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I saw the request headcannons for cuddling and i was wondering how bout Kenma, Bokuto and Tsuki please and thank youu!!❤️ oh and also i use mobile alot and i was wondering do you have a rules page that can be used on mobile?

i do, but only just now, sorry about that!! i just put it in my description and it should work, but please let me know if it doesn’t!!


  • prefers being the little spoon but doesn’t really care either way
  • loves it when his s/o plays with his hair while they’re cuddling, whether it’s brushing through it with their fingers, braiding, etc.
  • if he’s not spooning, he likes anything that doesn’t constrict his movement, because he also likes to do things (*cough* play video games *cough*) while he’s cuddling
  • when he’s not doing something, though, he likes to bury his face in his partner’s neck
  • falls asleep really easily because for some reason he’s just comfortable in any position
  • doesn’t really like to talk while cuddling but if he does, it’s things like ‘you smell really nice today’ or obscure compliments like that


  • surprisingly good at cuddling
  • likes to be in any position where he can hold his s/o’s hand, because that’s just one of his favorite things to do 
  • whispers really silly compliments into their ear, comparing them to various things/animals
  • also really loves to give random kisses every now and then to different places, though it tends to be the jaw of the shoulder
  • is very blunt as well, and if he’s feeling horny, he’ll definitely make it known and suggest a different activity
  • he has a hard time falling asleep so he tends to talk the entire time, making it so his partner can’t fall asleep


  • the most awkward cuddler ever
  • just had the longest limbs ever and he usually knows what he’s doing with them in normal activities, but while cuddling he has no idea where to put them
  • tends to be accidentally ignorant since he doesn’t ask a lot if you’re comfortable or not
  • believe it or not, he likes to whisper things he normally wouldn’t say in any other situation
  • also really loves listening to music with his partner while cuddling because to him it feels really intimate. he even has a playlist for that specific setting so the mood is just right (also might’ve bought one of those dual headphone jacks for that purpose)
  • doesn’t wear his glasses while cuddling, so he prefers positions that make it so he can’t see his s/o’s face because he doesn’t want to see it any way other than what it’s supposed to be

i once heard a story about
a football player
who broke his ankle during practice.

when he told his coach about it
the coach did not
believe him,
and asked him to run it off:
two laps around the field.

and the player did it.

sometimes i think being mentally ill is
a lot like that.

when you ask me to suck it up
just get more exercise
walk it off

i hope you know that i am reminded of that coach
every time.