notch back

Let’s dial our burgers back a notch, keep them simple. Just Ground Sirloin seasoned with Kosher Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper. Seared in cast iron skillet with Roasted Peanut Oil. Topped with Aged Swiss Cheese, Fresh Tomato, real Mayonnaise, Mustard and drops of Ketchup. The Blanched Brussels Sprouts seared in Champagne, Chile Salt and dusted in Parmesan Cheese….were because…..I am a Dad and my little girl needs to have Greens in her dinner. A great burger and a great wine….nothing is finer!

ialwayscomeback  asked:

"I..." the bunny looked away, "...I haven't been honest with the three of you. You shouldn't like me."

S: Hey, c’mon. Lying isn’t nice. You haven’t done anything wrong. You’re a good person, and very pleasant to talk to.

G: What’d’y’mean, we shouldn’t like you? You haven’t done nothing wrong, little plum!

I’m re-reading Henry Mackenzie’s The Man of Feeling (1771) for a class, and I don’t mean to spoil a 250-year-old novel that you weren’t gonna read anyway, but at the end the protagonist Harley literally dies of his own feels. He gets a fever from the over-exertion of sentiment, then tries to propose to his love-interest and falls back on a sofa and expires.

I guess there’s a moral in there somewhere… like maybe try to dial it back a notch.

The Adventure Zone 36/?


SO Kravitz is happening.  Like I have had many many things about this show spoiled so I have something of an idea who Kravitz is and what his deal is, but I didn’t know that this was Kravitz until Taako started talking about tentacling his dick.  I like him so far?  The deadpan snark like “Well none of my bounties have ever said anything like that before so I totally believe you.”  Dude turn the sass back a notch (please don’t actually turn it back, turn it up, turn it up forever).  And I am excited to know what it is he’s after the trio for.  Very mysterious.  So, cool.

Cool use of dispel magic in the fight there.  I didn’t expect that but it’s a solid plan.  Also I love, fuckin, Noel wielding Magnus’ paralyzed body?  It’s great.  It’s hilarious.  And okay, the cleric casting a healing spell should not be props-worthy but it doesn’t.  Really.  Happen?  Merle is mostly Not That Kind Of Cleric?  So when he’s like “Yeah we all just took a bunch of damage I'ma cast a spell to heal us of most of it.” I was quite happy slash proud.  The whole Glutton’s Fork thing was great also, a clever solution and lots of great descriptions and dialogue all around.  "Happy Merle.“  Great battle all around.

The Lifting Friend was a lot of fun, like kind of in a creepy way?  Like DM made a point to describe the doors and buttons and stuff as fleshy and yyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeaaaaaaah.  Good stuff, but at the same time, why.

They took Magnus to a robot factory this is a Kid In A Candy Store scenario.  And soulbots?  SOULBOTS.  What is even up with this.  Lucas what did you do.  LUCAS WHAT DID YOU DO.  I mean I don’t think Lucas actually summoned up like.  The souls of their dead enemies to possess his robots but I do think he built robots powered by the souls of the dead.  That were then taken advantage of by other malevolent forces.  And that, kids, is why you don’t, um.  Just don’t.  Look at Lucas, and whatever he is doing?  Don’t.  (That’s not true Lucas does have good points and good ideas sometimes.  He does!  But seriously.  Lucas.  What did you DO.)

Today is my (your friendly neighborhood Professor Julie) birthday, so I thought I’d write one on my absolute favorite pokémon: Lotad! Don’t ask me why I like Lotad so much. I don’t have a reason. I just do. Anyways, on to science!

Lotad is an aquatic plant, which as the name implies, are plants that have adapted to live exclusively in water environments. Lotad would be considered a pleuston: a plant that floats freely on the water’s surface. Lotad’s leaf in particular resembles the Victoria amazonica:

The large rims are just one particular adaptation these plants have made to live in water. The rims help prevent water from getting onto the leaf and potentially sinking, suffocating, or otherwise prohibit plant activity. The leaves are particularly waxy and water repellent as well. Lotad seems to go one step further, since his leaf has a notch at the back for water to drain out of when he swims forward/tilts it back.

Another remarkable adaptation aquatic plants have is the aerenchyma. Land-plants have complex stems as it is, which bring nutrients and water up to the leaves and far reaches of the plant. But water-based plant’s stems also have these air channels which allows air from the surface to get to the roots of the plant. Pretty cool.

Rather than gills, perhaps this is how Lotad breathes underwater: through this natural kind of snorkel in its leaves.

Lotad is an aquatic plant who has adapted rims and aerenchyma in order to thrive underwater. It does not have gills, but rather small air channels in it’s stems/leaves which bring air from the surface to Lotad’s body.

I suppose I love Lotad so much because it doesn’t really make any sense. It’s an amphibian, but also a plant, but also a duck. What does an aquatic plant need a duckbill for? The world may never know.

It’s, it’s just so hard to trust people and I just don’t understand why I’m feeling this way. But I feel like I can give him everything and tell him anything and he’ll stay true to me. It’s like I’m holding a bow towards myself and he’s got the arrow notched and pulled back. He’s got full control and he can let go at any time and I’m just standing there, hoping that he won’t do it. I don’t know what it is. I hate it. It’s an addiction. It’s a craving. That’s what love is. Love isn’t an emotion. It’s as bad as any drug. I hate feeling this way. Feeling weak. I don’t want to be weak. I don’t want to depend on anyone. I don’t trust them. I won’t trust them but I feel like I can trust him. Am I crazy?
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #1

Me for most of Fallout 4: Gee, The Commonwealth doesn’t look so bad. I guess Boston must have got lucky, nowhere near as much damage as the capital, look at all this greenery!

Me finally going to the Glowing Sea: Holy shit Boston got fucked. This is so fucked. What the fuck. WhatTheFuuuuuuuu. look at all this greenery!!!