Safety Tips for Female Cosplayers

I feel that I really need to go over some safety tips for cosplayers, not just for online, but for at cons, as well. It’s important we all try to remain as safe as possible, and it’s sad that we constantly have to watch our backs like this, but this is reality.

  • Secure any loose ties, ESPECIALLY ON BIKINI TOPS. I’ve heard of Yoko’s getting their tops untied by jerks. Be sure to either safety pin that knot, or find another way to securely keep it on. You may also want to tape those tops to your skin with double sided tape, fashion tape, etc.
  • Wear spankies under short skirts! Spankies are what cheerleaders wear under their skirts. This will prevent guys from getting a free show when you’re going up an escalator, dancing, etc.
  • Unless it is required, DO NOT use your full name on your badge This more easily allows creepers to find your personal facebook and any other information about you. If you can keep your personal life and cosplay life seperate, with the exception of people you trust, that is always a good route to go.
  • Don’t EVER tell someone you don’t know your room number. Common sense. There have been reports of guys trying to break into hotel rooms after finding out a room number, or stalking them back to their rooms.
  • On that subject, don’t travel through unpopulated places alone. Like I said, guys have been stalking girls back to their hotel rooms, cars, etc.
  • Drink responsibly! Most adult congoers like to drink. But there’s being drunk and then there’s being shit faced. Being shit faced ain’t cute, and makes you prime target for something bad to happen. Also, ladies, my mother always told me if I left my drink for ANY amount of time without having it in my hand, NOT TO DRINK IT. I’ve heard accounts of roofies/acid/whatever other drug being put into drinks at cons. Water bottles are a good way to go. You can carry them without worrying about spilling them. And if you’re underage. Don’t drink. Just don’t do it. It’s not cute.
  • ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have your cell phone charged and on you. In case of emergencies, you always want to ability to either call a friend or the authorities.
  • If you are UNDER 18, DON’T do cosplays your grandmother wouldn’t want to see you in. This isn’t even me being jealous. This is you being too young to realize the risk you’re putting yourself in. If you look like you’re an adult, people will assume you are an adult, and I hate seeing young teenager girls coming out after a con saying, “OMG I COSPLAYED FROM BIBLE BLACK AND ALL THESE GUYS KEPT MAKING DIRTY COMMENTS.” Common. Sense. Yoko? She may be 15 in the anime, but that doesn’t keep guys from thinking she’s a sexual fantasy. Panty and Stocking? Cool anime, but it’s for adults and has very serious sexual implications.
  • Always hold your ground. If someone insults you by touching, making remarks, or doing something that you are uncomfortable with, tell them to stop. A lot of people don’t realize that this isn’t the internet where they can freely talk about titties.
  • If something seems off, don’t do it! Guy with a fancy camera asks for a private shoot in his hotel room? I don’t care HOW NICE he seems, this is SKETCHY AS HELL. If I am going anywhere away from the con with someone I don’t trust, I will always ask for a friend to come with me. Safety in numbers, ladies.
  • Security is there for a reason! If you don’t report someone who sexually harasses you, you’re putting other people at risk for the same thing. Give a description, try to get a badge name, whatever. Cons have a no nonsense policy for this kind of stuff.
  • Have a guy that can be your “boyfriend”. If you’re shy or timid, have a close male friend act as your boyfriend if you get uncomfortable. Have them hold your hand or put their arm around your waist when a guy comes on too hard. They generally back off. The “I’m a lesbian” thing DOESN’T WORK. All that puts in their head is “mmmm threesome.” Even if you are a lesbian, most men don’t “believe it” or think they they just haven’t experienced a good man. This is common knowledge in the LGTB community, and as a bisexual, myself, I’ve experienced it.
  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Men, don’t be douchebags. No you cannot comment on how plush a girls titties are. You cannot say “Hnnng DAT ASS!” You cannot touch women however you want. This results in you looking like an asshole, and many times, getting ejected from a con.
  • (Added by May I please bring to everyone’s attention a reminder that WOW HEY GIRLS HANGING ALL OVER A CUTE CON GUY AND STALKING HIM AROUND THE CON is not okay whatsoever and trying to ‘seduce’ him or get in his pants when he doesn’t want the attention is also not okay! Because guess what! Girls are just as bad as guys at conventions so just a friendly reminder and psa!!
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anonymous asked:

Y do u support fat cosplaters ...

I support everyone, no matter what they look like or gender, to do anything they enjoy…. unless it’s something to hurt them or other people. Just because someone doesn’t have the exact body type of a certain character doesn’t mean they have to dress up as a bigger character such as Ursula, Bob’s from Bob’s Burgers, or Snorlax…. unless they want to because they are awesome characters. Everyone should have a right to cosplay any character they want to no matter there size, gender, or race. Please never judge someones cosplay. I see cosplay as a thing people do to enjoy, show there love for their fandom, and meet new people. They can’t do that if there fandom and cosplay family are judging them just for being a little different. Cosplay is like a giant family and something to get away from reality… please show everyone your support.
I hope ,if you don’t already, understand and support this. Have an amazing rest of the week.
( A Bigger Cosplayer )

I support cosplayers of every Shape, Size, Race, Gender, Appearance, and Skill Level, because in the end, We’re ALL dorks in costume
- notbadcosplay


Notbadcosplay did a tutorial!? ON THEIR OWN!?

Why yes, yes I did.

Sorry about this size. Go ahead and punch me.

An “ahoge” is that silly little cowlick you see on lots and lots of moe anime characters. A few years ago I was on a budget, didn’t have any hair products, and just got the inspiration to try clear nail polish. I now forgo expensive hair products and use cheap dollar store nail polish. It works much better than hair product.

I once had a friend who cosplayed a character with an open top. She used fashion tape and those clear straps to secure the top and make sure there were no accidents. During a photoshoot, she arched her back and POP! The shirt came undone! Thankfully she was quick enough that no one saw anything, but she came back to the room freaking out over what she should use since obviously fashion tape didn’t work.

We looked through our belongings in the hotel room and didn’t find anything. She suddenly had the amazing idea of…. EYELASH GLUE. She used it and didn’t even need the clear straps to secure the top. It worked the rest of the day.

I use eyelash glue over fashion tape and spirit gum. I use it to hold stocking up. I use it top hold the sideburns of a lacefront wig down. I use it to hold gloves up, ribbons on, etc.

Seriously, this stuff is MAGIC and thanks to her little mishap, we found probably they most amazing (and cheap) way to stop both small and major malfunctions.

This is a 15 year old that makes all of her costumes and props by hand. \m/ Goes to show that with lots of time, effort, and passion, even a young cosplayer can look great!! 

I just choked on my drink. 15 YEARS OLD!? WOW! ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!

This is absolutely amazing! I couldn’t even sew a straight line at the age of 15!

Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Seriously, I am just flabbergasted! Like you said, age doesn’t have everything to do with how well you cosplay. While I am a firm believer that many teenagers don’t have the funds to make amazing cosplays, if you save up little by little and work hard, look at what you can achieve!

PSA: I'm tired of this bullshit

So, I’ve heard of at least on bad cosplay blog going to cons and taking pictures of bad cosplays just to put on their blogs.


Do you guys have nothing better to do at a con than run around and think of who you’re going to make fun of next? These people are excited to get their picture taken, and probably feel good about that. But you have to go and be an asshole and post it on their blogs.

I know just about every conchair at the cons in the local areas (as well as the OWNER of many cons throughout the midwest and east coast) In fact, I know one blog goes to a con that posted pictures of the bad cosplays they took recently.

I can promise you, if I find you, you will be caught. Bullying is NOT okay, and I know I have spoken to these con chairs and owners about the matter and they agree. If they see it, it will be put to a stop.

This isn’t a random picture you found on 4chan, or where ever you guys troll, this is someone you have SPOKEN TO, INTERACTED WITH, and MET. And this behavior IS NOT welcome in the cosplay community. It’s already become shit due to jerks acting like they are better than everyone else.

The whole backstabbing that has become cosplay, with fake personalities and social climbing makes me sick. I know plenty of assholes who I’m okay with. Because they know their asses, will say they’re asses, and everyone knows they’re asses. But it’s this whole, “I will be so sweet and everyone will love me but I will make fun of everyone behind their backs” bullshit that is more common than anything else in the cosplay community. And I’m fucking sick of it.

I have problems with people, and those people know that I dislike them and know the reasons behind it. I will be honest to their face, and not lie about it. If you have an issue with someone, don’t sit and lie to them. Be honest. In the end, it will earn you more respect than gossip, back stabbing and shit talking will.

I cannot even tell you how many times last second I’ve had something snap, or there’s a weird opening in a top and I need a safety pin. I call to my room mates asking who has safety pins, and no one has one. It’s happened to me, it’s happened to plenty of other people I know. And no one ever seems to have safety pins.

Seriously, never, ever EVER forget safety pins. Even if it turns out you don’t personally need them, chances are someone you know will need them.

It’s hard to deny that “Not Bad Cosplay” has influenced the cosplay community to come together and stop being so negative. AND WE’RE COMING TO COLOSSALCON!
Join us for Not Bad Cosplay Presents: Dealing With The Negative Side Of Cosplay (I know, that’s a doozy of a name) where we will be promoting positivity in cosplay. Whether you’ve been called a bad cosplayer, are tired of seeing other bullied, are too afraid to cosplay, WHATEVER, we will have our panel of super nice cosplayers who have been through it all and have kept their heads high. And we’re here to help you get past the negativity, too.
Remember, cosplay is for fun, and the only thing that makes a bad cosplayer is having a bad attitude!

Submitted by xxpastaloverxx

Don’t ever *ever* be rough with your wig combing. Use a wide toothed comb, and use it as little as possible. You’ll end up losing hairs from the wig and ultimately ruining the wig entirely if you don’t. I actually broke the wig cap that comes attached to a wig by combing it too hard with a non-wide toothed comb.

Also wig conditioner (you can use regular spray in conditioner, too, I suggest It’s a 10, which is a little pricey, but lasts forever and smells great). Love your wigs the way you love your costumes. A bad wig can ruin the costume!