Let’s talk about an extraordinary person: Tig Notaro. Her mom died, she had cancer, her gf dumped her, she had pneumonia, and all around the weeks of her birthday. Not only did she not lay around doing nothing about it, she still continued her comedy and with the love and aid of her friend Louis CK, managed to release an album of the first stand up she did about and through all this trauma. But the truth is, you don’t need to be fucking friends with Louis CK to be resilient, you can just keep going. This is an example of the strength we all have to have just to be alive. Tig, I love you and as Sarah Silverman would say: “pour me a steaming hot cup of Tig.” You’re beautiful. Stay what you are.


Jimmy Fallon hung out with Tig Notaro for a full night, but doesn’t remember a second of it
Win a Personal Stand-up Comedy Performance from Tig Notaro

Before you get all excited about Tig Notaro getting her funny on in your living room, you better read the fine print. The stand-up princess is giving people the chance to have a live comedy show in their house with hers truly. The only thing standing in the way is other people. Follow some simple rules and you may find yourself basking in the up and close glow of Notaro.