Common PokéAni Misconceptions, Part 1

With almost 900 episodes in total to look back on, the Pokémon anime is a real treasure chest full of stories on the mysterious creatures, their Trainers and the world they live in.

But wait, are our memories of the episodes that we’ve watched so far as fresh as we think? Is there any info or tidbit we’ve picked up and memorized along the run that’s flawed or even incorrect?

This mini series has no ambition to overthrow your conceptions about the Pokéworld as a whole. Aside from a few - deliberate - artistic liberties, the dub has always been comparatively accurate, and the instances where absolutely fatal misinformation about vital aspects of the anime was spread can probably be counted on one hand (or, depending on perspective, are nonexistent). No, this is just meant to be a fun little project where mistranslations, misunderstandings, misrememberings (/notaword) and Co. have lead to surprisingly pesky, small - as the title says - “myths”.

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