What about Pappy?

“We should visit Pappy.” Jon said, coloring in one of the plethora of coloring books. It had only come to his mind that Hatchy was locked up before they went to war, before Pappy died. It was something they needed to do, and there wasn’t a better moment than now. “You haven’t seen him, have you? We should go.”

Walter-Kids: The greyface-made orb was supposed to put them on the path to Huntress, so why were they back in the Walter Manor? Was she here or was this just a trick? The Spine narrows his eyes and starts walking through the halls, Rabbit pausing to pocket the glowing green trinket before scurrying after the taller bot.

Both robots have a tense look about themselves, but The Spine practically looks like he’s on a battlefield. And maybe he is, for all he knows. His shirt sleeve is still hanging in tatters where his tesla coil gun had ripped the fabric and his vest and hat are gone. He doesn’t need those right now.

“H-h-h-hello?” Rabbit calls, earning a glare from The Spine.

Peter, already holed up in the HOW, easily tracks the motion of the strange Rabbit and the Spine in the Manor on the household monitors. “Welcome, visitors,” he calls over the intercom, “You’ll find me in the HOW. Come on up.”

captain-mina-t replied to your postcaptain-mina-t replied to your post: Cara was a…

“Jon you did what you felt was right. She knew the risk the very moment she dared laid a hand on you. Atleast you have control…I wouldn’t have thought twice before I put my sword through her chest…” She gently rubbed his back, hugging him to her.

“Hurting people isn’t right.” He replied, playing with his hair. “Never ever. And I’ve already hurt too many people in the past.”

I actually 

like all the Racy bot blogs

Like, I’m hesitant to follow any of them because they sort of have shipping between the three bots sometimes and that kinda weirds me out, but I check in on them.

They make me giggle a lot and, sure, there’s plenty of sexually suggestive stuff(hence the racy titles), but I haven’t seen anything especially explicit. And they’re more than just sexual things. They give people advice and cheer people up and make them happy.

It’s all just

really cute

Tumblr Crushes:

i approve of my crushes yesgood

anonymous asked:

Racy, what were your experiences with the other bots you know? Rabbit, The Jon, Hatchworth? (Squiggly, Boxy?) What are they like between the sheets? Do they have some individual habits that are particularly interesting? Some details would... really make my day. My whole week, even. Please?

Leaning back in his chair, the silver bot thought about each automaton discussed, picking out individual habits and the like before responding.

“Rabbit is a rather eager bot between the sheets, and this makes every experience exciting. He’s rather skilled with his hands you know. A habit of Rabbit’s is that he speaks to me through the wi-fi, as he doesn’t have any vocal malfunctions that way, so to everyone else it appears as if we’re both being completely silent. I haven’t had the privilege of being with The Jon or Boxy, although that’s not because of lack of effort on my part. Hatchworth is rather…dominant by nature, about the only one who can actually dom me. And Squiggly would flay me alive if I spoke about him. But know that it is oh so good~”