Walter-Kids: The greyface-made orb was supposed to put them on the path to Huntress, so why were they back in the Walter Manor? Was she here or was this just a trick? The Spine narrows his eyes and starts walking through the halls, Rabbit pausing to pocket the glowing green trinket before scurrying after the taller bot.

Both robots have a tense look about themselves, but The Spine practically looks like he’s on a battlefield. And maybe he is, for all he knows. His shirt sleeve is still hanging in tatters where his tesla coil gun had ripped the fabric and his vest and hat are gone. He doesn’t need those right now.

“H-h-h-hello?” Rabbit calls, earning a glare from The Spine.

Peter, already holed up in the HOW, easily tracks the motion of the strange Rabbit and the Spine in the Manor on the household monitors. “Welcome, visitors,” he calls over the intercom, “You’ll find me in the HOW. Come on up.”

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Racy, what were your experiences with the other bots you know? Rabbit, The Jon, Hatchworth? (Squiggly, Boxy?) What are they like between the sheets? Do they have some individual habits that are particularly interesting? Some details would... really make my day. My whole week, even. Please?

Leaning back in his chair, the silver bot thought about each automaton discussed, picking out individual habits and the like before responding.

“Rabbit is a rather eager bot between the sheets, and this makes every experience exciting. He’s rather skilled with his hands you know. A habit of Rabbit’s is that he speaks to me through the wi-fi, as he doesn’t have any vocal malfunctions that way, so to everyone else it appears as if we’re both being completely silent. I haven’t had the privilege of being with The Jon or Boxy, although that’s not because of lack of effort on my part. Hatchworth is rather…dominant by nature, about the only one who can actually dom me. And Squiggly would flay me alive if I spoke about him. But know that it is oh so good~”

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened. <3 <3

I know, I know. <3

I’m trying to be more and more in line with that idea, but it might take me a couple days. I am glad for what I experienced, but I will miss seeing him perform in the band.

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It was always strange when people knew who he was before he introduced himself, but with everything he and his brothers had done in the past, it wasn’t particularly surprising anymore. The smaller golden bot tipped his hat to the larger gentleman, returning the bot’s smile with one of his own. “And you obviously know who I am.” He looked down at his guitar, knowing it’d fallen out of tune while he was playing it.

“You came all the way out here to see me?” He’d met quite a few people who had told him that they’d traveled to see him, and it was still a shock. People really cared about him now that he was on his own.

Ironsides raised his gaze again, from staring at the floor and bowing, to nod once, before returning to his posture “One is always curious to see the place of their origin, or in this case, the inspiration that brought it about. I know that Red, the fembot of the Chauncey Manor, is ever so eagar to meet all of you, as well. She, however, is unable to leave the Manor, as her programming is a bit… unpredictable.” Something in his head began to whir as he seemed to think for a moment

“She… causes trouble with most of our guests… not that any of them have complained, but people are beginning to question the nature of our purpose, as she gets a bit too friendly with some people.” He slowly nods, having found the right words “Yes, not that anything she does is a bad thing, but it’s not good for a household to gain such reputation." 

[[aw shoot. i just done remembered a thing and now i’m having not-quite-sadfeels.
thinking about.. that bit of chatRP awhile ago that happened with springs and patina and notasracyjon and the rv. i mean.
the jon was just out there, man. wandering. got picked up by a buncha bots in a bus.
i didn’t really think much of it at the time. thought it seemed kind of weird.
but it was absurdly in-character. u_u]]