cami appeared on screen the tears were already pouring. I’ve missed her so damn much and to see her again was so bittersweet.

No other relationship that Klaus gets into now or in the future will ever compare to his one with Cami. I’m not just saying that because I’m a Klamille shipper. I’m saying it because this episode along with the whole development of their relationship proves that. Cami will always be Klaus anchor, if you will. She is the only person that gets him to open up, gets him to be vulnerable.

Their dynamic is beautiful, it’s real and it’s one that will never burn out. I love how Klaus had so many other people he could of hallucinated, but he choose Cami. Their connection is undeniably solid and like Klaus said he’ll always carry her with him.

So to be able to see that after 5 years, just made me smile. It made me fall in love with them all over again, and it reminded me that Cami was truly one of the few people that managed to teach Klaus and to show him, that he does have some good within him. She never stopped believing, she never stopped showing how much she cares for him, but most importantly both of them will never stop loving each other.

I won’t lie I’m still bitter that the writers killed her off, considering she still had so much more potential. So in saying that, I do hope that they can at least bring her back again because I love watching Klaus and Cami together.

2. Kol’s Sass
Hands down Kol was one of the highlights this episode! The level of sass and the “I don’t give a fuck” attitude Kol brought was bloody brilliant.

Watching Kol this episode just proved how vital and important he is within the family, and why he shouldn’t be killed off over and over again just for dramatic effect. I know that it comes down to the actor, busy schedules, etc, but I have my fingers crossed that we do see more of Kol. Because The Originals work best when it’s centered around ALL of the family members, and this episode showed us how amazing it is when every family member is present (well minis Finn, because they sure like to kill him off without giving him a proper storyline first, and just when he was starting to get interesting too -__-).

3. Klaus Sees Hope
My heart melted when Klaus looked at Hope for the first time. One of the most interesting storylines this season is most definitely going to be Klaus and Hope’s relationship, and I’m excited to see a part of that play out next episode.

I thoroughly enjoyed the talk Klaus had with Cami about not wanting Hope to have the same life he did, and to me that just shows what a long way Klaus has come. I can’t wait to watch the growing bond that will surely develop between father and daughter, because I’m really curious to see what traits Hope has picked up from Klaus.

- Least Favourite Scene
“Despite being raised by you people, I’m nothing like any of you”. - Marcel Gerard. It wasn’t a least favourite scene, more like a least favourite quote. And when Marcel said the quote above, I instantly didn’t agree with it.

For my perspective, I wouldn’t say that Marcel isn’t like any of The Originals. He may not share the same name, but he does share the same qualities. Both would do absolutely anything to protect the people they love, both would go to extreme measures to defeat their enemies, both would do anything to win and both share the same need and want for control and power. That is why I don’t agree with what Marcel said.

Just because his willing to show mercy (although let’s see how long that lasts), doesn’t mean that makes him different from The Originals. Because they’ve been times when they too have been able to show mercy. Maybe not so much Klaus when we first meet him, but Elijah demonstrated that he can be fair and I’m pretty sure Rebekah has too.

I said in my first review for 4x01 that Klaus and Marcel are different but yet the same, and the “I’m nothing like any of you” part to me, is completely bullshit and false. Because no matter how much Marcel want’s to denial it, he too can be just as brutal, ruthless and power hungry as The Original Family.

- My rating of the episode (it will be a rating out of 10)
I will rate this episode a 9/10

- Favourite quote/line
KLAUS: I miss you Camille
JOSH: Okay, why do you guys even need me? I know I’m adorable but I’m extremely small potatoes
Rebekah: If it’s a trophy you’re after, then you’re not much of a man to begin with
KOL: Save the compliments when he comes to kill us, flattery might give him pause
KOL: Oh for god’s sake, you were never a Mikaelson, get over it.

Ahhh, I’ve finally finished Horizon Zero Dawn tonight and I’m gonna tell you, it’s definitely in my top 10 favourite games ever :)

I dunno if I like the game so much, because of its storyline or gameplay, because both are top notch. But it must be the storyline that made me come back to HZD every evening in the last 3 weeks. I guess it was refreshing to play an open-world game where the story is really at the first place… It reminded me why I appreciate The Witcher 3 so much.

Because how creative you have to be to combine pre-historic / roman empire vibes with robo-dinosaurs and make it all sensible? Because HZD’s storyline absolutely makes sense.

Sure, at some point I was laughing at all the ‘I refuse to die till I talk to you’ or ‘it’s absolutely impossible for the bad guys to get here before me, but here we go’ or ‘we could easily explain everything here, but we’re not gonna do that because you still have a few more places to discover’ video games cliches - they were overused. And the beginning it was kinda hard for me to get into the story since Aloy’s every important question was ignored. So I was getting irritated… just like Aloy. So it was even more satisfying to become more and more important persona in this universe. From an outcast savage to… well… you should just play the game to find out ;) Plus Aloy is a very likeable character and I absolutely love how her relationships with most of the NPCs are written (especially male ones - very refreshing).

Like I mentioned before, the gameplay is extremely satysfying too. From hunting to crafting and even collecting things. Okay, I admit I got a little bit tired of collecting metal flowers and digging in ancient debris, because I suddenly decided to get them all to get a platinum trophy (which I did) - but the variety of the world and challenges to overcome, made it worth it :D

So yeah… If you weren’t sure about this game before (like me), I recommend to give it a try, because you might be pleasantly surprised.

Now cover your eyes, because of big spoilers! Do yourself a favor and don’t spoil the game for yourself.

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The Dresden Files: a wizard private eye named Harry Dresden who lives in modern day Chicago. Basically takes every fairy tale, lore, mythology, and even religious story and assumes they're all real and coexist in some way. You get some seriously bad ass fairies, various kinds of vampires, demons, necromancers, Norse gods, angels, ghosts, zombies, etc cetera. The writing is top notch and reminds me of yours because the characters are snarky but have heart. I think you'd dig that part for sure.

wait that sounds so good imma write this down thank you!!!

season 9 first impressions

valentina: polished, charismatic; i definitely get what she means by her “valentina flair” and i’m really excited to see more. both of her looks were top notch. i was kinda surprised she wasn’t top 3 for this challenge.

eureka o'hara: i think she is stylish and fun and she showed us a little bit of camp which i think is always comfy. i need to see more of her before i form a full opinion, right now she’s feeling a little average to me. i liked her gaga look.

trinity taylor: incited the same kind of eye roll naysha lopez gave me when she called herself “the beauty” when she called herself “the body.” i think establishing yourself as shit like that makes it all the more easy to say that someone else’s body is better? idk. she seems fun, but her first look was weak to me. the gaga one was good tho.

peppermint: she’s so fucking cute, love her personality. her lady liberty look was the better than aja’s by a mile (in my opinion). didn’t care for her gaga look. i don’t think she will make it that far, i could see her as a miss congeniality though.

farrah moan: another beautiful fishy queen that people are gonna flock to bc she’s pretty. that alejandro look was SO CHEAP LOOKING. i did like her vegas look a lot. her beat is 10/10 but i don’t see much creativity or artistry beyond that. i’m bored.

kimora blac: her runway looks were very cheap looking, but she has a unique persona and a current, fresh aesthetic. she sexy but i don’t see her going far.

jaymes mansfield: you could maybe get away with not gluing down your wig and having muddy makeup if you were funny gurl

sasha velour: YES YES YES. i love that her drag doesn’t conform to the strict gender rules, that she is artistic and polished, so smart, she’s everything i want and need. i haven’t been this excited about a contestant in a long ass time.

nina bo'nina brown: i love her creativity SO MUCH. i feel like she will make it far but not top 3. she’s charming as hell and i’m so excited to see all of her ideas.

alexis michelle: this is a bitch who is good at drag, it just oozes out of her. i’d like to see more of what makes her unique though? her new york look was weak, but the lady gaga look was peeeerfect

aja: meh. i’m not as excited for her as everyone else seems to be. she’s not bad, but kinda like what trinity said, her makeup is a little rough around the edges. her lady liberty look was cheap, her lady gaga look was poorly constructed. she has good ideas but the execution isn’t there yet.

shea coulee: she’s one i predict will make it to the top 3. creative, great personality. her chicago look was cheeky and well executed, i didn’t love her gaga look all that much. her makeup is always great.

charlie hides: another queen who is just kinda meh to me. didn’t like her walk-in look, her boston look was also anticlimactic. her gaga look stunned me though. i’m scared if she has to do a comedy challenge based on what she and the other queens have to say about her humor.

my predictions are: 1) sasha velour 2) shea coulee 3) valentina 4) nina bo'nina brown 5) alexis michelle 6) trinity taylor 7) aja 8) farrah moan 9) eureka o'hara 10) kimora blac 11) peppermint 12) charlie hides 13) jaymes mansfield

did they say no one was going home the first episode or at all? i’m so unnerved by the lack of lipsync in the first episode. and someone is coming back. i’m so unsettled. thoughts? discourse please

my secret history edit is still getting notes on a daily basis and i just want to say that if only one of my many top notch shitposts gained notoriety in that fandom i’m so glad it was that one

In case anyone is confused what fetishising m/m is it’s a) going on about being judged for it b) saying f/f isn’t your thing c) calling it ‘sin’ d) talking about people likely finding it weird e) refusing to ship f/f ships f) saying you’re a top notch ally for shipping m/m couples g) those endless posts about being judged for it h) endless talk about smut i) acting like you have it harder than actual queer people

The Notched and Blunted- Chapter 3 live now!

Summary:  It is the second year at Beacon Academy for Jaune and his friends, and with it comes a whole host of new challenges and enemies to face. Dark clouds brew on the horizon as Teams RWBY, JNPR and their allies face off against fate itself. Can they prevail against odds which seem insurmountable? - A direct sequel to a previous work; ‘The Sword and Spear’

Genre: Fluff, action, hurt/comfort

Words: 5,611

Rating: Suitable for everyone

Link to the story.