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Y do u support fat cosplaters ...

I support everyone, no matter what they look like or gender, to do anything they enjoy…. unless it’s something to hurt them or other people. Just because someone doesn’t have the exact body type of a certain character doesn’t mean they have to dress up as a bigger character such as Ursula, Bob’s from Bob’s Burgers, or Snorlax…. unless they want to because they are awesome characters. Everyone should have a right to cosplay any character they want to no matter there size, gender, or race. Please never judge someones cosplay. I see cosplay as a thing people do to enjoy, show there love for their fandom, and meet new people. They can’t do that if there fandom and cosplay family are judging them just for being a little different. Cosplay is like a giant family and something to get away from reality… please show everyone your support.
I hope ,if you don’t already, understand and support this. Have an amazing rest of the week.
( A Bigger Cosplayer )

I support cosplayers of every Shape, Size, Race, Gender, Appearance, and Skill Level, because in the end, We’re ALL dorks in costume
- notbadcosplay

This is a 15 year old that makes all of her costumes and props by hand. \m/ Goes to show that with lots of time, effort, and passion, even a young cosplayer can look great!! 

I just choked on my drink. 15 YEARS OLD!? WOW! ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!

This is absolutely amazing! I couldn’t even sew a straight line at the age of 15!

Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Seriously, I am just flabbergasted! Like you said, age doesn’t have everything to do with how well you cosplay. While I am a firm believer that many teenagers don’t have the funds to make amazing cosplays, if you save up little by little and work hard, look at what you can achieve!

so is there a certain age you have to be at to cosplay? i started when i was 12 and im 13 now but i feel like i shouldnt do it until im atleast 16. when i go to conventions a lot of people take my pictures and i get loads of compliments but at home my family makes me feel like im jst wasting my time. i really like to cosplay but my parents just think all cosplayers are just poor and hungry college or high school kids that have way too much free time. i know that when it comes down to conventions we are all just nerds in cosplay, but my parents dont realize that its just a hobby.

cosplay is has helped me because it makes me feel useful and it has made me the tops of my sewing class for the last 3 years. its cheered me up when im down by getting me excited about stuff that would just be lame to regular people.

at conventions i feel like i belong but when i go home all my family do is criticize me and its no even good criticism. its the criticism that bad cosplay blogs give out to good cosplayers.

halloween is coming up and even though its illegal to go trick or treating at my age where i live, i cant help but get excited about making a halloween costume.

sorry for just going on and on but i justed needed to get someones opinion cause im still confused about if im wasting my time

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This is Jessi Rippetoe cosplaying as MCU Bruce Banner at Ohio Comic Con!

This is adorable (I don’t know much about Comic Books, but I still like cosplay). I love the attention to detail with the facial hair! And you look like you’re having a ton of fun! Thanks for submitting these, Jessi. It’s obvious you have the true spirit of cosplay!

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Hi! My best friend ( and I ( made our first costumes for Anime Central 2012! We decided to make Madoka and Sayaka from Madoka Magica. As a beginner, it was a bit terrifying at times since I was creating patterns from nowhere and decided it was a great idea to hand sew a petticoat out of organza. Emi figured out how to style our wigs (sometimes cutting bangs quickly on weekends home from school) and helped me with the costumes as often as she could. We were both extremely proud to showcase our first cosplays and quickly worked to put our second costumes together before Geek.kon this year. We’re currently planning for Anime Central 2013! Our cosplay blog is where we post helpful tutorials, tips, our successes/failures, and anything positive cosplay!

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I actually remember seeing that blog a long time ago and thinking it was an amazing idea.

Look at how much work was put into these costumes! I love these! I know these girls have a lot of passion for the cosplay community, and they seem super nice. and to have the balls to share your experiences as a new cosplayer to the world, just wow! You girls are awesome!